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Silk & Snow

Silk & Snow’s bedding is made sustainably with quality materials. Rooted in the idea that luxury should never sacrifice traceability, the Canadian company is on a mission to offer a better sleep while contributing to a better planet.

Bring home a silk pillowcase to compliment your bedspread and your skincare routine–the material is known for its ability to leave the moisture-skin barrier undisturbed. It’s also great for your hair, keeping follicles smooth and eliminating frizz. Or, shop the cozy, lightweight muslin duvets and sheets–made from 100% cotton and textured for a smooth and soothing sleep.

White and ivory bedding on bed against white wall

Silk & Snow is a high-quality bedding brand, offering pillows, mattresses, weighted blankets, and more. Silk and Snow pillows provide luxurious comfort with a unique cooling technology that helps regulate body temperature during the night, creating a restful sleep experience.

Silk and Snow mattresses are constructed from memory foam for premium durability, contouring to your body while relieving pressure points. Additionally, the brand offers hybrid mattresses designed to combine the support of individually wrapped coil springs with superior motion isolation.

Silk & Snow has designed a luxurious pillow using high density memory foam and a memory foam layer for ultimate pressure relief. The Silk and Snow Hybrid Mattress is constructed with gel memory foam, highlighting Silk and Snow’s commitment to creating a quality mattress that provides comfort and support. Silk & Snow also offers an array of weighted blankets that have been crafted with soft cotton fabric providing excellent breathability.

Silk & Snow’s commitment to comfort and quality make them an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their bedroom setup. Choose a Silk and Snow pillow or mattress from Silk and Snow Canada for restful nights.