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The Stylish and Playful Eames Hang-It-All Rack

Herman Miller is beloved globally for its office and home furniture products and the Eames Hang-It-All coat rack is another innovative and highly attractive product by the brand. Every home has a coat rack but Ray Eames brought fun and functional solution with the Hang-It-All.

The rack first came out in 1953 and remains in production today. Its popularity brought thousands of copies to be made, everyone wanted to copy Ray Eames design. Hang It All combines modernism with the 20th century aura in one playful coat rack.

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Canada's top retailer of Herman Miller products, EQ3 has the Eames Hang It All for sale along with other home and office furniture with top product's features. Ray Eames brought a touch of elegance and play to this rack which made it a fan favorite.

Multicolored Wooden Balls for Hooks

The dull appearance and nature of a common coat rack is elevated by the beautiful and highly functional Eames Hang It All rack. Instead of normal hooks, the Herman Miller product features a white frame and multicolored solid wood balls where you can hang anything from an umbrella, hoodie, purse, bag pack, etc.

The painted solid maple balls are a practical and inventive idea to use as hooks. These wood walnut spheres with a white frame match nicely with other modern furniture and décor items.

The everyday coat rack changes into something exciting when you use this Ray Eames designed Herman Miller rack.

Eames Hang It All Style and Functionality

Ray Eames elevated coat racks into a new dimension when he designed the Hang It All. It was built in a steel rod frame with wood balls using the wire chairs technique which was new at that moment.

A normal hook can damage or tear woolen and linen clothing and the round balls make sure no clothing or other accessories are damaged because of it. Hang It All has four pieces of wire angled repeatedly to serve as hooks for the coat rack and they are welded to the ingenious welded wire frame at the walls, the simultaneously welding wires technique.

On the staggered metal frame ends, eight multicolored wooden balls are attached tightly. Similarly there are 6 smaller balls attached using short pieces of extra wire angled at certain points. This technique is same as that in the Herman Miller wire chairs.

Very Colorful and Sturdy

Add a color pop to your interior space with any of the multiple color combinations natural maple spheres for the rack. Whether you love something mellow or something loud and bold, solid walnut hooks with blue, black, etc. have got you covered.

Herman Miller respects everyone and donates $25 to OutRight Action International which works for the freedoms and rights of LGBTQ+ people. The Pride color Eames Hang It All is a piece of art.

You can use the rack anywhere in your home including the entryway, office, bedroom, etc. The rack is extremely durable thanks to a steel white wire frame or a black powder coated finish. You can choose between solid maple or solid walnut spheres for the coat rack.

Herman Miller brand general dimensions for the Eames Hang It All are 14.5x19.7x6.3. A sturdy steel frame which helps maintain quality is behind the rack's strength and durability.

Eames Hang It All Design History

Legendary designers Charles Eames and Ray Eames elevated the basic coat rack into a modern aesthetic and functional piece of art. During the 50s, both husband and wife designed some timeless products, modern, simple, and functional.

Ray said, 'we have to take pleasure seriously' which was his idea behind the Eames Hang It All rack. Made with the same technique as as wire tables, the Hang It All was initially built for children and the company produced pieces were at Tigrett Enterprises' Playhouse Division until 1994.

Thought of as an object for children to hang their stuff, the Hang It All has been used for a variety of everyday objects. Its colorful and vibrant appearance does it make perfect for your kids room but the Hang It All ideally works everywhere.

Place it anywhere you want at your home. It is the new generation everyday coat rack with an industrial design and superior performance.

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Shipping and Warranty for Eames Hang It All

Once you place an order for the Hang It All, you will receive an email confirmation shortly and the product will be custom made and shipped directly from Herman Miller's manufacturing facility. This usually takes around four to eight weeks but can be delayed because of the current circumstances.

Herman Miller products are non-refundable, cannot be returned, exchanged, or cancelled. A 5-year warranty covers casters, pneumatic cylinders, tilts, electrical components, and other mechanisms of the Eames Hang It All.

A 3-Shift warranty is there to protect from work's changing nature and damage from long use. In Canada, all labor work is covered under the warranty and you will not be charged.

Product Care and Maintenance for Eames Hang It All

If you want your Hang It All rack to stay strong for a long time and offer peak performance, you will need to follow some cleaning procedures outlined and maintain it regularly. Different surfaces, materials on the rack, and the steel rod frame need proper care.

Coated Metal - Take a soft cloth immersed in warm water and detergent, rinse and dry it properly, and use it to wash the metal surface. Use paste wax pre-softened to eliminate scuff marks from the Eames Hang It All. Scratches and marks can be removed using polishing solutions both paste or liquid.

Veneer and Wood - Herman Miller furniture items and Hang It All use recut or simple wood veneer which needs regular cleaning.

Protect Wood Veneer Surface

Regularly dust with a soft, damp cloth and then wipe the surface with a dry soft cloth. Try to wipe spills as soon as they occur.

Dampen a dry cloth with wood furniture cleaning solution and wipe the surface with it. Remove fingerprints, stains, and dirt and then wipe with a dry cloth.

After six months use a soft cloth to apply furniture polish to the Hang It All but do not use any oil-based waxes or polishes, or abrasives.

Maintain and Protect Your Eames Hang It All Rack

Even though Herman Miller products are lab-tested and offer resistance against pressure, water, light, and stains. Keep a coaster for your mug or glass and place a felt pad before placing any glass top to veneer.

Make sure vinyl blinders do not stay on the product and no plant is potted there without a water-tight vessel. If any water stain or scratch occurs, use steel wool to rub the surface and use scratch-removing solution there.

If you scratch or bruise the Hang It All with other heavy furniture, the wood may also break. Try to keep a protective padding beneath the products which reduces denting and bumping.

Do not expose the furniture surface to direct sunlight for a long time. Change the surface direction away from the sunlight if it was exposed to an extra amount of light. Extremely low or high humidity also damages the rack surface.

Some Ideas to Style the Eames Hang It All

This coat rack has been a fan favorite ever since its launch and never fails to amaze users with its vivid variety and elegant aura. If you just bought the Hang It All or are planning to purchase it, we have come up with some amazing styles and combinations to pair the item with your existing home interior.

Dark wooden touch

If you are a fan of the rustic, vintage look in your furniture, then the limited edition walnut Hang It All rack is the perfect choice. It matches superbly with other wooden finish decor items and create an authentic vintage aesthetic for your room.

For the complete experience, you can match it with any creation of the legendary designers George Nelson.

Striking red finish

Vitra came out with three new colors for the Hang It All in 2013 which consisted of red, white, and green. You can buy a single or multi colored ones to match with your wall paint and use it to hold pieces from the purple-red-pink spectrum.

Classic black and white

If your home or apartment interior features a basic, monologue color then the black ash Hang It All will take the main stage in your room's appearance. It blends automatically with white walls and a wooden floor is also preferred. Finishing this look with a small coffee table will be perfect.

Retro theme

If you have a vibrant wall color, for example blue, green, or grey then the original multicolored Hang It All will sparkle up the entire place. Pair it with a sidetable and a dashing clock to build a main center of attraction in any room. Also, the classic multicolored rack has always been a kids' favorite.

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