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Storage pieces such as dressers, chests, and nightstands can be added to your space to create modern bedroom sets. The Canadian manufactured Ora set is made from solid Douglas Fir and has a small footprint. Marcel is a mid century bedroom and includes floating nightstands that pair with platform beds and studio apartments. Our Reclaimed Teak pieces add rustic elements to your space. All have coordinating bed frames. Feel free to mix and match storage pieces.

A single nightstand with an upholstered bed works in a small space, A tall modern chest with a classic low dresser can maximize storage in a medium sized space. Or get creative: mix hooks, single shelves, pegs, and our Climb shelving units for an open concept closet.

Teak dresser with vases on it in bright bedroom

Maximize your living space with innovative bedroom storage furniture. For those with a small bedroom, implementing clever storage ideas can truly transform your space. A storage unit for the bedroom could be an ideal solution to keep your belongings organized and readily accessible. These units come in various designs, from sleek dressers to spacious wardrobes, ensuring there's something for every aesthetic and necessity.

Small bedroom storage ideas, such as floating shelves, can add a stylish touch while providing additional room for books, decor, or other essentials. These are perfect for making use of vertical space and keeping your floor clutter-free. Other storage ideas for small bedrooms include multi-functional furniture like beds with built-in drawers or ottomans that double as storage boxes.

Remember, even the smallest bedroom can feel spacious with the right storage furniture. So explore your options and find the perfect pieces that combine functionality and style.