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Modern Bar Stools

Casual Seating

Complete your kitchen island or peninsula with EQ3’s extensive collection of bar and counter stools, each featuring its own unique suite of customizable options that allow you to personalize your selection, from the stool’s seat to its legs. Counter-height stools provide a more relaxed seating option, ideal for a backyard setting or a late-night bite.

Not every meal or drink has to be enjoyed in a formal setting—in fact, sometimes, the best evenings are those that are impromptu and casual, open to life unfolding around you however it may. Bar-style seating is ideal for those occasions: simple, unadorned, and easy-going. Or perhaps you need additional seating for other means: a game table to centre big laughs and lasting memories around.

Whether you’re hoping to create an additional dining area for more casual fare, or simply hoping to fill up some dead space along with your countertops, our generous selection, paired with infinite possibilities to make it your own, ensures there’s a stool for every space. Our collection of stools are shaped to fit the counters of your body, providing support and comfort in spades.

Explore modern silhouettes, backless bar stools, or leather pieces that add character and class. Elevate your kitchen counter-top with a slim and streamlined frame or put comfort (and luxury) first with upholstered velvet bar stools.

Shop minimalist pieces with quality at their core, ready to add a dose of streamlined sophistication to your space. Or perhaps, your tastes are more traditional, hoping to bring the natural beauty of solid wood into your home. Or, perhaps comfort is your top priority: opt for a cushioned model featuring high-density foam, for those long conversations spent perched at the kitchen counter over wine.

Choose Custom Because You Can

Why settle for a stool that anyone could have when you could have a piece that is completely and uniquely, yours. EQ3 understands that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the furniture you invite into your home. That’s why we have options for custom orders, personalized to suit your tastes with options for various frame finishes and cushion colours. Our stools feature cushions with high-density foam, so they keep their shape for years to come, elegantly serving your kitchen counter for decades to come. Explore options with padded shells, like our Nixon Stool, which includes a removable seat cushion and a black metal base: an option that offers both comfort and style. Try faux leather options that bring a refined sense of luxury to your space, or one of our fabric options for a softer sensibility.

Not sure where to start? Our Design Services program will walk you through the entire customization process, looking at your home’s layout, your lifestyle, and existing furniture to ensure cohesive results, every time. They’ll create a custom mood board that combines all your room’s elements, a 3D rendering to optimize square footage, and offer expert advice to ensure every dollar is spent wisely and efficiently on a timeless look. They’ll ensure all the finishes match up with the hardware already in place and consider your priorities when helping you make your selections. Will you be using the stools for entertaining guests? A breakfast nook for family brunches? Or perhaps you’re looking to cultivate an outdoor lounge area to enjoy open-air and backyard views. No detail is too small for our design experts, and they’ll match you with someone local who can conduct an in-store, in-home, or virtual consultation depending on your preference. With so many options, it never hurts to have a helping hand walking you through the shopping experience, even it’s a task as simple as selecting new stools. The best part? It’s a complimentary service, so you have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Visit our Design Services page to book your consultation today.


EQ3 also offers a collection of ready-to-ship stool options outfitted in our most popular finishes and colours. These ready-to-ship models can be delivered within weeks. This is a great option for people who need a quick seating solution to complete a space and aren’t keen on waiting for a custom option. Browse our collection here online, or, head to your nearest showroom to get an in-person feel.

History of the Bar Stool

In ancient times, stools were the standard, and seats with backrests were reserved exclusively for extremely formal occasions. For good reason too: they are practical, easily maneuvered throughout the home, and pleasing to look at. Early versions were supported by three legs. Eventually, this evolved into the four-legged joint stool we know and love today. Some were foldable for easy storage, and others featured padded seats for enduring comfort. Oftentimes, legs are angled outward for added stability. People took great pride in their stools, using them as a symbol of social standing and wealth: the more ornate the sotol, the higher your status was perceived.

Luxurious fabrics and materials were utilized to show others their access to capital and wealth. As the stool moved into the modern age, it was used almost exclusively in restaurants and bars, serving nobly as perches for patrons of local waterholes. Today, the counter-height stool is a staple of the modern home. The advent of the highly functional breakfast bar to the collective’s vision of the ideal North American home led to a revival of the stool form in domestic contexts. Now, with islands and ledged kitchen countertops commonplace, the kitchen stool is a staple of the modern home. Pair your elevated overhanging counter with two (or more) stools that speak to your space and taste and turn an otherwise unused surface area into a convenient nook for quick and easy meals, paperwork, and other tasks of the like.

Create a Personal Cocktail Bar

Go the extra mile and cultivate the ultimate entertainment area with a built-in beverage bar, a great feature that instantly takes gatherings to the next level. The addition of a dedicated corner for cocktails, wine, and other beverages is sure to wow guests. Outfit yours with martini shakers, elegant glassware (we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the Vesper Collection), and other cocktail staples to complete the look. Our bar stools will act as the perfect complement to your space, whether it’s a small section of your basement, a small table relegated to your main floor dwelling, or an outdoor perch for quickly-accessed poolside sips.

The Lyla Stool

We have playful options, like the Lyla Stool, inspired by the classic shape of the iconic Windsor Chair. Made from durable, scratch-proof rubberwood, Lyla is elegantly equipped to complement your kitchen counter. Available in black or oak, it serves as a stunning complement to any dining space.

The Nixon Stool

The Nixon Stool is an excellent option for structured comfort. Featuring a padded shell and a removable seat cushion, Nixon is available in a variety of neutral colour combinations and a black metal base.

The Mackenzie Stool

Refreshingly fun and comfortable, the Mackenzie Stool offers an understated sensibility as well as a pleasing silhouette. Compact enough to work well in a condo setting, but stylish enough to complement any kitchen or living space. Its legs are made of solid iron tubing, while its seat is constructed of molded foam and polyester fabric.

The Dawn Stool

Bring the sleek, sophisticated lines of the Dawn Stool into your space. Modern and minimalist, Dawn comes fully assembled so you can enjoy it right away. With a seat made from solid Ash wood, no two pieces will be alike, each with its own unique wood grain.

The Holi Stool

Great for indoor or outdoor use, our Holi Stools are easily stackable and highly versatile. A practical option for the patio, dining room, kitchen, or anywhere else you can dream up. Made of a flexible fiberglass and polypropylene seat and a bent galvanized metal base, Holi is lightweight enough to be easily transported as seating needs evolve. Available in two colours to adapt to your palette.

The Lima Stool

Effortless and customizable, **Lima **features dowel legs and a firm seat, with a frame that comes in your choice of solid walnut, white oak, or black oak. The seat cushion is available in two in-stock models: Dark Grey or Light Grey and comes with no assembly required. Its semi-circle seat shape allows it to be easily tucked away against a wall when not in use.

Outdoor Bar Stools

EQ3 also offers stools well-suited for outdoor use, like our Holi Stool, which can be easily stacked or stored away when out of season. Durable enough to withstand the elements and stylish enough to serve your aesthetic, it’s the perfect way to add a little bit of pep to your patio for warmer weather and summer soirees of all kinds. Enjoy a backyard BBQ with extra seating for guests: pair with an umbrella to shade the sun or a counter-height table to keep snacks and sips within reach. By bringing more structure to your outdoor space, you extend the square footage of your home, layering in more gathering areas to maximize your options and take advantage of nicer weather.

No Counter Complete

No counter is entirely complete without a stylish pair of stools (or more!) to center the scene and provide additional options for seating. No guest left unseated or unattended. Strong and sturdy, they’re there to keep you comfortable and at ease throughout the day or evening, no matter what the style of the gathering.

Create the perfect home bar with modern bar and counter stools. Feel comfortable and relaxed while sitting in bar chairs made of high-quality wooden bar stools, or get extra stability with counter stools that include a backrest. From classic barstool designs to swivel bar stools that provide endless flexibility, find the perfect style to transform your home bar into a room you look forward to spending time in. With these high-quality bar and counter stools, you can create the perfect atmosphere for dining with friends, catching up on work at home, or just enjoying a glass of wine and some relaxing tunes.

Experience the epitome of style, comfort, and quality with our Genuine Leather Bar Stools - a growing trend in the heart of Vancouver's vibrant homes. Crafted from authentic leather, these bar stools embody luxury that instantly elevates any room. The rich texture of genuine leather not only adds an opulent touch but is remarkably durable, ensuring you enjoy your investment for years to come. Our set of three stools promotes an inclusive seating area, perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying intimate family moments. Embrace the practicality without compromising on style - our bar stools seamlessly blend functionality with high-end design. With their impressive quality and value, our Genuine Leather Bar Stools offer more than just a place to sit; they provide a lifestyle upgrade that resonates with the modern Canadian home.

Discover the perfect addition to your contemporary space with our collection of bar and counter stools. Whether you're in Calgary or Vancouver, our bar stool sale is sure to have something that catches your eye. Our bar stools set of 3 offers a cohesive look for your home bar or kitchen counter. To complete your setup, consider our bar sets with stools, curated to enhance the aesthetic of your space. Don't miss out on elevating your counter stools bar experience with our stylish and functional collection.

When it comes to buying kitchen bar stools, options vary widely, from adjustable bar stool chairs for a customized seating experience to stunning dark red bar stools that add a pop of color to your décor. Whether you reside in Winnipeg or elsewhere, finding the right bar stools depends on your specific needs and style preferences. Perhaps you might consider the sophistication of PU leather bar stools, known for their durability and chic appearance. Moreover, if you're looking for a complete dining setup, pair these stools with a matching dining table for a cohesive look.