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Upholstered Beds - Shop Leather and Modern Fabric Beds

When you want something new for your home or just want to upgrade your room furniture, purchasing a durable, high-quality bed should be top of your list. Most of your days will start and end in your bed, so choosing the right bedding essentials for your needs is a must.

We all love vintage wooden frames but for the right balance between style and comfort, you should consider buying an upholstered bed. The bed will become the center of attraction in your bedroom and match well with accessories like lighting, rugs, mirrors, lamps, etc.

Available in over 100 different fabrics and leathers, you can shop for a customized upholstered bed for yourself or gifts for your loved ones.

EQ3 Has the Best Collection of Modern Upholstered Beds

Whether you need furniture for your kitchen, office, bedroom, living room, EQ3 is the place to be. Our organization has the best products sourced from top brands and you can check out our collection on our website.

We have some of the best range of upholstered beds including bestsellers like the Oma bed, Bento bed, Cello bed, and much more. Get in touch with our customer support team for furniture shopping assistance and choosing the ideal bed for your home or as gifts for family.

We have beds in various color options, fabrics, leather, etc. at our shop for you to choose from. Based on your room size and space, you can get a personalized, custom bed ranging in different sizes, height, styles, finish, and other features.

The Latest Designs Offering Versatility and Comfort

Shop the latest designs on offer at EQ3 and style your bedroom the way you want. Match the bed with mattresses, rugs, floor style, pillows, etc. to enhance the overall look of your room furniture.

If you live in a rented space and cannot paint walls, there is nothing better than a stylish upholstered bed to create an elegant interior space.

For those who read books or watch TV before sleeping, the beds have a nice quilted, smooth, tufted headboard to offer comfort. Piling pillows or leaning next to the wall will not provide as much comfort as the softness of the headboard.

The Bento frame bed comes in king, queen, twin, and double sizes available in both leather and fabric covering. There are multiple upholstery options to select from and you can go for an ash or walnut espresso leg finish. The Bento bed works great to create contrasts and complete your bedroom's aesthetic.

Beds that Suit Your Lifestyle and Sleep Routine

A cozy bed with a nice headboard and cushioned support will provide a relaxing, stress-relieving sleep. You will want to stay in the bed and not get out of it thanks to the immense comfort level. You get the best accessories for your kitchen and similarly your bed also needs comfortable pillows and mattresses.

For smaller spaces, you can shop for the Oma bed in either leather or fabric covering. Available in three size and over 130 upholstery options, this bed has a sophisticated and slip look. An anthracite metal base offers added comfort and the perfect place for sleeping. The price for the leather upholstery Oma bed is a bit higher than the fabric model.

Match your floor rugs with the bed's fabric and use the lighting to create an authentic illusion in your bedroom with the Oma bed.

Choose Your Desired Color and Make a Style Statement

When choosing furniture, it is important that the products match with your interior style and design. EQ3's range has beds in various hues and colors that match perfectly with various finishes, accents, and metals. After taking a bath or leaving the dining room, you will love entering your bedroom because your bed will make it look better than ever,

Any guests who keeps foot in your room will be amazed by the amazing color combinations between your bed, dining furniture, bath room, etc. Try to match your bedding accessories with the actual color of your bed.

Another amazing choice at our shop for you is the leather or fabric covered Cello bed. Equipped with double slats, this bed comes in a double size for bigger spaces. Taking inspiration from a Cello, the bed has a padded, soft headboard and epic architectural lines.

There are curves on the Cello bed's entire body that mirrors your impressive furniture style statement.

Perfect for Your Kids and Pets

You don't have to worry about your kids or pets colliding with heavy wooden bed frames and hurting themselves when you shop an upholstered bed. The bedding offers a comfortable place for your kids to play and relax without worrying about injury.

Your pets will leave behind hair everywhere they go including the bath, dining room, kitchen, etc. The same goes for your bedroom furniture so go for a microfiber upholstery which is easy to clean and maintain. Spot clean greasy spots and bug contact on the bed, and use a vacuum to filter clear pet hair and dust from your bed.

The low-profile Winston bed will work nice for you and it also comes in a low headboard model. Choose between leather or fabric upholstery and make a cool design with your rugs with bed's mid-century appearance. The button tufting detailing and bright silhouette on the Winston bed make this furniture item stand out.

Highly Functional Storage Solutions

Your bed will mostly be used for sleeping and relaxing but EQ3's modern beds also come with built-in, easy-to-use storage spaces. You can store off-season clothing, old rugs, kids toys, botanicals, extra bedding supplies, and other stuff in your bed easily.

The Cello Storage bed is one of the most-loved beds in our collection. Again, it comes in both leather and fabric upholstery and multiple sizes. The bed has a low-profile, minimal design and optional storage. Easily lift the bed and access the storage compartments provided in the Cello Storage bed.

Choose the Best Upholstered Bed and Order from EQ3

After you finish your bed search at EQ3, you can make your final choice with our staff's help. Place your order and your item will be custom-made based on your requirements and choices. Manufacturing takes almost 14 to 16 weeks and EQ3's partners will ship the product in 2 to 4 weeks. To confirm your order, you have to email address submit and enter other info.

The fabric and leather upholstery fall under warranty, so make sure you check out all details when you place your order. The frame, construction, and other accessories of the bed also fall under warranty.

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