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Set Up a Side Hustle at Home

Don't call it a home office: the modern at-home workspace is an active, multi-use room flexible enough for your after hours lifestyle and functional enough to support fully remote side hustles and 9-to-5 gigs.

Filling spare time, launching a business, teaching people new skills, or making some extra money? Use your own home as a starting point.

Find your passion, get down to business, and achieve personal goals with EQ3 home office furniture and décor pieces that work as hard as you do.

Start with a Home Office Desk

Set your own schedule, whether it's at a flexible day job or a set schedule around your kids. Start investing in yourself by carving out a space to set up a side gig or full time online hustle.

Keep Distractions at Bay with a Blank Canvas

When you're looking to choose office furniture, the first step is to create space to use your skills.

Whether you have an entire room to call a study, library, or workspace; or a smaller corner of a living space or bedroom, the first item to check off your list is a home office desk.

The Novah desk is the perfect canvas for you to begin to create.

When you choose either a white or black top, this desk becomes the cornerstone when you create an office space.

Match the top with the legs, or mix dark legs with white top or white legs with a black top for a striking office statement in your house.

You can also shop Novah to find the right size desk for your office, spare room, or bedroom. With a depth of 28", choose your length from 47" for smaller spaces to 63" for a more generous office.

When contemplating your desk size, think about the type of working you'll be doing as well. Do you need a full desktop, or can you get away with a laptop?

Is your work purely computer-based and online, or will it involve drafting, using your creative knowledge offline as well?

Match your hustling to your desk, and be sure to measure your wall and office space before you order. Once you've chosen your desk, be sure to pick other home office furniture for your side hustle.

Don't Forget an Ergonomic Chair

Running small businesses or your own side hustle may come with a lot of sitting. A functional side hustle requires supportive office furniture such as the Lotus chair.

Add Storage & Other Home Office Furniture

Stash office supplies and add storage space with the Novah Mobile Pedestal in white.

With two drawers, the pedestal works as a filing cabinet or storage solution for past projects you've created.

Finish with Office Essentials



Whatever your financial goals, achieve them through process, placement, and organization.

Stay focused by tucking clutter out of sight. EQ3's Forth Office Set or Draft line of organization items can help.

These modern accessories, made of solid wood, include pen cups, paper trays, and boxes and bins for office ephemera. Think of them as tools: as much as your computer.

Prefer natural stone to complement your desktop? Add Lithic to your space for a solid, modern statement.


Finish your space with vertical storage, such as floating wall shelves. Check Harvest shelves, Taavi, or Peg Hooks.


The amazing thing about a home office?

The ability to add personal touches - no holds barred.

Find inspiration and spark your creativity by adding pictures to your office wall.

It's one of the easiest ways to complement home office furniture and add your own touch to interior design.

Add natural light when creating a great workspace. Your inspired future self will thank you!

Try a Dining Table Workspace

Dining Room as Office

Not enough room in condo or studio apartment for both a computer desk and dining table?

Make your space do double duty with a dining or kitchen table such as Harvest.

Collapsed, the solid wood piece is an inspiration of rustic modern design that's an additional workspace in your home.

Expanded, a desk turns into a space for entertaining.

A place for kids to finish homework, a family to share a meal on special occasions, or any week day.

Shelves in the kitchen can serve as office storage.

Furniture such as dining chairs double as office chairs, bar and counter stools pull up to a counter height desk for the kids.

With a little imagination, any piece can work overtime as home office furniture.

Stretch Out on A Sofa or Lounge Chair

For a laptop or tablet, try the Finn Adjustable Table in minimalist Sand or Black.

A portable office, complete with cup of coffee, works well on EQ3's Boomerang Table in natural Walnut.

Pull either up to a sofa or armchair to make quick notes on the go, or review your latest work.

Go even smaller for video conferences or in-person meetings with the Peggy Side Table in Quartz.

With just enough room for coffee and refreshments for two, these tables can tuck away beside a sectional or loveseat when not in use, adding a structural decor element to home office or living room.

Small tables such as these work well, even if your bedroom is also your office.

Use them as adjustable surfaces during the work day, and then as nightstands when it comes time to sleep.

Don't forget about the Kids

Small tables also help when it's time to tackle homework.

Small bedrooms may not have enough room for a full desk, but with side tables like the adjustable Finn, small spaces transform.

Choose solid white for pastel palettes, soothing neutrals, or to match primary colors.

Choose black or walnut for complementing bold childhood room designs.

Shop EQ3 Office Designs

Shop online to find furniture for your house whether it's a desk, full office, or kids' workspace. Shop multifunctional furniture to find pieces that work as so much more than just a desk. Shop all EQ3 home office furniture here.

Design Services

Setting up a home office designed for you to achieve should be an enjoyable experience.

Not sure where to start in setting up your office space for a side hustle?

Contact EQ3's Design Services by phone, in store, or online for help in choosing a desk or office accessories, finding that perfect picture for your wall, and more.