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What would dining be without a chair or two? Mix solid wood and upholstered chairs at a dinette. Place armchairs and side chairs around an expandable table. Build your perfect bar with counter height or bar stools to linger over conversation.

Find your perfect custom dining table. Then comes the best part: pairing your design with wood or upholstered seating to match. Explore ergonomic options from Humanscale. Choose Nixon, Lima, or Mackenzie for stools with seats in leather, wool, or cotton.

Get modern, clean lines to add to a kitchen or breakfast nook. Or try something different. Add a solid wood or custom upholstered dining bench to your table to squeeze even more guests in comfort.

Walnut top dining table with dark grey chairs in dining room

Modern Dining Chairs

Imagine you bought a high-quality dining table for your new home, but you didn’t buy ideal seating to go with it. Doesn’t this sound awkward? Although you can buy normal chairs or stools to use with the table, pairing the table with matching modern dining chairs will add a whole new vibe to the space and enhance its appearance.

Everyone loves sitting down with their kids, partner, family members, or friends for a relaxing dinner and intriguing conversations. One of the top furniture retailers in Canada, at EQ3, we have genuine, durable, high-quality dining chairs and other seating options. You can customize these products based on your style needs and create a perfect aesthetic for your home’s dining space.

Our range is immaculate, and you will find chairs made of wood, oak, metal, and other quality materials. Every family has unique requirements, and we have something for everyone at our store.

Attractive & Highly-Functional Seating Options for Every Dining Space

A person living alone in a small apartment will purchase a small table, while people living with their family in a big condo will buy bigger, expandable tables. However, both of them will require ideal seating as any table is incomplete without a set of chairs.

Not just looks, comfort is another major factor you should consider while choosing chairs for your home. Those who prefer vintage, rustic looks can get wooden or laminate finish tables and chairs.

If you have active, playful kids who love jumping around while seating, custom chairs upholstered with cotton, wool, leather, velvet, etc., will offer a safe and relaxing place for your kids. For sleek smaller spaces, metal and wooden finish chairs do the trick. You always need to have the right balance of style, quality, and comfort in your seating options.

Comfortable, Aesthetic & Ergonomic Designs

Our collection has ergonomic chair designs from major brands like Humanscale. For a more comfortable dining experience, you can even buy upholstered seating with custom size and height.

This is not all, some people also buy expandable tables, and we have side chairs, armchairs, etc., for them. Did you just place a new bar table in your dining room? Don’t worry because we have an epic range of counter and bar stools available in striking silhouettes and styles.

Our thoughtfully-curated seating options also have padded, removable, and upholstered cushions to keep you relaxed while having your meals.

Pair Your Dining Table with the Perfect Dining Chairs

Whether you plan to set up a simple and adorable space or you want an elaborate place to share memorable times with your friends and family, you need to place personalized, custom chairs with your dining table.

For wooden tables, wood or oak chairs go well but neutral grey, white, or black seating options work well too. Custom Nixon chairs have the perfect balance of appearance and comfort, thanks to padded, removable seat cushions.

The Lyla dining chair features signature horizontal or curved lines, and you can choose from multiple color and material options. The Tami chair is available in smoky blue, oak, and walnut finishes, loved by people who prefer a colorful interior aesthetic. If your room has a small dinette table, you can buy seating with smaller height and dimensions.

Custom Sizes & Multiple Upholstery Options

The Frank and Valentin chairs have custom upholstery options offering comfort and visual appeal. Many people purchase expandable tables as they host regular family get-togethers or home parties, and we have ideal side chair and armchair options for them.

The best part is that you can customize the chairs’ height, base, color, and other parameters depending upon your style requirements and usage. All chairs come in reliable designs and are easy to store when not in use.

Not just chairs, we also have additional related accessories like colorful cushions and seat pads. Seat pads and cushions by Dwell and Ebo are made with 100% wool and add extra comfort to your chairs. So, whether you are designing a casual dining area or a formal space, EQ3 has exactly what you are looking for.

Exquisite Collection of Counter & Bar Stools

Many people get counter or bar tables for their home and use them with counter-height and bar stools for endless purposes. You can set up a mini bar and use stools with your kitchen countertops. Available in durable materials and featuring over 100 fabrics, leather, cotton, etc., bar and counter stools offer casual yet functional seating space for your home.

These bar stools can be placed in your kitchen or eating space, but you can also use them in your backyard, rooftop, or balcony for a classy outdoor space. Make sure every guest at your weekend barbeque or house party has a place to sit and relax while munching or drinking. Having dinner beneath the beautiful sky feeling the fresh air is a lot of fun.

Place counter-height stools next to kitchen countertops for a small, comfortable place to sip coffee or have a quick, late-night snack. These stools provide relaxing seating options at your home, and you can tuck them away when not using them.

Counter and bar stools can be used to sit around a game table with your companions, or you can just relax on them while sipping your favorite drinks and having soulful talks with friends and family. Most backless bar stools are available in customizable designs, height, and multiple upholstery options.

Set Up Your Own Mini Home Bar or Kitchen Counter Space

If you prefer a vintage, traditional look, try out the custom Lima counter stool or the Dawn stools. Those who prefer a colorful appearance should look at the intriguing range of Mackenzie stools, while the Nixon counter and bar stools have comfortable cushioned seats and strong metal legs for durability.

The Lyla counter stool features the collection's trademark curved and horizontal lines for elite-level back support and ergonomic design. Custom Oles counter and bar stools have dozens of upholstery options and have curved, padded shells for proper comfort and relaxation.

Personalize your backyard perch, have a poolside brunch, showcase your epic glassware collection, or impress guests with your mini home bar. Use these attractive yet functional stools in whatever way you like.

Handcrafted Benches for Additional Seating Space

Contrary to stools, benches have a lower height, adding character and versatility to your dining space through their eclectic designs. Just like all other seating options, these benches are crafted with wood or other durable materials and are available in attractive finishes. You can even personalize benches with leather or multiple fabric upholstery choices.

Perfect to use with expandable tables, these benches will ensure every guest of yours has a comfortable place to sit, relax, and eat. The versatile nature of these benches allows them to be placed and used anywhere you want, not just with tables. Place them in your home’s storage room or tuck them next to a wall when you don’t use them.

Get custom benches and plan your dining space’s design based on them. Even if not used for the dining area, you can use them for additional seating inside your home or in your backyard or rooftop.

Vintage and Modern Styles for Extra Seating

Rustic oak and wooden benches by Harvest and Kacia come in both small and large sizes, providing a vintage appearance to the space. Additionally, you can use these benches for seating solutions in other rooms and also place décor items or other stuff on them.

The Bank bench has a choice between powder-coated or stainless-steel legs, available for purchase in a leather or fabric cover. Based on your dining table and other interior design features, you can select from a wide range of upholstery choices for this bench and curate the best possible look.

Do not hesitate to invite your friends over to your home for dinner, as the range of benches at EQ3 is made to occupy all of them.

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The EQ3 furniture store is loved by Canadians because of our exciting range of affordable and attractive modern furniture products. For those who are designing their dining room and have bought a table, we have the best matching chairs to pair with them. Never compromise with comfort and quality when it comes to seating options.

Visit the EQ3 website now and sign up for all information regarding new products, restocks, and exclusive offers on our products. Whatever your needs and requirements might be, we have the best chairs, bar stools, benches, and counter-height stools for everyone. All of our products are made with strong, durable materials and will serve you for many years to come.

All our dining seating products are sourced from the world’s most famous brands and are made based on your order. We guarantee high quality, and you will surely find something matching your requirements at our furniture store. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our endless dining room seating collection and set up your dream interior design.