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A well-designed bedroom can become your own little retreat. A place to rest, to recharge, to find calm. Modern bedroom furniture makes for a peaceful personal space. Solid wood pieces can be sleek and minimalist or add a touch of rustic with reclaimed materials. A custom upholstered bedframe adds a softness that’s as comfy as it is stylish to any sized bedroom. Add sheets, pillows, blankets, and nightstand lamps to create a space you’ll love coming home to.

Begin with a bed frame. A modern platform bed in solid wood is simple for small spaces. Opt for drawers or lift storage to customize our Marcel bed frames. Storage options are also available on upholstered bed frames. The Cello bed, upholstered in the fabric or leather of your choice, lifts to reveal storage space. Or choose Bento for a floating bed frame look. Once you’ve got your bed frame, add a bench at the end for design perfection.

Grey upholstered bed with oak nightstand in bright modern bedroom

Modern Bedroom Furniture From EQ3

After a long day of hard work, there is nothing better than entering your bedroom and taking a much-needed rest. Your bedroom is your personal space in your home, and it showcases your personality and who you are. A fun-loving person will have colourful bedroom furniture, while a reserved person usually prefers basic and dull colours in their bedroom.

Placing modern bedroom furniture will speak volumes about you as a person and help beautify the most personal space in your home. Each person has different needs, requirements, and preferences, which should be kept in mind while purchasing room furniture. A single person can do with a small bed, but a family needs a bigger-sized bed. If you have kids playing all day, your bed should have a headboard, and your room should have ample space for your kids to play.

Whatever your needs or requirements may be, at EQ3, you will find the best contemporary bedroom furniture ranging from beds, storage, bedroom accessories from the best brands. We are one of the most trusted home and office furniture retailers in Canada, and our products will help you design your bedroom the way you want. Personalize your bedroom and set up your peaceful personal abode.

Modern King & Queen Platform Beds

You will spend maximum time resting and sleeping on your bed, so it is advisable to choose the right one for your bedroom. Your choice should be based on your life style and your room’s size. A solid and durable platform bed is ideal for small spaces, and you can customize it with lift storage or drawers for easy storage.

The Reclaimed Teak Bed and other wooden beds add a touch of rustic and vintage to your bedroom’s aesthetic. The Boom and Monarch bed are also popular choices among our customers. Pairing the bed with the right bed sheets, lamps, pillows, blankets, etc., is necessary. Make sure you purchase an attractive King or Queen size bed with modern features and sleep comfortably with your partner.

Upholstered Beds Made with High-Quality Materials

If your kids love playing and jumping around at your home, the best choice is to search for an upholstered bed. The foot and headboard of such beds are upholstered with suede, leather, faux, and similar materials. The headboard provides a comfortable place to rest your head while your kids are safe while playing on the bed.

Our collection at EQ3 includes a lot of popular products. You can choose the Oma or Bento bed upholstered with fabric or go for the Oma or Cello bed with leather upholstery. Choose from over 100 fabrics for your upholstered bed.

Highly-Functional Storage Beds

The main function of your bed is to provide a comfortable place for sleeping, but it is not limited to that. The bed is also your kids’ playground and a place to help out with your storage needs. If you live in a big condo, chances are you need as much storage space as possible to keep your stuff. The impressive collection at EQ3 offers reliable and innovative storage solutions without affecting the design and comfort of the beds.

Storage beds come with drawers or use lift-up technology to provide storage space under the bed. Some beds also have big compartments inside them where you can store off-season clothes, extra blankets or bedsheets, and anything else you want.

The Cello storage bed is available in both leather and fabric upholstery and provides great storage space inside. Another popular product is the Marcel bed, available with both lift storage and drawers. Customize your dream bed based on your needs and experience unmatched comfort and exceptional storage functionality together.

The Best Slats to Support Your Bed Frame and Mattress

Every person who buys a bed has to choose between using or leaving a bed slat. Slats offer additional support to the mattress without using a box spring and prevent them from sagging after prolonged use. All the beds at EQ3 include the price of wood slats, but you can upgrade and go for our metal or deluxe bed slats.

Based on your aesthetic and comfort requirements, you should purchase metal slats because wooden ones tend to bend and sag after prolonged use. The Deluxe and metal frame slats will make sure your bed’s mattress stays firm in its desired position and give you a comfortable place to sleep.

We have got you covered when it comes to providing beds with a lot of options, but your bedroom is not limited to just a bed. Our collection includes a great range of bedding storage products and similar accessories. Mix and match these accessories with your bed for the perfect look.

Set up a Modern Bedroom with Ample Storage

Just a bed is never enough, and pairing it with storage furniture and other items is vital to complete the bedroom set.

Modern nightstands offer a reliable place right next to the bed where you can store essential items which can be accessed while relaxing in your bed. The Marcel nightstand has a combination of open-shelf and drawer storage.

The Reclaimed Teak and Monarch nightstands have wooden detailing and match well with your bed. Floating nightstands by Replay are attractive and can be installed on the walls next to the bed.

Drawer chests are great to add storage space to your closets and keep off-season clothing, curtains, blankets, etc., inside. You can even use the drawer chests independently and use their top like a table and keep photo frames, décor items, art work, etc. The Monarch and Reclaimed Teak chest made with oak and walnut provide a lovely finish and organization to your bedroom.

Single or double dressers also offer the same storage functionality and can be kept in your bedroom. Add a touch of elegance and warmth through our high-quality dressers and get a solution for your storage requirements without compromising with appearance.

Complete Your Bedroom Set with Beautiful Accessories

Once you get your bed, you have to pair it with the right accessories for a personalized custom look. These accessories offer a lot of utility while giving a personal aesthetic to your bedroom.

Throws and blankets are vital for your bed, especially in colder regions. Choose a smaller blanket if you sleep alone or a bigger one if your partner sleeps with you. Available in multiple colors, materials, and designs, our collection is immense. Choose the Floral Throw or the Coronado Throw for a textured look. The Riad, Vero, Medina, and Ebon Throw are widely purchased too. The reliable Booker Quilt is available in multiple colors.

Duvet Cover Sets are available for both King and Queen size beds. Many colors and designs are available, and you can choose the one that matches your needs. Marimekko and Moncton cover sets are creative with bold colors. You cannot sleep without a comfortable pillow, and our store has the Casper and Down Surround Pillows to fulfill your requirements. Along with the pillows, you need bedsheets too. Our organic cotton and linen bed sheets will do the job for your bedroom.

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Most homeowners spend a lot of time and resources on renovating their homes but totally forget about the bedroom. Most of your relaxing time and sleep will take place in the bedroom, and you must create a highly functional, attractive, and personalized bedroom.

As we read above, EQ3 has the best variety modern bedroom furniture available. The best beds offering unmatched comfort, reliable storage, and beautiful looks are there at our store. There is something for everyone, and our extensive range of storage items and accessories will help you set up your dream bedroom.

Some of the beds and other products may be expensive, but you cannot compromise with quality when it comes to your bedroom. Sign up at EQ3 and stay updated about the best bedroom furniture and other services. Make a list of your needs and get what you want for your bedroom at EQ3.