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Your bed is your sanctuary: a place of rest and relaxation that should be considered with comfort at its core, and for EQ3, that starts at the place where you rest your head every night.

Explore our curated selection of pillows, designed with sweet dreams top of mind. The days of waking up with a sore neck won’t stick around with a high-density Casper memory foam pillow, the best pillow for side sleepers due to its ability to mold to the curve of your neck and face. Or, if you prefer a softer feel with a little more sink, opt for our plush Down Surround or Feather pillow—both nobly equipped to get you onto cloud nine in no time.

We have king sized pillows as well as standard and queen sizes to suit every scale of bed, and plenty of options to help you enhance your sleep, your way. You shouldn’t have to choose between softness and support: go for the best of both worlds with EQ3 and Casper pillows.