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Modern Coffee Tables

As the center point of your living space, the modern coffee table must work to solidify your aesthetic, complement your layout, and maximize function. Whether you’re hovering over your morning latte or kicking back for a glass of red with an old friend, the right piece can take you effortlessly from day to night, adapting to the surroundings to best serve the moment. Stack your favorite hardcovers worthy of the limelight, or keep it bare for a minimalistic look that highlights the table’s natural characteristics.

From versatile forms to statement pieces, our collection has no shortage of options to add a little joy to your space. We have sculptural silhouettes with boldness at their core—architectural lines that bring visual interest and depth. Or, opt for something with a little whimsy and joie de vivre for an uplifting overall feel.

We believe that great design belongs to everyone, which means we have options at every price point, ranging from accessible to aspirational. The best part? Even when we’re working to bring a piece to market at an opening price point, we never sacrifice our commitment for quality. Our pieces are intended to be timeless, capable of enduring the ages. That extends to their structural properties as well as their stylistic ones.

For Your Consideration

Before landing on your perfect match, we recommend considering the other elements and materials in the room: from existing furniture to wall colour, each aspect of your space should work in harmony and feel intentional.

Another key consideration should be scale: the size of your coffee table should feel comparable to the size of your sofa. A good rule of thumb is to try to select a coffee table that is approximately two-thirds the length of your sofa. This will prevent your space from feeling overcrowded and ensure a cohesive final look.

What height is ideal for you and your home? Do you want something lower to the ground, or elevated? There are no wrong answers! It’s just about finding what works best for your lifestyle and space.

Before finalizing your decision, you should also consider function. What will its primary purpose be, and what other features might be an asset to your home and the flow of daily life? Do you find you’re always scrambling for more storage? Or are you in need of an extra surface to display heirlooms and sentimental items? The right table can help serve either function, whether you need closed storage to keep odds and ends out of sight or open shelves to display décor items.

If you have small children or your space is heavy on angular lines, you might want to consider a circular table that rounds out sharper edges and makes for fewer in-home hazards.

If you have a space that needs grounding (lots of muted colours and ethereal fabrics) then you likely want a piece with substance to act as an anchor. If you have a heavier space with more robust pieces, you might want to balance these more substantial elements with a table that embodies lightness: opt for the Verre collection’s tempered glass.

You’ve Got Options

Explore EQ3’s collection, which ranges from sleek and sophisticated, like the Sage Round Coffee Table or Trivia Coffee Table, to minimal and fu nction-forward, like the Ban, a wood coffee table rooted in structure and longevity.

Bring the beauty of solid acacia wood, from its native Vietnam, into your home with Kacia. Durable and tasteful, it’s always a welcomed addition to the modern living space.

Our Plank Coffee table is also a great option: designed by EQ3’s Thom Chung, Plank offers customizable features to finetune to your taste. Choose upholstered or wood-slat panels that bring texture to your space.

If you’re after a streamlined and unfussy structure, go with the Boom 2-drawer coffee table, made from solid walnut and offering closed storage.

Our Place Coffee Table, designed by West-coast native Shawn Place, features a solid wood base and a glass top, marrying the substance of oak (or walnut) with the lightness of glass.

We also have options for outdoor use, well-equipped to endure the elements and resist corrosion. Set up one of our outdoor options to serve as a hub for favorite patio accessories, a happy little plant, or even your bare feet. Our Lollygagger outdoor cocktail table is made from 100% recycled plastic, which means it’s easy to clean and good for the planet.

Our Replay Coffee table takes a new twist on scale, blending function and flexibility. Featuring a drawer on one side and open storage on the other, you can position Replay to best suit your room’s needs.

Design Services

At EQ3, we believe that knowledge is for sharing. We delight in every opportunity to share the experience we’ve acquired over the years of considering space and design and the interplay between them. So much so, that we’re giving it away for free.

If great design is all about context (it is!), then a piece must be considered in relation to the people and the space at hand. Even an identical sofa in two different homes might look, feel and function differently in each role. Our complimentary design services will connect you with a local design expert for a virtual, in-home, or in-store consultation. They’ll then start observing the nuances of your space, guiding you through the process of selecting pieces that serve your lifestyle and highlight your home’s existing features and furniture.

This service isn’t just for major redesigns either: even the simple task of a lighting revamp could benefit from a helping hand and an expert eye.

Holistic Process

Your consultation will encompass all product categories: furniture, accessories, and our EQ3+ brands; EQ3’s vast selection of fabrics and leathers; material options and finishes; lighting; and options for placement/layout.

Exclusive Access

Your design expert will create a custom mood board to clarify your vision, provide complimentary material swatches for your consideration, and build a 3D floorplan of your space to bring the design to life and ensure your square footage is maximized.

Expert Advice

Your design expert will help you understand where to invest and where to save, ensuring each dollar is spent wisely

Whether your style is more contemporary and modern or traditional and classic, there are options for whatever your version of home looks like.

Coffee tables are the perfect addition to any living room. From traditional end tables and side tables to modern glass coffee tables, there's something for everyone. For a sleek look, consider a round glass coffee table with metal legs. Or for a more traditional aesthetic, opt for an ornate wood coffee table. Need extra storage? An end table or side table is just the right choice.

A coffee table is more than just a functional piece of furniture—it can be a unique element that pulls your living space together. Whether it's a sleek grey coffee table or a distinctive glass piece, it's the perfect item to add elegance and functionality to your room. Innovative designs offer a unique aesthetic while also providing practical storage space. A white wooden coffee table can give a traditional touch, or perhaps a 'table de salon' for a more stylish appeal. The perfect piece can vary depending on your personal taste and the existing decor. Keep in mind, the best coffee tables aren't just about style—they blend it effortlessly with utility. As such, ensure your chosen piece is in stock and suits your space perfectly.