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Stylish Kitchen and Dining Benches For Your Home

Your kitchen table deserves some love and a little added flair.

Having escaped a life of white kitchens, you soon learn that your dining room is an important part of any home. It is the place where you sit around and enjoy life with all its beautiful and horrid emotions, but it is also the place that helps to provide a strong and stable foundation to every single member of your family.

A good dining experience has been instrumental in maintaining good relationships between families, friends, and acquaintances. It enables sharing views on different topics and helps make conversations flow much more smoothly.

And nothing brings people closer than a stylish dining bench. Your food becomes tastier when you have stylish seating arrangements.

At EQ3, we have curated a collection of dining benches featuring everything from mid-century modern classics to upholstered and luxurious benches.

We've also included plenty of backless options for those looking for sleek, minimalist styling that can be completely tucked under the table, all without breaking the bank.

Why You Should Style Your Dining Table with A Bench?

As mentioned above, your dining room is the first place where all families gather in the morning. So it must have all those positive vibes -- you need to kickstart a happy & productive day.

If you have a big family or have guests over at your place, then your dining table and chairs may fall short of the requirements. With our high-quality dining benches, you can get additional seating space and ensure that everyone has a comfortable place to relax and have a nice meal.

It adds a personality to your space

Benches are more than just extra seating for guests—they have a design function as well. Since they create curves, benches enhance a space's flow and make the room look bigger. When you don't need the additional seating for dinner parties, simply store it underneath the table.

The Kacia Bench adds a wooden, rustic feel to your dining space and is great to match with other furniture pieces. It is sure to attract a lot of eyeballs when you host a dinner or party at your home.

Revamp your entire open-concept floor plan for great value

One of the main benefits of a kitchen bench is its ability to make a space look bigger than it actually is. But in smaller rooms, it can also work directly against that goal if you fill up the space with large furniture that obstructs the view and reduces the feeling of openness.

Benches don't do that because they're low. They still act as a great dining surface for multiple people, but they don't take up visual space in the room.

Complementing, Less Invasive & Save Space

A kitchen bench makes a great addition to any small kitchen because it adds seating without taking up additional floor space. Not only does their lower profile mean you'll have no trouble fitting three or four around a small table, but it also helps the room feel more open and less cluttered. Another smart part: Having a bench instead of chairs also allows you to maintain an uninterrupted visual flow through the space without burning your pocket.

More Seats for more talks

In small spaces, the bench is an asset. The bench in this space is a dining bench because of its shape, but it could be used for various other purposes, such as an extra work surface or even additional seating. So, you can focus solely on your menu when you have guests rather than planning seating for them.

Perfect for balancing out the heaviness of a larger-scale table

Slide out the wall-side table and oversize chairs in your kitchen or around your dining table to make more room for guests. When you're ready to eat, pull up a seat at the bench and have a more intimate experience.

Cushioned seating is comfortable, so it's easy to enjoy the best part of a seated meal: dessert! From the Kacia to the Harvest Dining Bench, EQ3 has what you need for your dining space.

4 Dining Benches to Elevate Your Dining Room’s Appearance

So now is the time to know about some top trending kitchen and dining benches.

To be honest, selecting the perfect kitchen table bench or dining bench can be a tricky task - there are so many models out there, it's easy to get lost in the selection (or even lose focus of shopping after a while). Here is our collection:

Kacia Bench

Modern dining room furniture such as a dining bench is a true eye-catcher. With its versatile style and dark brown frame, the modern fashioned-inspired Kacia dining bench fits in any modern home but also makes a great addition to Scandinavian-style or modern rustic decor.

It has a solid wooden tone with rounded edges to give a warm look to your dining place. Made of acacia wood, it is available in a black or java finish. You can get the small size that seats two or opt for the large size if you want a bigger dining bench. It perfectly complements the Kacia table and is also ideal for entryways and bedroom seating.

Storing the bench is easy, and you can slide it away when not in use. Do not worry about cleaning it because a damp, soft cloth will do the work for you. There is no need for household cleaners or abrasives.

Bank Bench – Fabric

If you are not into rustic wooden finishes, you can check out the Bank collection of dining benches available at EQ3. It is designed with elegant tailoring and features button-tufted detailing for a unique and attractive appearance. Pair it with other furniture items at your home for a contrasting look. It matches well with wooden décor items and colored walls.

Other than additional seating, it makes any place where it is placed stand out. Your guests and family members will surely be attracted by its unique look. You have over 100 upholstery options for the fabric cover ranging from grey to ash to denim., whatever suits your interior design style.

The dining bench has an option between powder-coated black and stainless-steel leg types. The base is strong and gives a good foundation to the dining bench. You can clean the upholstery with a vacuum and upholstery attachment, but you should opt for professional cleaning for better results.

Bank Bench – Leather

The Bank bench is also available with a leather cover for those who don’t prefer fabric upholstery. Most other features are the same, but the leather finish is quite different and great for apartment-type homes. You can even place the bench in your bedroom or entryway other than the dining room or kitchen.

Although it is meant for indoor use, it is easy to carry the bench, and you can place it in your patio or garden if you are hosting an event there. The custom leather finish works with most interior spaces and is loved by our customers. Again, you can choose between the coated black or stainless-steel leg type for this bench.

The cushioning is high-quality, and anyone who sits on the bench is sure to have a relaxing time. Your kids love playing around and jumping, and this upholstered bench will let them have fun without worrying about injuries. Do not expose the bench to direct sunlight for long to avoid fading and clean stains immediately so that they don’t have a lasting effect.

Harvest Bench

If you are into classic designs, this Harvest bench will give a rustic, farmhouse look to your dining space. Made with oak, the bench is inspired by nature and features a natural oil finishing.

It is available in both small and large sizes, so you can use it with your dining table or place it anywhere else in your home for extra seating space.

The bench has a strong, versatile structure as it features little gaps in between its legs and the top part.

You can pair it with the Harvest dining table or use it individually too. If the bench starts fading over time, you can re-oil with linseed, tung, or Danish oil so that the wood keeps its shine and stands out.

Make sure to clean any spills or stains as soon as possible to keep the bench in nice shape.

What to Consider before Buying a Dining Bench?

Dining benches are an excellent alternative to chairs if you want to create a more compact, intimate, and cozy dining experience or just add some seating space. They're available in tons of cool styles and shapes and can be the perfect addition to your dining room.

But would it make you happy to see your money going into the drain? To avoid wasting your money, make sure you think about these factors listed below.

#1. Decide On Where to place it

So, where exactly are you going to place your dinner bench? Do you have a dedicated room for it with enough space or have a tight space that needs some creative skills to fit your bench?

These are some vital factors you need to keep in your mind when shopping for a dining bench.

No matter where you decide to place it, keep your dining bench hidden from view when not in use with a decorative screen or side cabinet. It's easy to get creative and make one yourself using ready-made wire mesh panels if you feel up to the task.

#2. Tape your space

Imagine it's delivery day. You go to get your dining bench out of the box, and you don't have enough space for your new dining bench. Take the time to measure out the area's length, width, and height, and then block it out on the floor. It's easy to see how it will feel to have a piece of furniture that big in your space, and you can also figure out if there are many things you need to buy to fill in the gaps.

A good tip is to measure the space from wall to wall, ensuring there is enough room for people to walk between tables without feeling cramped. Measure from floor level extending up 18 inches to allow for chair legs taking into account any rugs or carpets in the room.

#3. The Dining Bench’s Style and Features

If the atmosphere you're going for is that of a family dinner in front of the TV, then a bench with a back might be the way to go. But if it is more of a casual get-together over drinks, a dining bench without any back might be better.

There are so many reasons to love dining room benches; they add an eclectic touch to any room, fit well in corners, are great for those who don't have much space, and can be used both indoors and outdoors! They work well as extra seating for your guests or as an alternative to a coffee table.

Whichever style you choose, we promise that you won't regret adding one to your home.

#4. How many people do you want to sit?

Whether you need to seat two or three people, there's a dining bench for you. A dining bench will serve as an extension of your dining seating, or permanent bedside seating, EQ3's selection will give you ample elegant choices to pick from.

When you prefer to opt for a dining bench over chairs, one upshot is extra space. There's no need to worry about being short on seating when entertaining guests when you have a dining bench.

#5. Figure out the right material for your dining bench

As you can see, there are many options in terms of materials – wood grain, engineered wood, metal, faux leather, and so much more. That's because corner benches come in many different styles and shapes. Naturally, the design will influence the look of your room's corner, so the choice is entirely up to you!

Some of the common dining bench or kitchen bench materials:

  • Wood Dining Table
  • Glass Dining Bench
  • Metal Dining Bench
  • Marble Dining Bench
  • Laminate Dining Bench
  • Synthetic Dining Bench

You can also opt for a bench with a wooden top and a metal base. In this case, you'll have to decide whether you want to keep the wood as it is or paint it over. The option of mixing materials opens up more design possibilities, so you can create a unique piece of furniture that goes beyond being just a place to rest your feet.

#6. Think of your décor style

Let's face it; before we proceed to anything else, it is important to know that it's not a matter of good vs. bad, but rather finding the best dining bench that fits your unique style and space.

You can't choose a dining bench that looks good but doesn't match the rest of your dining room. And you can't choose one that won't match your table, either.

There are plenty of designs out there, and you will most probably enjoy browsing through them, but please do keep in mind that they may not all be suitable for your interior. The trick is to pick something that attracts your attention yet matches everything else in the room.

Why EQ3 is the Perfect Place to Shop Furniture?

Have you sat on a wooden dining bench yet?

If not, we recommend you take a seat; it's time to impress your guests with this amazing piece of furniture. EQ3 has an elite range and features the best products sourced from the best brands around the globe.

We are all about offering stylish and practical dining benches that make your dining room and other places functional yet attractive. We have a great collection of office and home furniture, from Swedish-designed lounge chairs to highly attractive platform beds, along with mattresses.

We will gladly guide you through our product range and help you select the best one for you. Our delivery experts ensure that our products reach your doorstep without damage.

Get the Best Dining Benches For Your Home Now

With a stylish and classic look, our benches will bring a contemporary touch to wherever you decide to place them. Make the best style statement in your home today.

We are one of the best furniture retailers in Canada, and our customers love our products. All our benches and other furniture items come with a warranty, and you can get in touch with us in case of any issues or defects. There are different warranty periods for a bench’s material, cushioning, frame, etc., so be sure to have the correct information.

Faced with too many choices and not sure which to go with? We offer complimentary design consultants with one of our design experts in store or online. They'll help you to choose solid wood grain finishes, fabric, leathers, or metal finishes whether you're planning on adding seats to your dining table, or using a bench as additional seating in a mud room or next to your front door.

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