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Your space made yours with contemporary home décor. The easiest way is with custom upholstered accent pillows and throw pillows. A neutral leather lumbar pillow for a statement making armchair. A reclaimed wool cushion in purple for a taupe sofa. Mixing with our seasonal throw pillow collection makes for endless possibilities. Fill candle holders with candles and vases with fresh cut flowers.

Wall decor may come in the form of a clock in a living room. It may be a hexagonal mirror that hangs above a bedroom dresser. Or perhaps a framed family picture in a home office. All of our wall décor pieces are simple and classic.

Some beautiful home accents are functional. Handwoven baskets for storage add a modern boho element to a room. Home organization ideas such as wooden hooks, pegs, and shelves can be rustic. Stone bookends and ceramic pots add a natural feel while keeping your space uncluttered.

Group of candles against exposed brick wall