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Energy Efficient & Sustainable Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, & Outdoor Lighting from Anony Studio

Not a single person likes a dull and dark atmosphere in their homes.

To create a vibrant ambiance and enhance the furniture and decor items in your home, choose to install modern lights.

No matter the amount of space in your room, a set of lights will help you make a style statement. Every family has their lighting needs and with the right table lamp, floor lamps, or pendant lighting, you can provide new life to your home's interior.

Anony Studio has a Great Variety of Home and Outdoor Lighting

When you install a light at your home, it's not just meant to offer illumination during the night time but should also look great with other furniture. Lighting will also put more focus on your interior decor.

EQ3 has collaborated with Anony Studio, a Toronto design studio, to create light and lamps which are both highly functional and amazing to look at. These wall sconces, table lamps, and pendant lamps will add a modern aura to your home.

Every item in this collection is designed to be energy efficient and sustainable. You cannot go wrong when you shop the Anony lighting collection. Visit our EQ3 online store and find beautiful lights and lamps for your house.

Place a Floor Lamp in your Living Room

Anony's Fount Floor Lamp features an aluminum base and frosted rippled glass shade. The item emits a diffused light perfect for evenings and the ripples will offer a radiant effect in your room.

This item comes with a touch and step dimmer which let you change the brightness according to your need. It is easy to place anywhere because it comes with a 79" cord. The 25W LED integrated bulb emits 2250 Lumens of light, enough to illuminate the darkest corner of your space.

Set a Modern Table Lamp on Your Desk

If you find it difficult to work on your desk because of low lighting in your room, it is time to find a table lamp. The Anony Studio collection offers the right color, style and fit for the modern home office.

The Row table lamp is made with black metal material and will help you work with style. The piece has a rotating opal lamp head through which you can direct its light where you want it. It even has a step dimmer and a modern touch switch.

Another piece in this collection is the Fount table lamp which emits a soft light and thanks to its material ripples, it can create a radiant effect also. This item is meant for those who prefer a modern style but don't want to compromise with their work.

Capture Your Guests Attention with Pendant Lamps

Are you having relatives or guests at your home for an event or dinner soon? You can go for a unique lighting item and shop for pendant lamps from the Anony Studio collection.

Featuring a sleek look, the Row pendant lamp comes in a single or double variant. The item has a metallic black base and opal glass lamp heads, emitting a soft glow. Also, this piece has rotatable heads that emit 3000K color temperature light.

The Row Track Pendant is great if you want to shop for a lighting item for a room entrance or corridors. The item also looks nice above a kitchen, dining, or home office table. It has a metallic base and 3 movable track heads. Rotate the heads in whichever direction you want light.

Shop Unique Lighting Designs

If you are bored of normal, common lights and need something that demands attention, you are sure to find something in the Anony Studio collection.

Check out the Row Wall Sconce if you want a combination of stylish and simple. It has an opal glass shade on a black base and ideal for any place that needs illumination. This piece eliminates need for visible cords as it fits flush to walls.

Another unique item is the Grub Lamp made with frosted, soft silicone. It is ready for outdoor use and is dimmable, battery-powered, and water-resistant. The item comes with a long charging wire and can work for over 8 hours with 3 hours of charging.

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