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100 - 8180 - 11th Street SE Deerfoot Meadows
Calgary, AB T2H 3B5
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Modern Furniture Store in Calgary

Clad in natural materials such as solid wood and stone, our modern Calgary furniture store reflects the natural beauty of the nearby Bow River. Located in the Deerfoot Meadows Mall, Calgarians flock to the area for its many furniture stores and home décor shopping.

Step through the doors of the EQ3 Calgary store to find a spacious modern furniture store that features custom options for you to explore.

Whether you live in a large, single-family home in a Calgary suburb, a downtown condo, or a first apartment, our store offers unique choices, styles, and custom upholstery. In addition, you'll find exciting national and international design collaborations alongside EQ3's Canadian-sourced solid wood and granite.

Modern Living Room Furniture & more

Take a break from shopping in an atmosphere of calm. Browse contemporary furniture for dining room, bedroom, living room, and outdoors. Find modern sofas, rugs, chairs, lighting, home decor, and more of the highest quality in store. Make space your own with dining table, home office, or bedroom furniture that will fit into your life.

Customers looking to update the style of their space after children leave home and need change will find renewal and personalization easy with help from our Design Expert. Book online, over the phone, or in store.

Whether you're looking to add a few pieces of furniture from the shop, narrowing down fabrics or leather for a custom sofa, or looking for furniture for every room in your house. Our store staff can also help find gifts at the right price for you, and help with delivery arrangements.

Calgary interior designers or those running show suites for sales centers can choose from modern & contemporary furnishing options and style to create the ideal space. Take a look at our industry-leading trade program online or inquire via phone or in our Calgary showroom to find out about exclusive offers on modern furniture. Our store staff will be pleased to help.

Discover the allure of modern living at the EQ3 Calgary showroom, a standout gem among Alberta's furniture stores. Step into a world that reflects the natural beauty of the nearby Bow River, where cool furniture designs are inspired by the blend of urban sophistication and raw, organic elements. Our collection ranges from bespoke dining room sets to meticulously crafted bedroom sets, all curated with Calgary's vibrant lifestyle in mind. Nestled in the heart of Calgary, our furniture warehouse is more than just a store - it's a design haven that invites you to redefine your space with style, comfort, and quality. Come explore the EQ3 Calgary showroom today and let us help you transform your home into a sanctuary of modern elegance.

EQ3's Calgary, Alberta showroom is a renowned destination for those seeking high-quality furniture in Calgary, Alberta. It stands as a beacon among Alberta furniture stores, offering an impressive array of Calgary couches, bed frames, and mattresses. The showroom, located in Deerfoot Meadows, is a modern haven where customers can explore a large variety of contemporary furnishings. Furniture shops in Calgary often look to EQ3 as a standard of excellence, especially given its broad selection that caters to the diverse needs of the central Alberta community. Whether you're looking for a sleek new couch or a comfortable mattress, EQ3 Calgary has something to suit every taste and style.

Locally-Stocked Designs

Enjoy locally-stocked designs with promised delivery in under 1 week when you shop in-store.

Visit your nearest EQ3 showroom to explore best-selling designs for living, dining, bedroom, and more, with industry-leading delivery times. Explore locally-stocked designs.

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Our best Sellers

Oskar features simple, classic design and plenty of seating. Albertans love to add the optional headrests for maximum comfort.

A flexible platform design with up to six drawers. The Boom Bed is at home in Calgary apartments, condos, and townhouses.

EQ3 Calgary - Deerfoot Meadows reviews

Words cannot express how I love this furniture store! We had the BEST associate. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Our first purchase what a chaise lounge. My husband got me this custom piece for Christmas one year. Our second purchase was a sectional sofa. Canadian made. I absolutely love the quality. You truly get what you pay for. We upgraded the fabrics on both pieces we purchased. I truly recommend EQ3. -Devon

Very good service. I was looking to buy the Aeron Miller chair. The seller let me try all the chairs without pressing me to buy anything but being helpful and taking the time to explain the differences between them. At the end I got the chair that I wanted. Good return policy. So far I recommend EQ3. -Mari

Trade Reps

Tyler DiNapoli