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Modern Apartment Sofas

Small size, big style. Let’s face it: square footage is a luxury. City life doesn’t always yield the most spacious living situations. But a rental shouldn’t mean you put off curating a space reflective of your style. In other words: limited dimensions don’t need to mean limited potential. With the right attention to detail, use of space, and functional pieces, you can maximize your layout to best serve your lifestyle and complement your home’s architecture.

One of the most important pieces in any home, whether it be short or abundant in space, is the living room sofa. Shopping for this essential piece can be made even more challenging when real estate is in short supply. Thankfully, our collection of apartment sofas ensure you don’t have to sacrifice quality or style. Our options range from contemporary and modern to traditional and classic; mid-century modern to vintage-inspired. While we have a vast array of styles to choose from, each collection has one thing in common: quality.

We also have highly functional options that help save space in other areas of your home. Take Reva, for example: equipped with a covert sleeper function and hidden storage compartment to tuck-away out of season clothing, extra bedding, or anything else you want to keep out of sight.

Neutral sofas in beige or grey allow boho throw pillows to pop. Custom fabrics and leathers, in a rainbow of options, let your imagination run wild. Whatever your palette or aesthetic, make your apartment sofa or sectional unique to you. Make it modern rustic, modern farmhouse, modern minimalist.

Our selection of sofas for small space living includes modern condo sofas, pieces fit for studio apartments, or even lofts. Start by choosing your style: modern clean lines, mid modern button tufted, cozy feather-filled cushions. Then choose from fabric or leather upholstery. Choose your color, your arm height, your sofa, or sectional leg style.

We have options in high-density, high-resiliency foam, feather, or a combination of both.

The idea is to select a size that will maximize your seating surfaces without overwhelming the space. It should feel inviting and welcoming, while still leaving space for life to unfold around it. You want to approach every inch with intention, considering where space must be salvaged for other must-haves.

You’ve Got Options

We create pieces with built-in longevity, even for compact spaces. That means you can hold onto your sofa for decades to come. Take Joan, starting at just $999: playful in shape but practical in function, it’s perfect for an apartment or condo in that it delivers maximum comfort while taking up minimal space. Available in tufts or no tufts, it’s easy to make Joan your own. Choose from over 100 fabrics and leathers to upholster yours.

Reva, an inviting sofa in its own right, is an excellent option for those with limited square footage: with configuration options that include discreet storage compartments and sleeper functions, it brings a lot to the table. Its storage space opens with ease and offers a great spot to store out-of-season clothing, extra bedding, or other odds and ends. Your hall closet will thank you! Make room for the unexpected with the sleeper function: no need to remove the cushions, simply pull its lift mechanism to reveal a memory foam mattress perfect for impromptu sleepovers and unexpected house guests.

Or, opt for Oskar. With clean lines, a classic design, and maximum comfort, this layered density foam sofa is well-suited to be the focal point of your living room. When you get Oskar in fabric, seat cushions, back cushions, and body are completely removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Salema is a well-loved sofa with a laid-back design that encourages the whole family to relax. This highly customizable and versatile collection features many modular options. With nine available options plus a matching chair, the Salema is perfectly suited to provide comfort in a small space.

Set yourself up for endless afternoon naps with Reverie: the sofa named after the state of daydreaming. It’s EQ3’s spin on mid-century modern design and it’s perfectly tailored with button-tufted seating and back. The low-arm collection offers casual, more comfortable seating for endless relaxing and lounging.

Oma is also an excellent option for small spaces. With slim lines and elevated legs, its silhouette is minimal and airy—not too substantial. And yet, Oma offers exceptional comfort and sophistication. Choose between fabric or leather to make the piece your own.

Each choice offers its own benefits. Fabric is available at lower price points and brings a wider range of color options to the table. From smooth velvets to relaxed linens, each fabric brings its own unique feel and look to your upholstery piece. Order up to ten swatches for free to find the best one for your lifestyle. Choose a fabric made from recycled wool (remnants of the garment industry) and feel good about knowing you’re doing right by the planet and your new sofa.

Or, opt for leather: With a character that enhances with age (a phenomenon called patina) and resilience that outlasts fabric by 3 – 4 times, leather makes for an extremely wise investment. We source ours with meticulous care from all around the globe, from the rough and raw landscape of Italy’s remote islands to the vibrant cultural scenes of Brazil. From there, we evaluate each hide for imperfections and authenticity to assign a grade that determines the price.

EQ3 is built around the idea that your furniture should be as unique as you are. That’s why we offer endless options for personalization. So you can be confident the piece you’re inviting into your home can grow with you from your first home to your forever home. Whether your style is contemporary, eclectic, or anything in between, we have pieces that will complement the contours of your space.

Not keen on waiting? We get it. When you have a new space and you need to make it functional quickly, choose from one of our ready-to-ship models outfitted in our most coveted leathers and fabrics and have it at your door in as little as two weeks.

Design Services

Can’t decide? We can help.

At EQ3, we believe that knowledge is for sharing. We delight in every opportunity to share the experience we’ve acquired over the years of considering space and design and the interplay between them. So much so, that we’re giving it away for free.

If great design is all about context (it is!), then a piece must be considered in relation to the people and the space at hand. Even an identical sofa in two different homes might look, feel and function differently in each role. Our complimentary design services will connect you with a local design expert for a virtual, in-home, or in-store consultation (in accordance with local COVID-19 restrictions). They’ll then start observing the nuances of your space, guiding you through the process of selecting pieces that serve your lifestyle and highlight your home’s existing features and furniture.

This service isn’t just for major redesigns either: even the simple task of lighting revamp could benefit from a helping hand and an expert eye.

Holistic Process

Your consultation will encompass all product categories: furniture, accessories, and our EQ3+ brands; EQ3’s vast selection of fabrics and leathers; material options and finishes; lighting; and options for placement/layout.

Exclusive Access

Your design expert will create a custom mood board to clarify your vision, provide complimentary material swatches for your consideration, and build a 3D floorplan of your space to bring the design to life and ensure your square footage is maximized.

Expert Advice

Your design expert will help you understand where to invest and where to save, ensuring each dollar is spent wisely and efficiently on a timeless look--a feature new homeowners can certainly appreciate.

Complete Your Space

Don’t forget to add essentials to your small space by shopping our other products. Find multi-functional pieces, accent tables, ottomans (which provide the convenience of extra seating while also being capable of functioning as a coffee table), and custom upholstered throw pillows. Finishing touches like vases make an apartment or condo feel more like home. Essentially, it’s about layers: invite diverse textures into the mix to create visual interest and depth. Consider how you want your coffee and end tables to fit into the mix. Think about the color palette: do you want to create a high contrast scene, or something more monochromatic? There are no wrong answers: simply choose what you feel drawn toward.

A living room comes together when every aspect of it is selected with intention. They should feel cohesive, but not coerced. Relaxed, but complete. But the more important aspect of designing a living space is to ensure your personality takes center stage. Think of it as an act of self-expression, an opportunity to concretize your tastes and show guests a visual interpretation of them.

Made in Consideration

All our upholstery products are made at our HQ in Winnipeg, Canada. By keeping a lot of our production close to home, we can reduce our carbon footprint and support local talent. It also allows us to ensure every piece is passed through careful hands and keen eyes, ensuring our rigorous standards are being met with every sketch and every stitch.

We also have a made-to-order model, which means we use exactly the amount of materials required—no more and no less.

From sourcing our materials to building our products, our ethos of timelessness extends to every aspect of our operation. We believe that by continually seeking out opportunities to do better for our environment, we can make an impact on reducing the amount of furniture heading to landfills and keeping our planet beautiful.