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EQ3 Replay Collection Featuring Small Sectional Sofa, Tables, and More

Are you planning to give a facelift to your home or moving to a new place? We recommend you check out the Replay collection before you buy any living room furniture or décor items for any room in your home.

You can shop some of the best sectional sofas, tables, chairs, or couches in a variety of colors and designs. Most of our customers love the Replay furniture collection and buy items for their living or dining room, or bedroom.

All your family members will love the furniture from this collection and your kids will love spending time on the comfortable velvet sofa, modern sofa, brown leather couch, and other pieces.

The Replay Collection is Furniture that Matches Your Style and Life

Canadians trust our EQ3 furniture stores and love shopping with us. All our products are sourced from the top brands in the world or designed in house, and the Replay collection has always been a favorite among our products.

When it comes to the Replay collection, it includes modern and attractive sectional sofas, fabric and leather couches, tables, chairs, and more which will add a new aesthetic dimension to your interior. The collection is ideal for bigger homes as well apartments with small spaces.

You should certainly discover this beautiful furniture collection page at our website. Let us take a look at some of the bestsellers from the Replay collection and how you can elevate your home's appearance with these furniture products.

Place the Beautiful Sectional Sofa in your Living Room

Create an attractive and luxurious vibe in your room through the 2018 edition of the 2-Piece sectional sofa from the iconic Replay collection. The comfortable leather sectional was first launched in 2002 and this new design has a great combination of feather and foam along with a flexible back for relaxation and comfort. The sectional is ideal for kids and pets too.

You can customize the sofas as they come in more than 100 leathers and fabrics in different colors. When it comes to the Chaise, you can either go for the left or right hand facing. You can choose walnut or black ash legs for this iconic sectional and add an additional table to the chaise if you wish to.

The Replay Sectional sofa also comes with a backless chaise if you prefer. These sofas are available in different color fabrics and leather covers. Make sure to vacuum the upholstery and regularly fluff the feather-filled parts of the sofas.

Elegant and Colorful Replay Sofa Collection

Another item loved by our customers from the 2018 Replay collection is the Replay sofa which takes inspiration from 2002 collection of the same name. If you are a bit low on space, then the 91" size of the sofa will be nice and you can choose among 130 leathers and fabrics cover upholstery options.

The sofa can easily match with your room's rugs, lamps, wall paint and create an aesthetic that works for you. Your kids will love relaxing on the sofa and you will crave a seat on it after working hard in the kitchen.

For a bigger space, go for the 99" size of the sofa. It has all the same customizations as the smaller size and is on the same page design-wise.

For even smaller spaces like condos or apartments, the best option is the Replay Club sofa. This modern sofa has all the comfort and functionality of its bigger versions.

Attractive Chairs for Additional Seating

For impromptu guests or friends over at your place, a nice place for them to sit and relax would be great at your home. If you want the same level of comfort as the Replay sofa collection, consider going for the Replay Club chair.

It is similar to the sofa version with a flexible back and soft seat. Choose from over 100 leather and fabrics and match the chair with rugs and other furniture items for a nice look. You can also place the chair in the kitchen or your kids room if you have enough space there.

For something different, go for the Replay Armless chair, again inspired from the iconic original collection from EQ3. It does not have arms but has all the comfort and luxury just like other items in the Replay collection. You can get it personalized based on your needs. You can use pillows in different colors with this chair for a great look.

Comfortable Loveseat For Smaller Spaces

Instead of going for bigger sofas, you can go for the Replay Club Loveseat if you have a small apartment. It has all the features and comfort of a big sofa and you can spend quality time on it with your significant other.

With so many leather and fabrics upholstery options available for this loveseat, you can personalize it however you want. This goes well with your room rugs, kitchen furniture, bedroom designs, and other décor items.

Pair Your Sofa with the Replay Ottoman and the Unique Daybed

Whether you need additional seating or just want to enhance the looks and use of your sofa, the Replay Ottoman has it all. This luxury Ottoman from the revamped Replay collection will give you a place to rest your feet when sitting on the sofa.

You can also use it for seating even without pairing it with the sofa. You can choose between a square or rectangular Ottoman with walnut or black ash legs.

Perfect for resting, eating, reading, and much more, the Replay Daybed is another top seller from EQ3's iconic collection. Its flexible frame and high-density foam provide the ultimate lounging experience even in a small space. Your kids will love playing and resting on this.

Choose the type of fabrics or leather that match with your room's style statement. Go for black ash or walnut legs whichever suit your rugs and interior décor items.

Get the Replay Tables for a Playful Appearance

Featuring a low profile and highly attractive looks, the Replay End Table can attach to Replay sofa or with other furniture items from EQ3's iconic collection. You can place coffee on this surface, a book, magazine, or many more things.

You can go for a stadium or round shape and a black oak or walnut top finish for this table. You will get the hardware needed to attach this table to Replay sofa.

Another great option is the Replay Square Coffee Table which has the right balance of flexibility and functionality. Its finishing allows it to place against a sofa, wall, or float anywhere. Wherever you place this table, in your bedroom, kitchen, or dining room, it will serve many functions.

It has powder-coated metal handles with open storage on one side and a drawer on the other. It comes in a classy white color that radiates elegance and luxury. You can keep your kids toys and other stuff in it.

Nightstands for a Balance between Style and Storage

Ideal for a small space, the Replay Floating Nightstand is a flexible storage item and can be used virtually anywhere as it takes up minimal space. Made of walnut veneer, it has a side drawer glides and a coated steel handle.

You can go for an open nightstand or the one which comes with an additional open shelf. This storage item comes ready to ship and is perfect to match with other pieces of the iconic Replay collection.

It is perfect for storing kids toys and clothes, kitchen accessories, pillows, off-season clothing and much more.

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