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Authentic and Versatile Herman Miller Lounge Chairs

You can buy as many tables you want for your dining or living room, none of them will be complete without the right set of chairs to complement them. If there is a corner in your room that looks bare or if you want to add some color and style to your room, then placing one or more accent chairs is the right option.

Herman Miller is among the top names for office chairs, home dining tables, and other furniture products. All their chairs have an ergonomic design and offer a relaxing and comfortable time to anyone who sits on them.

EQ3 Has the Best Herman Miller Chairs

From body-friendly lounge chairs to the best office chairs for your workplace, Herman Miller has everything you need. EQ3 is Canada's trusted retailer for all types of furniture products with relevant pricing and promotions for all our customers.

From the classic Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman to vintage models of the Aeron, Nelson, and Sayl chairs, we offer many Herman Miller special offers.

Ergonomic Eames Lounge Chairs for Home and Office

You can take a look at the Herman Miller online store or shop your regional site like EQ3 for lounge chairs and the Eames collection will always pop up everywhere.

Available in many different materials and colors, these work well both as home or office chairs. If you already know about Herman Miller, they put a lot of emphasis on comfort and an ergonomic design. It is a relief to sit on them and spend some relaxing time after a hard day's work.

The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Recognizable worldwide and with more than 50 years of work and art, this lounge chair made by Ray Eames and Charles is a benchmark product for the company.

Featuring a significant design, the chair first came out in 1956 and is available in both black and white leather with a walnut finish. You get ample back support and the Ottoman lets you relax your legs comfortably.

Other Chairs in the Eames Collection

The Molded plastic armchair with the rocker base first came out in 1948 and has a durable seat. You can have a nice time rocking in this chair and match it with your interior space choosing one of black, red, sparrow, or aqua sky colors. It is beloved by consumers both as a comfortable home office chair and just for relaxing.

Made in an ebony or walnut finish, the Eames molded wood side chair has a dowel base with an authentic and timeless shell design. It is made with the latest 3D veneer technology that provides a flexibility to the wooden frame and lets it mold into complex curves. This side chair has the right combination of a comfortable seat and quality construction.

If you are into wooden finishes, the Eames molded plywood lounge chair is made for you. Time Magazine awarded it the best design of the 20th century for its timeless and recognizable design. It comes in white ash or walnut colors and will add elegance and aura to your home office.

The Eames Plastic side chair features a dowel base and comes in white ash, natural maple, ebony, and a walnut finish. The designers kept in mind adaptability and tried many different configurations so that the chair is perfect for different spaces and environments. Its universal shape and design ensures that any person of any body shape or size sits comfortably in it.

The Eames Molded Fiberglass armchair has a light fiberglass surface as the name suggests. The original product was iconic and this is a sustainable version of it. These chairs come assembled already and are a staple item of 2022 Herman Miller brand.

For some creativity and uniqueness, try out the Eames Walnut stool. It comes in three creative shapes, A, B, and C. These distinct profile shapes allow you to place it anywhere and is ideal to use alone or even for groups.

The Eames side chair made with molded plastic has a wire base and features an epic form and durability. Instead of the usual metal or wood base, it features a wire base. There are lot of colors to choose from including red, black, sparrow, charcoal, peacock blue, black, etc. This item is loved by people globally, especially outside the US.

The Sustainable Aeron Chair

Whether you live in Canada, USA, or are visiting from outside these areas, you should definitely check out the Aeron Chair. It features an ocean-bound plastic frame and a pioneering design. Designed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf, the chair sets a benchmark for body support and ergonomic designs.

People of any body type or size can fit in comfortably in the A, B, or C sizes of this chair. The tilt mechanism, backrest height, seat width, and other features are spot on in this product. Also, a lot of innovation and sustainably goes into its production using 50% recycled materials and ocean plastic.

Without any doubts, it is a top-selling item for 2022 Herman Miller Inc.

The Nelson Chairs and Benches

George Nelson designed the unique Nelson Swag Leg arm chair and gets its name due to the sculptured leg design it has. The shape and style of this chair is around 50 years old but still has a contemporary feel to it and adds a hint of elegance anywhere it is placed.

The Platform Bench in the Nelson collection comes in a trivalent chrome as well as a natural wood base, featuring a walnut or maple finish. Based on your interior space, you can buy one from the 48", 60", or 72" variants. It has rectangular, clean, and flat lines which depicts its modern architectural influence.

Its design makes it good enough to pair with a dining table or just use it individually. It is easy to handle and move around in case you do not need it. Also, if you are hosting a party or an event, it offers a great option for additional seating space.

The Sayl Side Chair

The 4-legged Sayl side chair was Yves Behar's creation and takes inspiration from the principle behind suspension bridges. It has a frameless back so that anyone sitting on it can move freely without hindrance. Also, the back material is quite cool and won't make you sweat.

All Chairs are High-Quality and Come with a Warranty

Any Herman Miller product you buy from our EQ3 online store comes with a warranty. It covers all casters, electrical components, pneumatic cylinders, movement mechanisms and systems, etc. The company offers free-of-charge labor services in case of any service or repairs needed by the chairs or other furniture items.

Shop for Your Dream Lounge Chairs at EQ3

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Put an end to your search for lounge chairs for your home or office by checking out our impressive Herman Miller collection and exclusive range. We are Canada's most trusted furniture store and aim to provide you with high-quality and durable furniture products.

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