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Amazing Small Space Furniture Collection for Your Apartment

If you live in a small home or an apartment, you may feel cluttered or crammed inside it. However, the right design ideas and apartment furniture choices can turn a small space into a calm and cozy place where you will love spending time.

Some tricks like smart storage space, no wasted areas, multi functional furniture, and savvy design can turn a small living room into a lovely lounge area. Before you buy any type of small space furniture, you should have a clear plan in mind regarding how to use small spaces in your home and how to get the best out of them.

Create a list of things you want based on your requirements. Do you want a small space to serve as a place to watch TV or movies, a ground for your dog to rest in, a place where your kids will spend time? Once you have a clear idea about the small space, you will be in a better position to purchase small space furniture for your home or apartment.

Explore EQ3's Range of Furniture for Small Spaces

It's in your hand to make your small room or living space cozy and comfortable. However, there are many challenges associated with a smaller space: How will you make use of the limited floor space, what kind of apartment furniture to purchase, what should be the color scheme, and much more.

If your small apartment has a smaller size living room, dining room, or bedroom, at EQ3 you will find the right small space furniture products that can rejuvenate small apartments and make them stand out.

You can buy the stylish Finn Side Table and pair it with the right color schemes to make it stand out in a small living space. For extra seating in small rooms, you can go for the Oskar Plush Apartment Sofa which has legs that show more of the open space and give a bigger appearance to the room.

If you get overnight guests and want a place to provide them with a comfortable, relaxing sleep, the Reva Sleeper Sofa does double duty offering a place to sit as well as sleep. This dual functionality works wonders in small rooms or a small apartment.

There are many other products at EQ3 which serve furniture needs for small apartments. Apartment furniture can be used in small spaces and elevate the appearance of a small room when used in the right way. Take inspiration from the following ideas and give a unique identity your small space.

The Best Design Ideas Using Multi Functional Furniture for Small Spaces

When you shop for furniture for small spaces at your house, go for high quality and make stylish color choices. Search for rugs to place under a couch and fill in ground space. The Reverie Apartment Sofa or Sectional has a mid century modern design and offers a lot of seating area in cramped apartment space.

Try to use mirrors in the space and use fewer accessories as too many of them can make the area cluttered and uncomfortable. The key to purchasing small living room furniture is going for products that have multiple uses. This frees up space in a small room and is a versatile choice of designing a small space.

Cello Storage beds are a favorite among our customers as they offer additional storage and a relaxing space to sleep in a small room. The Boom and Marcel Drawer storage beds offer the same hidden storage that can be accessed easily.

Here are some more ideas and styles from which you can take inspiration for your apartment decor:

Place an Upholstered Ottoman

For playing the role of coffee tables, seating space, or just a footrest, you can place an upholstered ottoman in your room. It is a great way to use floor space and ideal for homes with pets and small kids who won't get injured by the ottoman's soft edges.

The Bila Round and Square Pouf are made with traditional techniques and is a versatile ottoman option for your space.

Choose the Right Sofa for your Space

You can purchase a neutral sofa to lighten up the interior space but it does not have to be a plain boring design. Go for a sofa with beautiful detailing, curves, fluting, buttons, etc. to add character to the interior without overshadowing the room's overall style.

Also, you can go for throws and cushions in different shades if you want to enhance the effect of the sofa. The Salema Apartment sofa has legs that give a bigger appearance to a room while the Salema Sleeper sofa is bigger in size and provides a place to relax and sleep. If there is shortage of area, you can even go for the Reva Single Sleeper sofa variant.

Keep the Style and Color Cohesive

If you want to enhance the appearance of a smaller space, it is always recommended to keep things cohesive among the color scheme, accessories, furniture, etc. This ensures that everything in a room matches seamlessly and there is nothing that stands out too much.

You can also use different colors to make different zones within the space. For instance, you can buy a Joan Sofa for your room and pair it with a Bank Stool of the matching color. Neither of the two items will dominate and you can place plants to add a natural vibe to the space.

Try to Use Storage Furniture where Possible

No matter the size of your home, ideal storage space is required. In a smaller area, it will be difficult to add storage furniture and the best option is to place items that offer built-in storage solutions to you. Chairs, sofas, beds, etc. all come with storage options and you can make the best choice based on your interior space.

The Reva collection has both a Storage sofa as well as a Storage chair based on your requirements. The versatile product is gorgeous to look at and you can store off-season clothing, extra mattresses, cushions, or kids toys in it.

You can be creative with accent tables for storage too. Place the Simone Dinette table in your room and use it to place books, decor items, and other possessions of yours.

Search for Furniture with Built-In Functionality

If you have a big family and space is low then the right option is to go for furniture items that have built-in storage and other functions. Through this, you can make the most out of a small space without having to buy too many products and overcrowding the room.

Instead of freestanding cupboards and shelves, you can go for built in ones. If you want to create a lounge or seating area, go for a minimal coffee table preferably with an open base that makes the room appear bigger. One amazing option is the Steel Wood Side table which will add function and beauty to your pace.

If you like a wooden aesthetic, you can purchase the Kacia Round or the Kacia Square dinette table. You will get a dining place or you can keep some stuff on these tables. Also, your kids can study or play on these tables.

Save some Space with Wall Lights

To save some precious floor space in your small apartment, try to go for wall lights instead of lamps or side tables lighting . When you mount the lights on the wall, it will create a nice effect and put emphasis on other furniture placed in your room.

Plug in designs and roof lights are in high demand among customers. Imagine you position the Place Square or Place Round dinette table in the middle of your room and your lights shine upon the table and make it the center of attraction of your room. Lighting can play a huge role in elevating the appearance of any interior space.

Make some Creative Furniture Choices

Your apartment or your home is yours and you do not need to be influenced by anyone while designing it. You are the one who will live there, so make sure you like the style and furniture you choose. You can skip the usual, cliched furniture products and go for something that helps your place stand out.

Buying the Marcel Lift bed is a great choice as its natural oak or walnut finish gives a vintage appearance. Also, it has an easy to access storage for which you just need to raise the bed. If you plan to work from home, placing the versatile Hallie Folding table is another great choice.

You can use just one side if you want to work or extend it fully and have a chat with friends and family. It even has a drawer for easy storage.

Make use of Awkward Spaces in the Room

Not every home is an architectural masterpiece and there might be some awkward spaces and difficult room proportions at your place. Such features like bay windows or room partitions make it difficult to arrange furniture and you have to be creative as well as careful.

For instance, if your bedroom has an awkward space, you can fit bulky furniture items there. The Ora bed is made for small spaces and will fit in, opening up the room for other decor items. For ample storage in such an awkward space, you can consider placing an Ora Nightstand or its Tall variant.

This way you can use difficult spaces in your house better and not leave them unused.

Draw Attention towards Windows

Windows are important for ventilation but with the right choices, you can make them much more. First of all, keep the windows clean and go for minimal blinds instead of heavy curtains which allows maximum light to come in.

You can hang paintings or decor items around the windows or even a storage item like the Ora Chest or Ora Double Dresser right under them to draw attention. This works really well in apartments and brightens up everything with natural light.

Display or Hang Interesting Objects

Even if you are a bit low on space that does not mean you should keep your favorite, interesting stuff out of sight. Books, paintings, and other decor pieces will give a great look to your interior space and personalize it.

Put these Peg Hooks on to the wall and hang anything from keys, sunglasses, or handbags on them. You can also purchase the Climb Desk Shelving Units which has multiple oak shelves and a desk shelf in the middle. You can place books, plant pots, lamps, etc. on these shelves. The middle desk shelf works like a table where you can sit and work as well.

Attract Eyeballs with Statement Products

If you are already a bit low on space, why not purchase some statement furniture items so that the attention is on them and not on your room's size. For a small and fun addition, try the Peggy Side table ideal for displaying plants or smaller items.

Another impressive product is this Bar Cart functioning both as a movable side table and a serving cart. Serve your favorite drinks to your friends and family conveniently with this cart while it stands out in your home.

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