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Attractive Glass Coffee Tables Collection by Shawn Place at EQ3

Everyone wants a nice dining space in their home styled with beautiful round dining tables and dining chairs where they can spend quality time with family and enjoy delicious meals. The dining area is the heartbeat of your home and at EQ3, you will find round tables and coffee tables in various styles that blend effortlessly with other furniture items in your home.

A coffee table is a versatile and inviting furniture piece which is simple and helps decorating a modern dining room according to your style requirements.

The Shawn Place collection at EQ3 is a favorite among our customers. It will be easy for you to pick a round dining table matching your lifestyle, when you take a look at this stylish range.

Shawn Place - A Master of His Art

British Columbia based furniture designer, Shawn Place, is well-known for high-quality designs and styles. Every single furniture piece from his collection showcases elite craftsmanship, right from the timber's shape to hand-weaving of cane used in chairs and dining tables.

Shawn Place is self-trained and has immense expertise in millwork, finishing, joinery, and caning. Most of his products are beautiful dining tables, glass coffee tables, and other dining area furniture items that will leave you mesmerized.

The award-winning designers Place collection featuring coffee table and round dining tables are available at EQ3.

Shop Place Round Dining Table Collection at EQ3

At the EQ3 online store, you can check out the impressive range by Shawn Place and choose the furniture pieces you like. Dining table in different finish, color, and size are perfect for the kitchen or for creating a beautiful ambiance around your dining place.

Made with high-quality materials, these tables are ideal to host friends and relatives for dinner at your place. When not in use, you can place tools, kitchen equipment, pillows, and other decor items on these beautiful tables. Even your kids will love to play and spend time on these.

Enjoy Your Favorite Espresso on These Elegant Coffee Tables

The Place Glass Coffee Table may look small but has a distinct form and striking craftsmanship. The solid wood look and glass lightness create a lovely look and match well with rugs, bedding, and kitchen decor.

Available in an oak or walnut base, you can go for either brown glass or a clear glass for the top. The wooden finish looks amazing with marble and the table provides a place for your kids to sit and have a fun time.

You can choose between a round and square coffee table whichever suits with the style and decor of your interior.

Elevate the Look with Place End Tables

Unlike the usual dining table, the End Table has a really unique design with a smaller top and long wood legs. The shape of this dining table is striking to the eye and its height makes it great for your kids to study or eat on these tables.

This item will become an integral part of your room furniture and you can also place it in the kitchen if you need a place to keep equipment. You can place the table on rugs and pair it with comfortable pillows for a relaxing experience.

The wood material used in the construction of this item is elite and will provide a spark to your space. Just like every other item of this range by Shawn Place, you can choose between a round and square shape for the dining table.

Go For a Classic Dining Table

One of the bestsellers from this collection, the Place Dining Table is a regular sized table featuring levelers and felt pads. The glass on top is tempered glass material which is both durable and classy.

A great addition to your room furniture, you will love sitting around this table and entertaining your guests. As the size is big, many people can enjoy a meal on this table at once. You can even add extra seating if you're hosting a party or event at your place.

The brown glass finish variant of this item looks amazing with dark color rugs. You have to find another item if you want to place a dining table in your kitchen because this one is quite big. Also, you have to assemble this item yourself.

Dinette Tables for Smaller Space

Not everyone has a lot of space at their apartment or dinner room. If you live in a small apartment or home, these cute Place Dinette Tables will serve you great. This is a smaller version of the dining table but you get the same features and comfort.

There is no metal use in the built and the wooden finishing appears beautiful with marble floors. The small size is also good for your kids to play table games, study, read books, or just mess around.

The Dinette Table comes in both round and square shape.

Order Your Favorite Dining Tables Online

Head over to the EQ3 online furniture store and shop for coffee or dining table for your place. The Place collection is filled with gorgeous tables that will seamlessly fit at your place. Choose the finishing you want, the top glass option, and any other customizations available when finalizing your order.

Once you place the order, EQ3 will ship the item to your place within 2 to 4 weeks. Also, most of the pieces are covered under warranty and you can get in touch with our team if you face any issues.

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Visit our website now to sign up and stay updated with all new product launches, restocks, exclusive offers, discounts, loyalty rewards, and much more. Shawn Place is among the most renowned designers in Canada and you can shop his entire dining table collection at EQ3.

There is absolutely no need to go somewhere else because we have everything you need at EQ3. Check us out as soon as possible and put an end to your dining table pursuit.