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However big or small your outdoor space, flora adds an element that takes it from a place for sitting in the sun to an escape at home. Porous and rustic, terracotta is an ideal plant pot material. We have plenty of designs and colours in various sizes to choose from. Rhea pots look like modern heirlooms, Nori have simple, minimal sharp lines to make a statement.

For hanging plants, Hardy hanging planters have a paper bag look. Or place peonies in lined paper bag Hardy planters then set them on a deck. Place them beside patio doors for an indoor living space that extends outdoors. Grow your favorite herbs in the appropriately named herb pots. And for keeping Fiddle Leaf Figs healthy, grab a copper watering can in a modern Scandinavian design.

Black and red plant pots on white shelf with plants in baskets

Transform your outdoor space instantly with modern outdoor furniture! From sleek and stylish patio sofas to contemporary outdoor chairs, we have the perfect pieces that'll look amazing in any outdoor living space. Choose from a wide range of furniture designed for both durability and comfort: modern patio furniture, outdoor contemporary furniture, black outdoor dining chairs and more. With our modern outdoor furniture selection, you can create an oasis on your own patio or balcony.