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In theory, a home office needs only two things: a desk and a chair. In practice, a home office that’s comfortable enough for focus and functional enough for productive work needs more. A custom desk can suit any generous or tiny space. A modern office desk can be inspiring and lead you to do something great. Cool office furniture can make reading, filing, and getting down to the task at hand a little more fun.

Rolling desk chairs pulled up to a dining table can make a homeschool classroom. Try the Novah Desk or L-Desk for a studio space. Or go custom with our Kendall Desk. Choose natural marble or solid ash, oak, or walnut to make a desk of your own.

Walnut and black desk stacked with books beside black chair in modern office

Modern Office Furniture for Your Workspace

To be more productive and improve your output, you should love working in your office. An outdated, dull space is a sign that you need to change the entire aesthetic of your workplace or home office with the right furniture.

There is something personal about your dining room, bedding, and other home decor, they make you feel like home. The right office furniture will make sure you feel the same way about your office and love spending time working there.

Browse Office Furniture at EQ3

EQ3 is a trusted name among Canadians when it comes to furniture products for your home, office, organization, and more. Visit our website and surf through the menu to find what you want.

The styles, decor, and designs on offer at our website are loved by our customers. They trust us because all our furniture items are sourced from top global brands with both quality and durability on offer.

Not just work, kids room, or home office furniture, you can even purchase other accessories like decor items, rugs, and pillows. Surf through our company website's main menu and find whatever you need at our one-stop shop for all furniture requirements.

Stylish Office Chairs and Desks

Your business or home office needs a place to sit and to keep your stuff. You cannot work in an efficient, productive manner if you are not comfortable with the space around you. A cool and attractive desk will push you to work. Keep your laptop, books, phone, and all that you need on the desk.

If you plan on buying a desk for your home office, then it will help you with other things besides work. Your kids can study on the desk, eat food, and more. The Airia™ Desk, Kendall Desk, the Novah Lift Desk are a hit among customers.

Obviously, a desk won't be enough alone, you will need a chair to go with it.

Make sure everyone at your organization stays comfortable by buying a nice, cozy chair with top features. Herman Miller is among the world's top brands for office furniture and EQ3 is an authorized retailer for the brand in Canada. Apart from its classic Aeron® Chair, SAYL® Chair, the Cosm® Chair, Setu® Chair, Humanscale Chairs and EQ3's Nixon Chair are also popular.

Here are some bestsellers from our stock. Lets check out the desks first:

The Novah Desk

Based on your needs, you can get the Novah desk in a small or a large size. The top comes in bamboo finish, rich walnut, or crisp white blending perfectly with charcoal or white bases.

Every organization has a different aura and with this Novah desk you can amplify the beauty and aesthetic of your office. The desk is available in modern styles including the L Desk and the Lift Desk.

The Humanscale Quickstand Eco

Sleek and easy to use, the Quickstand desk comes in white or black colour. You can either buy it in the laptop, single, or double monitor model based on your needs. It has a simple design, is portable, and very easy to adjust.

It blends well with different floor and wall designs or colorful rugs. Transform your bland workspace into an attractive through the Novah desk.

Nelson™ Swag Desk

George Nelson designed this swag leg desk and its wooden touch looks amazing. Its style make it ideal for your office but it also works like a kids study table because of its optimum size. For home office furniture, this is the perfect choice as its light and easy to move around.

You can consider purchasing one of the following chairs if you want the right combination of good looks and top comfort.

Lets have a look at the most in-demand and comfortable chairs.

Nixon Chair

Filled with comfort and practicality, the Nixon chair comes with leather or fabric upholstery where you can relax your back. It has 360 degree swivel base and a curved seat to support your natural body posture.

The chair's padded shell has a removable cushion that works just like pillows on a bedding. You can choose from various leather options to match the chair with other office furniture at your workplace.

Aeron® Chair

There is a Basic and Upgrade version of the iconic Aeron® Chair by Herman Miller. Based on size, it comes in A, B, or C sizes, with a range of colors to choose from. The award-winning chair includes an ergonomic design which suits every body type and shape.

A sleek and durable design, there are various adjustment points on the chair. You will relaxed and free while working when you take a comfortable seat on the Aeron chair. This chair has seen high sales since a long time and is still a fan-favorite.

Cosm® Chair

When you search for a chair, you crave comfort the most and the Cosm® chair provides you that. It has an adjustable back and the arms can either be fixed or adjustable, based on your preference. You will feel relaxing on bedding when you take a seat on this chair because of it's sheer comfort and comfortable seat.

Filing Cabinets for Office Storage Needs

To keep operations streamlined and productive at your organization, it is important to have the right storage supplies. These contemporary file cabinets will finish the need for bookcases, space to store tools, files, etc.

There may be a lot of free space in your workplace but if you don't utilize it with the right storage equipment, everything will feel bulky and disorganized. It will become difficult to search for anything at such a place.

Get Better Storage and Improve Workplace Decor

Just like you need proper storage at home to store extra bedding stuff, kids toys, extra rugs, dining accessories, etc. the same is needed at your office to store supplies and work equipment. EQ3 has some of the best products for office storage needs.

Get the Airia™ Media Cabinet and flaunt its thorough detailing and elegant aluminum and wood combo. It offers a nice storage space but will improve the display and appearance of any space where it is placed.

The Kendall Pedestal comes in a black, oak, or walnut finish. It has a simple design and you can store your files and accessories easily in this. Organize your files properly in its 2-way storage and move it around comfortably around the office.

The Novah Pedestal can be purchased in a white or charcoal color and comes ready to ship. It has 2-way file storage and you can opt for a comfortable cushion on the top if you want an additional place to sit.

Complete your Office Decor with the Best Accessories

After you design your office interior and place the furniture products you want, you may want to add a finishing touch with the right accessories. Just like kitchen linens and rugs work for your dining room, several accessories will make your office a better place to work at.

Keyboard Trays

Most of us spend long hours in front of a computer at work. Our vision and reach to our system also affects our body posture. The Humanscale keyboard tray brings your computer's keyboard and mouse to an ergonomic position so that you can use them in a natural posture. You can tuck it away when not in use.

Monitor Arms

If you computer screen is too far or too close, it will negatively affect your eyes as well as your body posture. Purchase a Humanscale Monitor Arm from our shop which will keep your computer screen within sightline. This reduces stressful eye movements and mental stress.

Other Office Accessories and Organization Supplies

We have plenty of accessories and supplies on offer to make sure everything stays organized at your workplace and you have all the tools to work efficiently. They will work as both decor items and essential high-functioning products.

You can purchase pencil boxes, paper holders, card holders, short or tall storage boxes, caddy set, card holders, file holders, etc. These resources will simplify work for you. You can even get a Footrocker to rest your feet on it instead of the floor, and relax while working.

End Your Office Furniture Search at EQ3

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Make your office feel brand new and vibrant with EQ3's impressive furniture collection.

EQ3 offers a sophisticated range of office furniture in Canada, designed to blend seamlessly into any workspace. Whether you're outfitting a full-scale corporate office space or creating a compact home office, EQ3's collection includes everything from sleek workstation furniture to executive office furnishings. With options like spacious L-shaped desks and ergonomic office workstations, EQ3 enhances both productivity and style. Their executive desks stand out for their elegant design, making them a perfect match for professionals seeking both functionality and a statement piece in their office environment.