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EQ3's Genuine Leather Sofa Collections and Leather Sectionals

When you purchase furniture for your new or old home, the material of the furniture plays a big part. When it comes to furniture, leather has always been a stylish and durable choice. No other texture or material comes close to the scent and feel of genuine leather.

Whether you have a small, compact space or a lavish living room, purchasing a real leather sofa for it can never go wrong. A leather sofa or leather sectional sofa is the ultimate source of comfort.

Whether you need a space to crash into after a long day of work, a place to talk with your friends over a glass of wine, read books or newspapers, watch the latest movie or TV shows, or just relax with kids, your leather sofa will serve as a focal point for your home life.

Explore our Collection of Leather Sofa Designs and Leather Sectional Sofas

EQ3 is Canada's modern furniture and home goods store with a complete collection of office, dining, bedroom, kitchen, and living room furniture. Anything you need for your home, we have got you covered. All our leather sectional sofas, couches, beds, etc. are made at our Winnipeg headquarters according to our clients' orders and custom requirements.

We at EQ3 are of the view that every person in the world has their sofa soulmate and our team takes pride in helping you find out the perfect one that matches your aesthetic and lifestyle. All of our sofas and sectional options can be upholstered in a variety of leather options.

Look for reclining designs, contemporary, mid century modern, vintage, or modern look and order the sofa that best matches your style. If you want to place the leather sofa in your kids room then go for a vibrant, colorful design. Some popular products at EQ3 include the Oskar Plush, Reverie, Replay, Cello, Reva Sleeper, and more.

Because of our wide range, you may need some help choosing one for your home. Consider your interior styles, other furniture products, and lifestyle to choose the right leather sofa. You can choose leather sectional sofas with soft cushions if you regularly have a movie night. A leather sofa with a straight back is good for talking to your friends while having drinks.

If you want added functionality, go for a modular leather sofa or leather sectional sofas with storage units. You can store bedding supplies, extra cushions or pillows, or off season clothing in your sofas. There are sleeper sofas which can quickly turn into an extra bed if you have a big family, are hosting guests, or someone suddenly visits your home.

Leather is the Ideal Material for Your Living and Bedroom Furniture

Genuine, high quality leather is a naturally warm and durable material with every hide having its own unique characteristics. Genuine leather will always show its origins through growth marks, scratches, hair pores, etc. Tanning of animal skins create leather and usually cattle hides are used for leather upholstery in sofas and sectional sofas.

Hides are divided into top grain and split. Top grain is treated through vegetable dye making the hide soft and looking natural. Low blemished leather is full grain and just goes through aniline dyeing. The hide's underside reveals the splits with a natural suede texture.

Most retailers classify leather through grades and each different type has its pros and cons. Generally, the difference is between maintenance, appearance, and durability. Leather is perfect for both traditional and modern sofas, especially the classic look ones.

Types of Leather Used in Sofas and Sectional Options

During the construction of couches and sofas, different types of leathers are used:

Pigmented Leather

This is the most durable type mainly used for sofas and furniture upholstery. It has a polymer surface coat with pigments to offer durability. The grain leather coating can be either plain, embossed, or printed which offers resistance against fading, stains, soiling, and scuffing.

Aniline Leather

This type looks the most natural and has animal hide characteristics on its surface. Pure aniline is color dyed and does not feature polymer surface coating like in pigmented grain leather. It is affected by direct sunlight and liquid, so it needs extra care.

Semi Aniline Leather

This type is more durable than normal aniline but less than pigmented grain leather. It has a consistent color scheme and gives extra protection to leather sofa and sectional sofas. This type will blend well with other furniture items at your home.

When you search for a leather sofa, look out for cushions, suspensions, tufted support, smooth surface, and armrests as they will increase the life of your leather sofa and sectionals.

What to Consider Before Buying a Leather Sectional or Leather Sofa?

It is not easy to buy furniture for your house, especially a leather sofa. You cannot just walk into a shop, purchase the first product you lay your eyes on, and hoping it will do the job. There are several factors you must look and consider before you make your final choice:

Your Room's Design

Your leather sectional or sofa must match your interior's style and décor. You should go for an item that will blend with other items like the curtains, lighting, lamps, floor style, and room's space. If there is less space in your room, then your sofa should also be small. In a room with classic décor, tailored and tufted sofas look great while a contemporary room design suits best with sleek sofas.

Size of the Leather Sofa

Every single sectional or sofa will take up a certain amount of space in your room, so think about its size in accordance with the place you will keep it. For bigger rooms, large sectional sofas look great and offer comfortable seating for the entire family. For a smaller room, the size of the leather sofa should also be small and you can consider a loveseat or 3-seat couch.

Durability of Leather

Check out the leather sofa's cushion filling and springs as they affect the durability of the leather. Eight-way springs are expensive but distribute weight properly while S-shape springs also enhance durability. Feathers and down are ideal for sofas and all foam is a great choice too.

Aging of Leather

Natural, genuine leather is very durable and won't get damaged easily, even after many years. However, with time it will start aging and show wear and tear. Different leather types will age differently and show marks on the surface so you must go for soft, high quality leather. With time, you will become used to the comfort and coziness of your leather sofa.

The Right Type for Your Home

There is no shortage of leather furniture on the market and at EQ3 you will find out hundreds of beautiful and functional sofas and sectional options. They have different shapes, sizes, and overall designs. Some feature natural tanning while some are color dyed and you should make the choice based on your existing interior décor.

You should select leather sofas with elastic webbings and springs for softness and comfort. The right foam and fiber components will give you a comfortable and bouncy feel while sitting on it.

Style Your Room with Leather Sofas

Every house and every room is unique. A sofa which looks great in a certain area may not look the best in another room. When you style your interior with your new sofa, make sure you do it in the best way possible.

The color and style of your sofa play a huge role in your room's appearance. Neutral shades offer a lot of design flexibility but if you go for a unique shade different from other décor items, the sofa will look like your room's centerpiece.

Wooden or hardwood frames are long-lasting and will offer comfort. However, you should consider the cushions, recliners, and suspension of the sofa or sectional. Regardless of its style, a leather sofa will remain timeless for years to come.

Style Your Leather Sectional Sofas

A leather sectional sofa looks nice in your living room and also offers an additional sleeping space in case you have guests over. The design plays a big role and you should look for chaise and leather recliners for maximum comfort.

Choosing the right leather material is important if you want the sectional to stay in shape for a long time period. A stain-resistant material is perfect as it is easy to clean in case of stains created by food spills, oil, water, grease, and more.

A bright sectional will be ideal for a room with neutral floor and walls that blends with other décor items and shines as the room's point of focus. There are connectors in the best sectionals so that the seating areas do not grow apart.

You can select an L-shape sectional or a U-shape sectional. The ones with wedges are nice as you can change the shape of the sectional and open up area for seating. Going for a soothing shade like champagne, mocha, pearl, or slate is also recommended for leather sectional sofas.

The Collection of Sofas and Sectionals at EQ3

A genuine leather sofa has a natural texture and grain which match easily with various types of interiors. It becomes a structural piece around which you can design your room.

However, there are so many options out there ranging from modern, transitional, colorful, traditional, vintage, and contemporary. At EQ3, there is no shortage of styles. Here are some of our bestseller collections:


The Winnipeg-based furniture designer Matthew Kroeker designed the Reverie leather sofa offering elite level relaxation. It has a mid century modern design with tufted cushions making it a living room anchor.

It has a nice structural shape thanks to high-density foam offering a lot of comfort. There is a choice between low arm height as well the classic arm height for a cohesive shape.


A simple classic design, Oskar has strong architectural shapes and various configuration options. Having the right balance of comfort and structure, Oskar is ideal for a big family, especially with pets and kids. Also, it comes with a removable cover and is quite easy to maintain and clean.


For smaller rooms, Oma has minimal inclination with a sophisticated, slim structure. It is perfect to place in the center of your room because its stainless steel legs give it a floating appearance. Oma is great for resting against its soft cushions and spending a lazy afternoon.


The Cello sofa was made keeping relaxation and comfort in mind which shows in its beautiful curves and cozy corners. For a modern look, you can go for straight arms while the angled arms provide maximum comfort. It is perfect for a family who value both style and substance.


The highly functional Reva sofa has sleeper and storage functions. If you are hosts to impromptu guests, it will quickly offer a nice place to sleep. With a high-density foam mattress, feather cushions, and memory foam seat layer, your guests will have a lovely sleep on it.


The Salema sofa features a laidback design with multiple modular and customizable options. It comes with nine components and a matching chair, encouraging you to relax.


If you do not wish to spend a lot of money, the Joan sofa is priced perfectly and has a playful shape with tailored tufted back and seating. With great leg options and high-density foam, there is no compromise on comfort.


New York designer Blake Tovin collaborated on the designing of the Remi sofa and it has interchangeable cushions for the back. You can choose the button tufted style for a modern appearance or go for the center-pull detail style.


The Replay sofa features refined lines and an iconic shape. You can customize it with over 50 leather options and relax on its flexible, curved frame. Also, it has elongated legs to give you a luxurious vibe.


The Morten sofa has a versatile design with multiple flexible and modular configurations to suit different spaces. Its construction lets you add to the sofa as your family grows.


Durable aluminum leg and feather back gives a metropolitan aesthetic vibe to the Eve sofa. It has bench seating with sandwiched cushions, resilient foam core, and no spring suspension. You also have the option to add head rests to this sofa.


The Skye sofas have a mid century vibe thanks to its subtle details yet simple profile. You can customize it in various leather options. There is also a choice between feather back or blown fiber cushions and aluminum or wood legs.

Benefits of Leather Sofas and Sectionals

There are several reasons which make leather sofas ideal for your home. Some of them are:

  • It is a beautiful material that trumps other fabrics in terms of durability. It is almost 4 times stronger than other materials.
  • Leather colors are made with an intense process and last long for several years.
  • Leather is stain-resistant and you can clean it easily with a vacuum or damp cloth.
  • Leather adjusts quickly to your body temperature and ages finely with time.

Customize your Leather Sofa and Sectionals at EQ3

You don't have to compromise on style as we at EQ3 want to provide you with what you want. Our team will build your sofa based on what you desire and the customizations you need. After you place your custom order, our production team will start working on it.

The frame, the foam, and the cover of your sofa or sectional will be built separately and combined to finish the item. Our team evaluates your order for quality control so that every small detail is as you wanted it to be in your comfortable sofa.

After your order is complete, we package and load it into trucks for shipping and delivery. Based on your location and the time taken for manufacturing, the delivery time will vary. Our partners will contact you before delivering your order at your doorstep. Also, different components of your sofa are covered under different types of warranty.

End the Search for Your Dream Leather Sofa

There is no need to visit different stores or websites to buy leather sofas. Visit EQ3's website to will find everything for your home or office furniture. Sign up at our website to receive updates regarding new product launches, latest offers, restocks, discounts, and more.

You can also get in touch with our design team who will offer you the best advice for purchasing leather furniture. Based on your budget, style requirements, and ideas, our team will show you the best products for you to choose. Also, you can pick out whatever customization and personalization you want in your furniture products.

Contact us now for the best furniture items sourced from the world's best, most famous brands.