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Modern Sofas

The modern sofa serves as a focal point for open-concept living and compact spaces alike. It offers a place to crash after a long day. A space for rest and relaxation; a source of comfort. A cozy spot to binge the latest shows, take in a favorite movie, or a place that could even double as a home office.

Our sofas are available with custom options to suit not only your space but your lifestyle. Modern, mid century, contemporary, vintage-inspired, and reclining styles are available, with differing lengths, arm heights, and cushion options available. And of course, you can upholster any of our sofas in one of our curated selections of fabric or leather.

With so many options available, you may not know where to start when designing and ordering your greige leather sofa. We suggest considering the way you live and your desired function. Movie nights call for cushions you can sink into, conversations over wine may need a straight-back. Modular sofas are great for starter homes, allowing them to grow with you (and your stamp of square footage). Love entertaining? You might want to opt for elevated elegance of an EQ3 leather sectional like the sophisticated Oma or the iconic Replay.

Navigating Through Your Modern Sofa Choice

We also have options featuring discreet storage compartments, helping your store extra bedding or pillows for added convenience. Our storage sofas easily open with their lift mechanism. Having an impromptu overnight guest? Our sleeper sofas are an easy way to help a living space do double-duty as a guest room when you having to play host unexpectedly.

At EQ3, we believe there is a sofa soulmate out there for everyone—and it’s our pleasure to help you find it. With endless options for personalization, we can help bring your vision into reality.

All our EQ3 couches are hand-made at our Canadian Headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This means a sketch goes right from the designer’s hands to the upholsterer’s. Our made-to-order upholstery model lets you choose pieces that are attuned to your space and taste and lets us focus on building quality furniture made to last, one at a time. It also means we can use exactly the amount of materials required: no more and no less. Plus, by keeping a lot of our production close to home, we reduce our carbon emissions related to travel and support local talent.

For Your Consideration

Browse over 20 collections to find the style and silhouette that suits your space and taste. Each collection carries a unique set of options for further customization, ranging from arm height, back cushions, and legs.

There are several key considerations that shouldn’t be overlooked before you determine which sofa you’d like to welcome into your home. The first of these is style: It’s crucial to choose a piece you can have a lasting love affair with. Browse over 20 collections to find the style and silhouette that suits your space and taste. Each collection carries a unique set of options for further customization, ranging from arm height, back cushions, and legs. Select collections offer differing arm heights and styles. Choose what serves your space best.

Some of our collections offer different leg options, which range from sleek and slim to more substantial. Your selection should come down to how you want the space to feel. Slim legs will produce an elegant and elevated feel, whereas a thicker base will create an inviting and comfort-forward sensibility.

Finding Your Perfect Contemporary Sofa

Each collection offers a unique seating experience. Our ergonomic sofas are constructed using either high-density, high-resiliency foam, feathers, or a combination of both. Foam produces a structured look and firm feel, requiring less maintenance due to the foam’s high density and high resiliency. Feathers create a softer, luxurious feel, but will require fluffing in order to maintain their shape. Fiber fillings tend to be made from polyester and results in a soft, fluffy feel. Cushions will need plumping between use. Consider your lifestyle, your preferred level of maintenance, and the way you plan to use your sofa to determine the best fit for you.

Think critically about how you want to use your furniture in your space, and what purpose the room is intended for. What is the flow of traffic like? Is there a focal point in the room? At the end of the day, we create furniture for people, and how those people intend to use their pieces should always be a factor in its production. If you’re looking for something casual: Late night movie nights and regrouping after a long day. There needs to be a spot for the whole gang on a casual sofa, and ideally, there’s a chaise attachment or ottoman included for tired feet to be elevated. Or perhaps you’re more into a formal appeal: If your sofa is going to be used primarily for entertaining, then it’s okay to skip the cozier elements like L-shapes and footrests. A formal living space should provide structure, while still offering encouragement to settle in.

Also, consider your dimensions: any substantial piece of furniture will need to work in harmony with other existing features. Consider what the flow of traffic is like, and how you’d like a sofa or chair to influence that flow. We’ve analyzed our sofa sizes into Small/Medium/Large scale for those working with fixed dimensions. View our measuring guide to learn how to ensure your new piece will fit seamlessly with the others (and make it through your front door!).

Our greatest hope is to have our pieces interwoven within the fabric of your life story: heirlooms passed along to grandchildren and fixtures tucked into the background of your favorite memories. We believe in empowering you to make informed decisions about the pieces you invite into your home, so you can make a choice that sticks, that never needs to be second-guessed. That means being as transparent as possible about our processes, materials, and all the details in between.

We hope to help you find the piece that stands the test of time and never goes out of style in the context of your home. Something you can appreciate every day you come home from work in search of respite, year after year. In order to best position ourselves able to fulfill that goal, we employ as much transparency as possible. We believe that the more educated you are on our pieces, the better you’ll be able to make a choice that lasts.

When it comes to selecting the right material for your ergonomic black modern leather couch, there are several other things to consider in order to make the best choice for your space. Colour, for one, defines the mood of a space. Stuck on a few swatches that you can’t seem to decide between? Order complimentary swatches to your doorstep to help narrow it down and remove the guesswork. This is a valuable step as it will increase your confidence in your choice and give you a better idea of how your selected fabric will interact with existing elements of your space.

Here’s how you can best take advantage of our swatch ordering program:

Fan out your swatches so they are overlapping slightly. Do some have warmer or cooling undertones? Do they change in different lighting scenarios? Place each to your skin in succession and pay attention to how it feels against your skin. Are some smoother than others? By having multiple options to use as reference points, it’s easier for you to pick on small differences.

Hold swatches up to any existing elements in your space: floorboards, wall colors, and any other materials or fabrics in your space. If you’re still in a planning period, a mood board is a great way to bring disparate factors into focus. Examine how the colors play together. There are no golden rules about which colors can be paired together, you just have to make sure you’re on board with the combinations you’re creating.

If you’re living in a high-traffic household and expect your materials to endure a little wear and tear, this is your opportunity to put them to the test. Make sure you wait to see how your swatches look after any cleaning solutions have dried as well. As beautiful as a fabric or leather might be, there’s no sense in bringing material into your space if you don’t think you’ll be able to maintain it.

On a small scale, these details might feel unimportant (or go unnoticed), but once it’s canvassing a sofa these subtleties can have a big impact. Custom Furniture is an investment, and by taking the steps to ensure the material will work well in your space and serve your lifestyle, you can feel confident knowing you’ve made a choice that never needs to be second-guessed.

Also, consider durability. Consider your lifestyle in the context of the maintenance required to keep a particular fabric or leather in tip-top shape. Do you have kids and pets playing in the vicinity frequently? You might want to choose a fabric that plays well with others. As a general rule of thumb, tightly woven fabrics in 100% polyester and leathers with a semi-aniline or pigmented coating work best with pets, children, and other factors similarly inclined toward spillage.

From fabric and leather options to the configurations that best serve your layout, there is no shortage of options to help ensure you never have to settle.

All of our leathers are a byproduct of the dairy/meats industry, and some of our fabrics are made from recycled materials leftover from the garment industry.

You’ve Got Options

Designed by Winnipeg’s own Matthew Kroeker, the Reverie Sofa offers rest and refinement. Featuring button-tufted cushions that signal the simplicity of mid-century design, Reverie functions as an anchor in the modern living room. Made from high-density, high-resiliency foam, it’s structured in shape but generous in comfort. With Reverie, you can choose between lower arm height, which is ideal for comfort and entertaining, or classic arm height, which creates a cohesive and streamlined shape.

Settle into the Cello Sofa’s cozy corners and elegant curves: where substance meets style. With exceptional comfort and relaxed living at its core, Cello is at its best offering a cloud of comfort to its owners. Cello is ideal for a family that wants a cozy spot for Saturday morning cartoons and an intimate setting for quality time. Removable cushion covers help Cello play well with others (ie. kids and pets!). With Cello, you can choose between straight arms, which produce a modern look with clean lines, or angled arms, which are ideal for producing maximum comfort.

Inspired by mid century modern silhouettes and characterized by strong architectural lines, Oskar takes a simplified approach to a classic design. With multiple configuration options, there are many ways to fall in love with Oskar. With removable fabric covers that make quick work of maintenance and cleaning, Oskar plays well with others (ie. pets and little ones). Ideal for the family home, Oskar strikes the perfect balance between structure and comfort—the foundations for life to unfold.

Slim, sophisticated, and structured for pure comfort. Oma is designed for the minimally inclined and ideal for smaller spaces in need of more negative space. Elevated on stainless steel legs, Oma appears to float, centering the modern living room. Oma is ideal for slow-moving Sundays, where you pick up a book and rest up against your cushions and don’t leave the comfort until the afternoon. Fun Fact: Oma gets its name from a team member’s mother, who received the first piece.

Playful in shape yet contemporary with its tailored blind-tufted seating and back. Joan features an accessible price point, high-density, high-resiliency foam, and sophisticated leg options. This sofa is ideal for a home that refuses to compromise on quality or comfort.

Salema’s laid-back design encourages the whole family to relax. This highly customizable and versatile collection features many modular options. With nine available components plus a matching chair, the Salema is suitable for large and small spaces.

The Versatility of Sofa Beds: Transforming Spaces with Style and Convenience

An inviting sofa in its own right, the Reva Sofa features storage and sleeper functions. It seamlessly converts from an unassuming sofa to a comfortable place to host impromptu sleepover guests. With soft lines derived from memory foam seat cushion layer, feather-filled back cushions, and high-density, high-resiliency foam-topped mattress, the Reva will have your head in the clouds in no time. Available in multiple configurations to suit your home. Choose from standard arms, which have a more substantial look that features a wider armrest, or a narrow arm, which produces a more streamlined and elegant shape.

Replay is a classic, reimagined. Iconic in shape, unyielding in quality. With refined lines and exceptional comfort, Replay has been with our brand since day one. Lean back on a curved, flexible back frame and find extra give. That’s the feather-filled and high-density foam combo within. Elongated legs pair with a luxurious seating experience. Choose Replay and personalize it in over 100 fabrics and leathers.

Modern Couches: Curating Comfort and Style for Your Living Space

Simple architectural lines conspire to create an ode to vintage, making the Solo Sofa an instant classic. Relax in its embrace for a feeling of years gone by.

Carefully proportioned, the inviting Remi upholstery collection was made in collaboration with New York-based designer Blake Tovin. Featuring interchangeable back cushions, Remi is available in two styles: a button-tufted detail, providing an American mid-century modern look, and a center-pull detail, providing a more contemporary look.

Extremely modular and flexible, the Morten has many configurations to suit a larger space. Its contemporary, versatile design proves you don’t have to compromise style for comfort. Plus, its modular construction allows you to continue adding to it as you and your space grows. With its intrinsically superior quality and the right care, it can truly last a lifetime.

Eve’s clean metropolitan aesthetic is complimented by its exclusive solid aluminum leg and luxurious feather back and seat cushions. The bench seating features a sandwiched seat cushion with a high resiliency foam core, no-sag spring suspension, and feather top. You can also add optional headrests for added support.

EQ3's Form sofa collection is an epitome of artistry and comfort. With a sleek, sculptural silhouette, each piece in the collection is a work of art, adding a modern touch to any living space. The sofas are upholstered in high-quality, durable fabrics, and their frames are built to last, offering a perfect blend of comfort and longevity. Available in an array of colors, the Form sofa collection allows you to customize your space to reflect your unique style and taste. The collection includes modular pieces, enabling you to mix and match to create a custom seating solution that meets your needs, whether you have a large living room or a cozy apartment. With the Form sofa collection, EQ3 continues to push the boundaries of design, proving that style and comfort can indeed coexist.

The eq3 Bird sofa modular seating collection from EQ3 is a deft blend of versatility, comfort, and modern design. Each piece is crafted to easily adapt to various home layouts, offering creative freedom to arrange and rearrange your seating according to your needs and preferences. The seating experience is defined by plush, soft cushions and a generous depth, inviting hours of relaxation. The distinctively clean and contemporary design of the Bird collection, combined with high-quality material and construction, makes it a timeless addition to any living space.

EQ3's Laze reclining sofa is a testament to sophistication married with ultimate comfort. It offers a seamless blend of modern aesthetics with a luxurious lounging experience, featuring an integrated footrest and back recline to provide an elevated sitting experience. Crafted with a focus on both design and functionality, the Laze reclining sofa embodies a sleek silhouette, with clean lines enhancing its modern appeal. The cushions, filled with high-density foam, present a perfect balance of comfort and support, while the durable upholstery assures longevity. This sofa is available in a wide array of fabrics and leathers, allowing you to match it perfectly with your interior decor. The Laze reclining sofa by EQ3 is nothing short of a modern-day sanctuary, proving that style and comfort can effortlessly coexist.

The Slope seating collection from EQ3 is an emblem of refined aesthetics and supreme comfort. Characterized by its gentle curves and clean lines, the Slope collection embodies a minimalist design that perfectly aligns with modern interiors. The seating experience is elevated by plush, high-resilience foam cushions that promise both comfort and longevity. Slope's distinctly modular nature allows for a wide variety of arrangements to suit your living space's specific needs. With an extensive selection of fabrics and leathers to choose from, the Slope collection further ensures that your seating aligns with your unique style preferences. Each piece in the Slope seating collection is a testament to EQ3's commitment to delivering furniture that is as enduring as it is elegant.

The Stage sofa collection from EQ3 marries the best of comfort with a high-impact aesthetic. Each piece in the collection exhibits a sophisticated design that is effortlessly chic, catering to a broad spectrum of contemporary living spaces. The sofas boast of plush, deep-seated cushions that offer an unrivaled seating experience, while their robust frames ensure long-lasting durability. The Stage collection comes in an assortment of configurations, appealing to diverse spatial requirements and seating preferences. Its customizable features, including an array of fabric and leather options, allow you to curate a space that truly resonates with your personal style. The Stage sofa collection is a testament to EQ3's commitment to creating furniture that embodies style, comfort, and durability - a perfect addition to any modern home.

Our Skye upholstery collection is defined by a simple profile, subtle details, and an updated mid-century influence. Available in a wide range of customizable options, all Skye or EQ3 solo sofa components are available in your choice of over 100 fabrics and leather. Choose blown fiber or feather back cushions, along with wood or aluminum legs.

The Era Sofa is designed with you in mind. With its feather-filled back and frame, and memory foam cushions with a feather topper, each piece brings you exceptional comfort, sophisticated construction, and thoughtful design. Each seat power-reclines and features a removable tilt-to-adjust headrest, so you can ease back into comfort.

Design Services

At EQ3, we believe that knowledge is for sharing. We delight in every opportunity to share the expertise we’ve acquired over the years of considering space and design and the interplay between them. So much so, that we’re giving it away for free.

If great design is all about context (it is!), then a piece must be considered in relation to the people and the space at hand. Even an identical sofa in two different homes might look, feel, and function differently in each role. Our complimentary design services will connect you with a local design expert for a virtual, in-home, or in-store consultation (in accordance with local COVID-19 restrictions). They’ll then start observing the nuances of your space, guiding you through the process of selecting pieces that serve your lifestyle and highlight your home’s existing features and furniture.

This service isn’t just for major re-designs either: even the simple task of lighting revamp could benefit from a helping hand and an expert eye. When you use our design services program, you’ll enjoy:

Holistic Process: Your consultation will encompass all product categories: furniture, accessories, and our EQ3+ brands; EQ3’s vast selection of fabrics and leathers; material options and finishes; lighting; and options for placement/layout.

Exclusive Access: Your design expert will create a custom mood board to clarify your vision, provide complimentary material swatches for your consideration, and build a 3D floor plan of your space to bring the design to life and ensure your square footage is maximized.

Expert Advice: Your design expert will help you understand where to invest and where to save, ensuring each dollar is spent wisely and efficiently on a timeless look—a feature new homeowners can certainly appreciate.

The Process of Custom

Craving Custom? Here’s what you can expect. Once your personalized piece is complete, your order is entered into our system. Your purchase order is created at our head office and submitted to our production team to begin building. The 3 major components of an upholstery piece (frame, foam, and cover) are built separately by our dedicated craftspeople and then combined in the upholstering process to form the finished product.

Your piece is moved to the staging area for quality control, where our team ensures every detail of your selection can be assembled as intended and aligns with the original specifications of the product’s sketch. Once your order is deemed to have met all our requirements, it is carefully packaged and placed into our trucks for shipping.

Experience the ultimate in comfort and versatility with our luxurious modular loveseat and armchair set. This innovative modular sofa and armchair set can be arranged in various configurations to suit your unique living space and personal style. For a truly modern and sophisticated touch, consider our white leather curved sofa, which exudes elegance and contemporary flair. Whether you're looking for a cozy spot to relax or a statement piece to impress your guests, our selection of modular sofa sets offers unparalleled design options to elevate your home decor.

In the vibrant landscape of contemporary design, modern gray couches have emerged as a stellar choice, effortlessly marrying aesthetic appeal with functionality. The allure lies in their versatile hue—a sophisticated neutral that complements a myriad of color schemes—and their meticulously crafted features. From the plush texture of the upholstery to the sleek lines of their silhouette, these couches are an ode to modernity. Among this stylish roster, EQ3 sofas stand out, its distinct design elements setting a new standard for comfort and elegance. This isn't just furniture—it's a testament to the transformative power of good design.

The low arm couch in the living room provides a perfect blend of comfort and modern design, making it a delightful centerpiece for gatherings and leisurely afternoons. Embodying our commitment to quality and unique design, the light grey couch from our collection offers an ideal blend of style and function, providing a centerpiece that's both visually striking and incredibly comfortable.

When it comes to modern living spaces, the EQ3 daybed and the EQ3 sectional sofa are irrefutable game-changers. These pieces, embodying the pinnacle of both design and comfort, serve as not just mere furniture but as the foundation of your home's aesthetic. The EQ3 daybed, with its sleek and minimalist design, offers a versatile solution for lounging, seating, or even an extra bed. On the other hand, the EQ3 sectional sofa, with its expansive seating and contemporary styling, becomes the centerpiece of any room, inviting relaxation and conversation. Lastly, the modern 3 seater sofa, a timeless piece, effortlessly combines functionality and elegance, able to balance and complement any interior decor while providing optimal seating comfort.

EQ3 offers a variety of high-quality sofas that cater to different tastes and lifestyles. Among their collection, the Joan sofa stands out with its sleek design and comfortable seating. According to many EQ3 Joan sofa reviews, customers appreciate the blend of modern aesthetics and classic appeal, making it a versatile piece for any home. Whether you're looking for a brown leather couch to add a touch of sophistication or a platform sofa for a minimalist vibe, EQ3's range of sofas, including the coach chair sofa, provides exceptional options to suit your interior design needs.

EQ3's sofa designs, such as their tan leather modular options, exemplify modern elegance and versatility. These sophisticated pieces, characterized by their sleek lines and minimalist aesthetic, offer a contemporary touch to any living space. The modular nature of these sofas allows for customizable configurations, catering to various room layouts and personal preferences. With a focus on quality materials and craftsmanship, EQ3 ensures that their sofa modules provide both comfort and durability, making them a stylish and practical choice for discerning homeowners.