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Modern Storage Beds

Streamline your bedroom with pieces that do double duty: our storage beds marry function with form by providing clever storage solutions without sacrificing design. Our lift-up storage beds rise easily using a simple lift mechanism to reveal under bed storage: generous compartments ideal for safe-keeping out-of-season clothing, extra linens, and other odds and ends.

Although they each are designed with functionality at their core, they also provide exceptional comfort: a soft, safe place to live out slow Sunday mornings and everything in between. Our beds cradle us through a large portion of our lives, providing comfort and solace from the busyness of everyday life.

Why not invest in a piece that will carry you through the decades with enduring style, all while providing the convenience of extra storage? With over 100 fabrics and leathers to select from, it is easy to achieve a personalized piece that speaks to your taste.

Furniture that Brings You More

We think you should demand more of your furniture—pieces that multi-task should be the norm, not the exception. We think your furniture should be as versatile as you are. That’s why we create pieces that deliver maximum functionality, with creative solutions for everyday problems.

Our designs are made by real people, for real people, always with living in mind. It’s a two-way dialogue: we listen and we learn, always putting our customer at the heart of our operation. Our manufacturers all design under the same roof. From sketch to the production floor, your piece is always passed through careful hands and keen eyes before it’s sent off. We believe that designing a home is a process of discovery, and we aim to delight at every touchpoint—always looking for new ways to go the extra mile.

It’s no accident that our customer care team sits twenty feet away from product development: our home base is structured so that your feedback can be implemented in real-time, shaping our designs and practices of tomorrow.

One of the most popular themes we notice in our customers’ wish lists is the need for more storage. We met this demand by considering the unexpected spaces that all too often end up overlooked and subsequently, wasted. By creating problem-solving pieces, we enhance the lives of our customers through intelligent design. A bed, of course, needs to provide the structure upon which you sleep, but why not have that same piece deliver more? Why not rethink the objects we interact with every day to ensure we’re maximizing efficiency and optimizing the available space.

We make pieces that can take you from your first home to your forever home, growing effortlessly alongside you and your stamp of square footage. This means lifestyle and existing features are always top of mind, and who couldn’t use more space for storing out-of-season items? With storage beds, you make good use of the otherwise dead space below your mattress, while maintaining an organized and intentional bedroom.

Because so much of our time spent in our bedrooms are intended for relaxation, it’s crucial to cultivate a space that feels calming: free of clutter and ready to induce the feeling of serenity a clean and well-appointed room affords. Plus, your closet will be thanking you, too (it will likely free up some capacity!).

With options that include compact footprints, wooden or upholstered frames, and other customizable features, you have multiple options to complete your space.

Invite ease and inspiration into your home with our selection of bed frames that make life simpler, more intuitive, and less cluttered. Why? Because you deserve lasting comfort and stress-free living.

Boom Bed

Originally dubbed “The Simple Bed”, our Boom Bed appears straightforward and streamlined, but it also has a few tricks. With the option to add additional under-bed storage, nightstands, and additional headboard height, this collection takes your space seriously. Featuring a platform design and board-on-frame construction, the additional drawers attach on one or both sides in a set of three or six—depending on where you position the bed and the amount of storage you prefer, the quantity is up to you!

Marcel Drawer Storage Bed

The timeless Marcel Bedroom collection—designed by Winnipeg-based Matthew Kroeker—highlights the warmth and natural detailing of solid wood, with a mid-century appeal. This piece features three storage drawers that can be added to one or both sides of the bed to suit the particular needs of your space while keeping clutter out of sight. Marcel is coated in our environmentally sensitive water-based finish, so you can rest easy knowing fewer VOCs and harsh chemicals are going out into the world on Marcel’s behalf.

Marcel Lift Bed

The timeless Marcel Bedroom collection highlights the natural, rich grain of walnut or oak, serving as both a modern addition to your room and a functional means of storage. Our Marcel Lift Bed features a lift mechanism at the foot of the bed that allows you to seamlessly raise the bed and uncover the enclosed space hidden underneath for easy access and discreet storage.

The Cello Storage Bed

The strong architectural lines of the Cello Upholstered Bed are softened by its sophisticated structure. Inspired by the cello instrument itself, this bed is equally as full-bodied with sculptural curves and big comfort. The headboard is softly padded, perfect for resting against while reading a favorite book or enjoying a late-night movie. Its generously sized storage compartment can be used to tuck away linens, clothing, and more, making it ideal for smart and compact living that doesn’t compromise on quality or aesthetics.

Committed to Quality

We make our upholstery pieces one at a time at our Canadian HQ, so we can focus on building quality furniture made to last, one at a time. Not keen on waiting? We get it. Browse our ready-to-ship options, and have one at your doorstep in as little as two weeks!

Whether it’s one of our icons or a reimagined classic, we sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to. Because we think the little things are worth paying attention to and great design is in the details. Because with every sketch and every stitch, we aim to make the everyday feel extraordinary. So set your standards high--we’ll meet you there.

Design Services

Having trouble nailing down your selection? Our design services are here to help. At EQ3, we believe that knowledge is for sharing. We delight in every opportunity to share the experience we’ve acquired over the years of considering space and design and the interplay between them. So much so, that we’re giving it away for free.

If great design is all about context (it is!), then a piece must be considered in relation to the people and the space at hand. Even an identical sofa in two different homes might look, feel and function differently in each role. Our complimentary design services will connect you with a local design expert for a virtual, in-home, or in-store consultation (in accordance with local COVID-19 restrictions). They’ll then start observing the nuances of your space, guiding you through the process of selecting pieces that serve your lifestyle and highlight your home’s existing features and furniture.

This service isn’t just for major redesigns either: even the simple task of lighting revamp could benefit from a helping hand and an expert eye.

Holistic Process

Your consultation will encompass all product categories: furniture, accessories, and our EQ3+ brands; EQ3’s vast selection of fabrics and leathers; material options and finishes; lighting; and options for placement/layout.

Exclusive Access

Your design expert will create a custom mood board to clarify your vision, provide complimentary material swatches for your consideration, and build a 3D floorplan of your space to bring the design to life and ensure your square footage is maximized.

Expert Advice

Your design expert will help you understand where to invest and where to save, ensuring each dollar is spent wisely and efficiently on a timeless look—a feature new homeowners can certainly appreciate.

If you’re interested in our design services, you can learn more on our website or by calling your local showroom.