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Designer Herman Miller Accent Tables for Home Interiors

Have you purchased a new home or want to add some new furniture to your home? For those who want something new and elegant, purchasing one of the nice Herman Miller accent tables can be a great choice. A lot of people are adding these tables to beautify their interiors.

Most Herman Miller products and tables are available in various shapes, materials, sizes, and colors, perfect for modern living. You can choose from plain designs, antique, geometric, solid wood legs form, Victorian, floral, and other designs, all available in relevant pricing.

The Best Accent Table and Furniture Collection at EQ3

EQ3 is one of Canada's top furniture retailers with a great range of authentic Herman Miller accent tables, coffee tables, dining room, office, and other furniture items. At our website, you can put an end to your search for furniture and get high-quality products for your modern living space.

Check out our Wide Range at the Best Prices

You can look out for authentic tables which match your required criteria and will add to the functionality and aesthetic of your interior space. Most of these tables have just the glass top with two interlocking legs and other top product features. Herman Miller is among the top furniture brands worldwide known for their high-quality home and office chairs and tables.

EQ3 are authorized resellers of the brand, and people all over Canada trust our brand for their furniture requirements. On our website, you can check the latest product launches and other reviews left by past users before you make your purchase. Narrow your search using more filters, and you won't need to visit other websites for your furniture search.

Innovative and Functional Accent Tables

You can easily do something unique and make your home's interior stand out if you buy the right accent table and place it rightly. With organically shaped top and Herman Miller brand general dimensions, these tables are usually used just for decor purposes, but if you be innovative, these tables offer a lot of functionality as well.

You can consult our expert designers if you want help with buying and using a table for your home. These days most people prefer smaller apartments or homes. Floor and interior space are low, and with a great table, you can maximize this space at more relevant pricing without buying a lot of furniture items.

Favorites like the authentic Noguchi table have an instantly recognizable sculptural base, self-stabilizing support and come with a replacement glass to offer you the best value. Coffee tables in the Eames collection are another great choice for buyers.

Herman Miller Products are Highly Valued Worldwide

Not just accent tables, every office or home furniture item by Herman Miller is loved by people worldwide thanks to the sheer class and elegance offered by them. Launched over 100 years ago, the brand is a benchmark of San Francisco and American furniture, always putting comfort and class on top priority.

Many iconic designers like Eames and Isamu Noguchi have designed for the brand and helped create its beloved and storied history among buyers. Even after all this time, Herman Miller continues to evolve and offer the latest designs and features in its furniture products. For those who prefer unmatched comfort and quality without compromising with style, Herman Miller is the real deal.

For your accent or coffee table, there are multiple world-class options that will elevate your interior space to a new level. There is something for everyone based on their home and their style type.

The Natural Wooden Finish Noguchi Coffee Table

Designed and created by the iconic sculptor Isamu Noguchi, the Herman Miller Noguchi coffee table is the perfect blend between everyday functionality and an aesthetic sculpture. It has a distinctive curved wooden base paired with a free glass top.

Perfect for placing at both homes and offices, this coffee table is available in white ash, black, and walnut finishes. Its practical design makes it ideal and durable for long time use. The glass top rests securely on the table's frame.

Since its introduction in 1948, the table has been loved by users, and Herman Miller has a registered trademark on this coffee table's distinct and unique configuration.

Perfect Balance of Uniqueness and Durability

Isamu Noguchi used a lot of creativity to build this durable yet delicate Noguchi's signature table. Once you place your order, the Noguchi table is shipped directly from Herman Miller's manufacturing facility and custom-made based on your order. You just have to assemble this Noguchi table, and it will be good enough to place anywhere from your dining room, living room, etc.

The max length of the table is not very high, and it can maximize any interior floor space where it is placed. The wooden legs look very beautiful with their glass top, and everyone is sure to get attracted by the beauty of this coffee table. Herman Miller offers a 5-year warranty on this table that covers its electrical components, moving mechanisms, pneumatic cylinders, and other parts.

All labor work in Canada is free of cost, and the brand ensures that the Herman Miller Noguchi coffee table serves you for a long time.

Add an Intricate Vibe to your Interior with the Eames Plywood Coffee Table

A nice alternative to the more expensive Noguchi coffee table is the epic Eames Molded Plywood table. Ray Eames and Charles us ed the same design and technology for this table which was used for Herman Miller plywood chairs. As a result, the Eames coffee table is a distinct, imaginative, yet simple table. It does not feature a glass top and has an all over plywood finish to it.

You can choose between an ebony or white ash-colored finish of the Eames coffee table, and every single table is custom-made based on individual orders. EQ3 is an authorized reseller for Herman Miller in Canada and will deliver the Eames coffee table in 8 to 12 weeks after manufacturing.

Multiple uses and a good Warranty Coverage

You can place this Eames accent table anywhere you want in your home, and it will serve various purposes. You can put chairs around it to sit with your family and eat food, have drinks, play a game of cards, or just sit and relax with them. Your kids can study on them, and you can use the table to keep decor items, artwork, etc.

As this coffee table is big in size, it is delivered by our store through Herman Miller logistic and delivery partners. Once the product reaches our warehouse, we will ship it to you, and you have to assemble it lightly before using it. Almost every part of the table is covered by a 5-year warranty, and the brand will repair the table free of cost if you live in Canada and any regional site.

For a better understanding and usage of the Eames table, you can see our website where our past users have share review and their own experience with the table.

The Luxurious Eames Rectangular Accent Table

Another classic and vintage creation by the legendary Ray and Charles Eames, the Eames Rectangular table is a great product and matches the authenticity and luxury of the Isamu Noguchi designed Noguchi coffee table. Something different from the common round shape, this table has a nice rectangular shape and is available in white ash, ebony, white oak, or walnut color finish.

A nice blend of Elegance and Simplicity

The legs of this distinct accent table are molded with light plywood veneer, custom-designed by Ray Eames. The table's design has a simple design and features clean lines for a unique appearance. The rectangular wood top offers more space than round tables, and you can use the table for anything you like. Herman Miller products prioritize comfort and quality, and this table is no exception.

Just like other Herman Miller products, this Eames table has high rating scores and will surely meet your required criteria review guidelines. When you buy this table, it will be a sure-shot upgrade over your previous selections and make your interior classy.

Check out the table's videos images on our website before purchasing and finalizing your order. The custom-made table will be shipped by the Herman Miller facility and will come with a 5-year warranty on its parts. You will get free of charge labor repairs, and the Eames table will stay strong for a long time at your home.

The Classy and Affordable Eames Wire Base Accent Table

A cheaper yet high-quality alternative to other Eames tables and the Noguchi table is this wire base table from the Herman Miller Eames collection. There are a lot of color choices to choose from, including black, white, chrome, Santos Palisander, Georgia Grey, marble, etc.

Light Weight and Compact Size

This wire base table is different to other tables and helps you make a style statement in your interior. As the table is light weight and compact, you can easily move it anywhere and place it for a nice small surface. It can act like a coffee table, a bedside table, a study table for kids, a dining table, or anything else you want from it.

You can even buy multiple wire tables and place them on top of each other if you want an elevated platform. A creation of Ray Eames and Charles, this table is ideal to place on your rooftop or garden patio as well. Another great thing is that this table is shipped ready-to-use, and you don't need to assemble it.

It is smaller in size when compared to other accent tables by Herman Miller, but there is no shortage of quality on offer. You can place an order on the EQ3 website, and you will receive an email confirmation shortly from us. Herman Miller logistic partners ensure the product reaches your physical addresses in nice condition and ready to use.

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The benchmark for American furniture, Herman Miller, is a household name and in Canada, we at EQ3 are authorized retailer for the brand. You can make an account at our website to stay updated with all new accent tables and other furniture products.

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