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Modern Office Chairs

Eight hours a day, five days a week. Those are the parameters of the average workday, and most of us exceed that allotment on a regular basis. With the rise of WFH putting more and more of those spaces inside our homes, the lines between personal and professional spaces tend to blur. Whatever your vision is for your workspace, whether it be at the office or right at home, our selection has solutions for every scale and every style of space.

Hours can stretch out when you’re sitting in a chair that doesn’t consider comfort as a priority. Even longer if you’re stuck in a space that doesn’t align with your personal style. And let’s face it: office furniture doesn’t always strike the right balance between ergonomics and aesthetics. Typically, an office chair is either one or the other. But with EQ3’s curated selection of office chairs, everyone can find the right seat to satisfy both their desire for comfort and their need for an on-trend space to tackle to-dos. Shop the streamlined silhouettes of our modern office chairs, which range from comfortable and contemporary to classic and functional.

We have several different silhouettes to choose from in various forms, as well as real and faux leather upholstery options to customize your chair to suit its surroundings. For a highly sophisticated and sleek appearance, go for deep black to contrast white walls. Or, opt for a bright colour to serve as an anchor or accent. The right chair won’t detract from the aesthetics of your space — it will complete the look and bring a cohesive vision together with ease.

Love Where You Work

Your productivity is actually highly dependent on your environment. With a cluttered desk or space, or one that fails to meet your expectations in terms of aesthetics, it’s easy to get distracted and feel overwhelmed. But when your surroundings are orderly and serene, your mind can follow suit. Focus comes once everything else is operating functionally, and then your brainpower can do the rest.

While this extends as far as your filing cabinet, it starts at your seat. The importance of comfort cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to those overtime hours when you feel like you’re running out of steam. The right chair should adjust to the contours of your body, seamlessly moving you from task to task with effortless and ungoverned ease. With so much time spent at our desks (for many of us, we spend more time working than we do in our beds!) it only makes sense to be highly selective in your hunt.

What to Look Out For

When you’re shopping for a new office chair, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. The more you understand what the right chair can do for you, the better you’ll be able to find the right solution for your space, body, and work.

What are your top priorities? Comfort? Style? Consider the nature of your work as well. Are you typically sitting for extended periods of time buried in excel documents, or are you constantly switching from task to task? Budget is also an important element to factor into your decision, as we have options ranging from extremely accessible to top-of-the-line. Do you see yourself staying in this role or a similar role for decades to come? It is likely a good idea to invest in something that is capable of carrying you through the decades with role-specific features.

By taking stock of your must-haves and priorities, you’ll have a much clearer picture in your mind of what you’re after in terms of a seating solution.

Opt for Ergonomic Office Chairs

An ergonomic office chair is the foundation for all the work that gets done at your office. It’s closest to your body, making its impacts the most directly felt on the body. Since furniture first came into existence, people have been exploring designs that help us become more efficient in relation to our surroundings. A quest for comfort, productivity, and seamless design. The ancient Greeks were the first to bridge the gap between properly fit tools and increased productivity, using their knowledge in their creation of everything from simple tools to surgical instruments. They also documented those findings, allowing other civilizations to benefit from their research. In WWII, fighter planes received redesigns to optimize pilot positioning, ensuring all their controls were easily accessible and seating positions were comfortable for the hours spent inside such a compact space.

As technology advanced in the modern world and contemporary office, ergonomics became more important to consider for employers, with the effects of long hours spent in front of screens slowly revealing themselves over time. Poor seating became considered an occupational hazard, and with insurance costs in mind, companies began putting more emphasis on providing a healthy environment for workers. Thus, the ergonomic office chair was born.

We put so much effort every day toward maintaining our health: diet, exercise, doctor’s visits… these small efforts every day are acts of self-care, and yet all too often we forget the way our bodies and health are impacted by our surroundings. The simple steps you can take to maintain good posture are often ignored. By paying attention to how your body interacts with a chair, you can save yourself a great deal of suffering—with the right support, good posture will come organically.

So many backs are unknowingly damaged by sitting in the wrong chair. Day after day, they are living with chronic back pain without understanding the source of their pain is their seat. In fact, issues related to improper seating account for the highest rates of workplace injuries in an office setting.

The average workday is eight hours long, and if you have an office job, the majority of that time is spent sitting at a desk in a chair, staring at a screen. Now more than ever, people are realizing the long-term impacts of poor posture on our overall health (and our ability to focus on the task at hand). It’s crucial to find an office chair that provides adequate support in every position in order to prevent injury and protect your health.

Our ergonomic options were designed with you in mind, featuring high backs, pneumatic seat height adjustments, adjustable arms, and exceptional lumbar support. The traditional ergonomic office chair gets a bad reputation for its lack of attention to appearances. But black mesh doesn’t have to look out of date. In the right shapes, it looks sleek, smart, and up to the challenge of hosting your day-to-day while providing generous support and posture optimization.

While looks are an important feature, it’s also critical to consider the way your body will interact with your home office chair. Take stock of pain points with your current chair, and imagine what it would look like if you had a seating solution that eliminated those problems, working with you, rather than against you, to find the right position and optimal support.

Look for a tension backrest: this provides support for the upper body, relieving pressure from the lower body. It’s designed so it can recline smoothly in relation to the amount of force being pressed against it. The tension can be adjusted to align with the user’s weight, so that movement feels natural rather than sudden and stark. The tension backrest also works as a shock absorber, lessening the impacts felt on the body.

Having a chair with a height adjustment feature is also highly important, as it allows you to customize your position in relation to the other components in your workspace (such as your keyboard and screen). Individual proportions vary—there’s no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to office chairs, so being able to personalize your seating solution according to your work ecosystem is imperative. Even two people of the same height might require different height adjustments, as other factors like shorter legs or arms can contribute to variances. Depending on the design of your chair, it will have a lever that allows you to see what height works for you. This feature also operates as a shock absorber, with a spring helping to minimize shock.

Supportive armrests help to absorb some of the body’s weight, reducing the effort required to reach the keyboard. The height of armrests can be adjusted to suit the user as well, as having armrests that are too low will have the individual slouching to reach the armrest, eliminating the benefits of the arm support in the first place.

You’ll also want to look out for a chair with a sturdy base: five legs will ensure stability throughout the day regardless of movement and weight. Having castors is a great way to ensure seamless mobility throughout the day, allowing you to easily switch between tasks or tables when necessary, and also improving the ease with which you can find your ideal position in relation to your desk.

When you’re selecting your chair, you’ll want to look out for one with the right seat depth: for most, this means it should be about the same length as the average user’s thigh. This measurement is determined by the distance from the back to the edge of the seat. If too short, the user is forced to slouch in order to receive the benefits of the back support.

Take our Lotus Office Chair, which features a tall back, adjustable heights, and a back-tilting mechanism. Its chrome frame complements its deep black PVC and mesh backing perfectly. Its sensible, sophisticated, and performs its role swiftly.

Or, consider the more elaborate Embody® Chair (designed by Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber for Herman Miller®), which comes equipped with tilt and swivel, and the ability to automatically adjust to optimize your seating position and spinal alignment. Now that’s a smart choice. It’s the first office chair to be designed to support both your body AND your mind, promoting healthy movements that keep you in a state of flow.

The Mirra® 2 Chair is also an excellent choice, sporting an elegant hourglass shape. With subtle precision, Mirra® dynamically supports even the slightest of movements. With a fog base, adjustable arms, and lumbar support, as well as a tilt limiter and seat angler, it’s easy to focus on the task at hand.

The Lino® Chair from Herman Miller was designed using scientifically backed evidence to bring you comfort with a variety of upholstery options, creating a high-performance chair with exceptional value. Its award-winning designers, Hecht and Colin, found inspiration in constraint. This versatile chair comes with a 12-year warranty, ensuring it’s capable of supporting you through the decades.

The Sayl® Chair, another marvel from Herman Miller, was inspired by the principles of suspension bridges—its frameless back allows for the full range of movement while its suspension backing material helps to keep air flowing and temperature regulated throughout the day. It also features adjustable tilt tension and range, fixed arms, fixed seat depth, and 2.5” carpet-only castors.

Herman Miller’s Cosm® Chair is an excellent choice for those after personalized comfort. In fact, its support is so efficient and contoured, you might forget you’re sitting in a chair at all. Available in three back heights, Cosm provides a new experience of comfort, no matter where you’re working. Choose a colored model or its standard black, and rest easy with its 12-year warranty.

The durable and sleek Aeron® Chair is so iconic, it was added to the permanent collection of MoMA. Designed by the award-winning industrial designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick in 1994, the Aeron® is referred to as the paradigm of ergonomic seating, made in consideration not only to different body shapes but also to movement, with multiple adjustment points for a truly customized fit. Equipped with the breakthrough Kinemat tilt mechanism that allows for smooth movement with the user from forward tilt to backless recline, it helps keep your transitions effortless and agile. Its weave upholstery is nothing short of innovative, evenly distributing weight while permitting air circulation.

The Humanscale Different Smart Chair is ideal for the individual who refuses to sacrifice style for the sake of comfort, sporting a unique linear silhouette and the revolutionary form-sensing mesh technology all in one. Its tri-panel offers a tailored fit with exceptional lumbar support.

The Freedom Task Chair from Humanscale offers constant and continuous support and a pivoting backrest that easily adapts to your needs, regardless of your positioning or movements. It easily mimics your body’s contours and delivers exceptional comfort. It features sculpted cushions that decrease the load on your pressure points and was designed with attention to detail that will help it endure the ages.

The Humanscale Liberty Chair achieves functional support without the fuss. Uncomplicated, supportive, and simple, its forms sensing mesh does most of the work in providing exceptional comfort without too many controls or levers to consider. It also offers mechanism-free reclining capabilities that adjust automatically to the user’s body weight.

If you’re looking for flexibility in a variety of settings and intuitive functionality, you’ll want to consider the Setu® Chair, designed by Studio 7.5 for Herman Miller, which adjusts automatically to provide maximum support without the need for knobs or controls. It mimics your moves and motions, thanks to the Kinematic Spine technology by Herman Miller. Style and substance all in one reasonably priced chair.

Choose the Chair that Has it All

From optimal support to eye-catching good looks, the Nixon office chair has it all, looking at home in either office space or a dining room with its classic silhouette. Available in fabric or leather to suit your space, it sits on 360-degree swivel casters to easily shift your attention. Its padded upholstered shell is curved to meet the curves of your body and comes with a removable seat cushion.

Make WFH Work for You

Our homes have been forced to take on even more hats than ever before: gym, classroom, restaurant… the list goes on. But perhaps the most challenging role facing our homes within the new normal is the sudden necessity of WFH spaces. With the rise of WFH putting more and more of those spaces inside our homes, the lines between personal and professional spaces tend to blur. Whatever your vision is for your workspace, whether it be at the office or right at home, our selection has solutions for every scale and every style of space.

It can be hard to carve out even a sliver of square footage dedicated to professional pursuits in the household, which means it's crucial to be that much more intentional about the pieces we bring into our homes. Efficiency truly is the name of the game.

Our collection of chairs can serve a variety of purposes in multiple contexts. In a brave new world ruled by technology, there is no shortage of screen time for the modern subject. From filing taxes to Facetiming friends, our tools act as portals into different worlds. It’s all too easy to forget our physical bodies still require support and attention when spending long hours in front of our computers.

Even those who don’t have an office or desk job can benefit from an enhanced seating solution. For example, demand for gaming chairs has risen dramatically, with users requiring the same types of supports and range of motion. Invest in a quality chair to add to your gaming headquarters—your lower back will thank you! No matter the nature of your work, EQ3 has options to get you through the day.

A great chair should feel like an extension of the self, and our office chairs achieve this by ensuring you can easily access all the other components of your workspace while supporting the body through every movement, no matter how minuscule. Whether you’re working from the moment you wake up or just need a convenient place to fill out paperwork, the impacts of poor posture can accumulate over time, making the effects felt slowly but surely. Avoid the painful ramifications of improper seating and invest in a chair that puts you and your body at ease. It will benefit your health, your work, and your state of mind.

EQ3 office chairs bring unparalleled comfort and style to your workstation with a range of ergonomic chairs suited for every need, from the avid gamer seeking a supportive gaming chair to the executive in need of an ergonomic executive chair. Each chair, be it a stylish computer chair for daily tasks or a set of sophisticated boardroom chairs for professional gatherings, is designed with your posture and comfort in mind. With EQ3's commitment to quality and ergonomics, finding the perfect computer desk chair or executive chair to fit your work and lifestyle is easier than ever.