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Breathe life into your living room or bedroom with a unique accent pillow. From bold patterns to muted tones, we have pillows in a variety of colours, prints, sizes, and materials to suit your room’s décor and your personal style.

At EQ3, we believe in the power of accentuating your personal space with quality and style. Our selection of modern throw pillows is designed to do just that. These aren't just couch pillows, they are artful expressions of your unique taste. Each pillow throw in our collection displays an innovative design approach that blends seamlessly with any decor style.

With a variety of decorative pillows, from bold and vibrant patterns to minimalist and chic designs, we ensure there's something for everyone. And for those seeking a touch of luxury, our faux fur throw pillow offers an irresistible blend of comfort and opulence. Each product we offer is a testament to our commitment to quality, collaboration, and customization. We invite you to explore our collection and redefine your living space with our exceptional accent pillows.

EQ3 accent pillow designs beautifully merge comfort with style, transforming any living space with a touch of sophistication. Whether you're searching for the best throw pillows to complement your modern sofa or decorative pillows for a sofa that adds a pop of color and texture, EQ3 has an impressive selection. Their velvet throw pillow covers exude luxury, perfect for anyone looking to elevate their home's aesthetic. Additionally, the variety in pillow covers, including those with gorgeous pillow designs, ensures there's something for every taste and decor theme. From minimalist to bold statements, EQ3's decorative sofa pillows are designed to be both visually appealing and wonderfully comfortable.