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When it comes to approaching the purchase of a new bed, there is one critical question each buyer must come up against: to slat or not to slat. Bed frame slats act as structural supports for bed set-ups without a box spring, allowing the mattress to rest slightly lower to the ground.

What this choice comes down to is merely personal preference, both from an aesthetics perspective and an ergonomics lens. But if you do decide to skip the box spring, you’ll need some mattress support slats to keep your mattress from sagging inward.

Each bed frame includes the price of our wooden slats, however, you’ll have the option of upgrading to our deluxe slats if you prefer the added reliability of metal construction: wooden slats have a tendency to sag, warp, or bend after an extended period of time. Our deluxe metal bed slats ensure your mattress sits firmly right where intended for decades to come.