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Herman Miller Lighting

Lighting is an element of design that often goes overlooked, however, it’s also an element that provides maximum impact. It sets the ambiance and completes the space. It can hide imperfections, guide the eye to highlight specific features, and influence mood, making space feel warmer and more inviting. It can change the perception of color, from walls to furniture, making certain tones appear sharper or more relaxed. And it might be the missing piece in creating a space that feels like home.

From pendants to task lighting, Herman Miller has a vast range of pieces to suit every context. We’re proud to be an authorized retailer.

From the setting of a home office, intended to increase focus, to the muted vibes of a living space, which must be versatile enough to meet the occasion where it is, it’s crucial to have the right lighting to bring it all together. It can influence your mood, making space feel warmer and more inviting. It can change the perception of color, from walls to furniture.

When you’re selecting lighting for a specific space, you’ll want to consider a multitude of existing factors. What degree of natural light does the room receive? What function does your space serve? How do you want this space to make you feel? Cozy and relaxed, or productive and focused?

If you’re looking to outfit an office space, whether that be in the workspace or at home (anywhere where focus is required), you’ll likely want to look at task lighting, which provides a concentrated stream of illumination to ensure eyes can easily digest what’s in front of you. The right lighting can actually increase your ability to focus and produce, helping to keep your mind clear of distraction. Sometimes, a light that produces a glare can actually distract you from being able to see your screen or other documents—that’s why Herman Miller produces anti-glare and LED-integrated lighting. Excessive backlighting can also interrupt your day-to-day, which is why it’s key to have a solution custom-catered to you.

For a space like a living room or bedroom, you’ll want more diffuse lighting, which helps create an even glow throughout a space, contributing to a softer setting that feels inviting and comfortable. Over a dining room or island, or another fixture underneath which people gather, you’ll want to have pendant lighting, which encourages conversation and provides a well-lit environment for interaction.

Herman Miller is known for human-centered design, which means people are always their first consideration. With function and how humans will interact with every piece top of mind, they aim to create lighting that can coexist in your home for decades, even as other fixtures and furniture are swapped out over time. Versatile enough to work in harmony with disparate elements, but bold enough to make a statement of class and sophistication on its own.

About Herman Miller

Herman Miller has long been a staple in the design world. Founded over 100 years ago, they specialize in bringing innovative ways to improve the lives of their customers through design. By the mid-twentieth century, the brand had become synonymous with modern furniture. While their pieces were brought into many office and industrial spaces, prized for their industrial qualities. They have manufacturing facilities all over the globe, with interior finishes in a wide variety of settings including healthcare, office spaces, and residential homes. In 2021, Herman Miller was named to Fast Company’s annual list of the World’s most innovative companies. They were also named to Newsweek’s list of America’s most responsible companies. With plenty more awards under their belt, they’re the brand you want to trust.

Their lighting collection is widely celebrated with a wide range of options to choose from to complete your space.

Nelson® Bubble Lamps

This shade comes as a wall sconce , a pendant, a table lamp, as well as a floor lamp and it comes in a wide range of shapes. Referred to as a tried-and-true standard of the modern vocabulary, this collection of lighting was designed in 1952 by George Nelson. Featuring simple, structural shapes and constructed of an innovative taut plastic that coats a steel wire frame, Nelson’s unique design and ingenious use of materials prove to eliminate glare and provide abundant, yet defused light. This is a unique quality belonging to Nelson® Bubble Lamps. From the forming of the wire frame to the spraying of the vinyl form, one-by-one, each Bubble Lamp is constructed to last decades and each Bubble Lamp is built to George Nelson’s original specifications. These famous lamps are part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Flute™ Personal Lamp

The Flute™ Personal Lamp was designed by Tom Newhouse for Herman Miller to be flexible, versatile, and economical. With its LED technology, 85% recyclability, and 24-year lifespan, the Flute leaves a minuscule carbon footprint on our planet and provides exceptional task lighting.

Ode® Desk Lamp

Poetic in their simplicity, elevated in their attention to detail, Ode® Lamps shine a light on the moments people spend together. Soft, anti-glare LEDs and spun steel shades create a pool of diffused illumination, appealing to our instincts to come together around light. Freestanding Ode® Lamps are available as table lamps and either sofa- or standing-height floor lamps. Ode® is touch-activated, dimmable, and LED integrated. Designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin.

Design Services

Having trouble nailing down your selection? Our design services are here to help. At EQ3, we believe that knowledge is for sharing. We delight in every opportunity to share the experience we’ve acquired over the years of considering space and design and the interplay between them. So much so, that we’re giving it away for free.

If great design is all about context (it is!), then a piece must be considered in relation to the people and the space at hand. Even an identical sofa in two different homes might look, feel and function differently in each role. Our complimentary design services will connect you with a local design expert for a virtual, in-home, or in-store consultation (in accordance with local COVID-19 restrictions). They’ll then start observing the nuances of your space, guiding you through the process of selecting pieces that serve your lifestyle and highlight your home’s existing features and furniture.

This service isn’t just for major redesigns either: even the simple task of lighting revamp could benefit from a helping hand and an expert eye.

Holistic Process

Your consultation will encompass all product categories: furniture, accessories, and our EQ3+ brands; EQ3’s vast selection of fabrics and leathers; material options and finishes; lighting; and options for placement/layout.

Exclusive Access

Your design expert will create a custom mood board to clarify your vision, provide complimentary material swatches for your consideration, and build a 3D floorplan of your space to bring the design to life and ensure your square footage is maximized.

Expert Advice

Your design expert will help you understand where to invest and where to save, ensuring each dollar is spent wisely and efficiently on a timeless look--a feature new homeowners can certainly appreciate.

If you’re interested in our design services, you can learn more on our website or by calling our store.