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Trends come and go, but timeless design constructed to last a lifetime never goes out of style. Explore EQ3's version of interior design trends: bright colors or muted shades from our curated collection of fabric and leather upholstery. Multi-functional pieces for small spaces. Curved furniture for the living or dining room, sculptural furniture for the bedroom. Natural materials that have been reclaimed, recycled, and finished to last longer than this year's obsessions. Bestsellers that keep that title season after season.

Focus on key theme elements while designing your space. Embrace interior design trends or opt for classics that will stand the test of time. Create a home that reflects your aesthetic and lifestyle. Use materials, textures, and patterns to give a sense of depth, and then add accents that can be switched out with the season, a lifestyle change, or your mood. Find inspiration and newness right here.

White curved couch with fireplace in modern living room