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Furnish Your Home with Modern Sofas, Sectionals, and Comfortable Chairs from the Cello Collection

Did you just purchase a new house or want to give a new makeover to your apartment because you haven't changed your interior in years? There are thousands of furniture items in the market which you can purchase to give a modern look to your living space.

However, not many options will give you the look, comfort, and satisfaction offered by EQ3's Cello collection. Whether you need modern couches for living rooms, sectional sofas for small spaces, or storage beds or tables, the Cello collection has it all.

Every single person wants to have a beautiful and attractive appearance for every room in their house. With furniture items from the Cello collection, you can make any room the focal point of your house and your friends and family will surely notice these additions to your home.

Shop Cello from EQ3

When Canadians want to shop for modern furniture items, the first store they look at is EQ3. We are authorized retailers of some of the most popular furniture brands in Canada and our service is exemplary. Most of our items are high quality and our customers always show interest in our wide range of living room, kitchen, bedroom, and other furniture items.

It is easy to go through our range at our website and choose items that match your style and lifestyle. Our designing team is always present to help you make the right choice and buy furniture items that suit your living space decor and existing furniture pieces.

Most of our products are easy to assemble and come with manufacturer warranty so that they stay in a good condition for long time and don't malfunction. If you want to shop for the latest styles and furniture design, head over to our website and enjoy shopping.

Sectional Sofas Perfect for Smaller Spaces

Sofas are a great option if you want an attractive and comfortable seating space for your accentuated living room. If you live in a small apartment with less floor space, it should not prove to be a difficulty to place a cozy classic and stylish sofa. If you want all the work and comfort level of a sofa, you should surely check out the Cello 2-Piece Sectional Sofa.

The entire Cello collection takes inspiration from the unique shape and sound of the Cello music instrument. This 2-Piece sectional will easily fit even in a smaller living or dining room and is available in both leather and fabric cover upholstery. You can opt for a left or right hand facing chaise and choose between straight or angled arm based on your need.

These sofas feature curved lines filled with elegance and have the right combination of feather filled back cushions and soft seat cushions that create exceptional comfort. There are so many upholstery and colors to choose from which will help you match the sofas with your decor.

The Full Arm Chaise Sofa is Another Great Item

Those who want even more comfortable seating, they can change their choice to the 2-Piece sectional sofas with full arm chaise. You can rest your arms on the chaise and enjoy your favorite TV show or just relax in your room.

Even your kids will love playing on these sofas and your pets get another place to lie down. The sectional sofas will be made based on your custom order and come in 1.5" or 2.5" leg heights. There are many upholstery styles available to help create the right interior aesthetic.

Think About Going Armless with the Sofas

If you are not a fan of straight, angled, or rolled arms, then the Cello sectional sofa also comes in an armless variant. It has all the work and features of the normal item and comes in all leg sizes, upholstery, cushions, etc. You can get something unique even though you just pay the original price of the Cello sofa.

Lay down and read a book or eat food on your sofa but remember it won't have a arm on either side. It is your choice wherever you want to place the chaise on this sofa.

For extra seating in your apartment, you can also select the 3-Piece Cello sectional sofa. As the name suggests, it is bigger than the 2-piece sectionals with similar details, style, seats, and pillows. However, when you go with the armless 3-Piece sofa, it gives you something different and adds a bit of classic touch.

The 3-Piece Sofa Offers More Seats in Limited Floor Space

It can get embarrassing if you have guests or family members over and they don't have a relaxing place to sit on. The sofa not only solves this problem but the Cello Plush sectional sofa is the ideal combination of customization and comfort. It will fit your space conveniently and its design is loved by most of our customers.

With so many upholstery and colors available, you feel like you create the sofa yourself. In a single touch, you will realize the comfort and coziness of its pillows and cushions. You can choose the leg size and arm style to match the sofa with your other decor pieces.

Go For the Corner Seat Instead of a Chaise

The best part about the 3-Piece sectional sofa from the Cello range is that it also comes in a corner seat variant. It is easy to rest your back in this variant and your kids can also sit on it in an easy manner. It is one of our best selling products.

Cello Modern Sofas for Modern Look and Living

Are you in search for a couch or sofa for your room? You simply cannot go wrong with the Cello sofa collection. You will fall in love with the items in one look and won't be able to resist buying them. The original price of these items are not very high and you can place them in your room without burning a hole in your pocket.

Customize your Cello Sofa Like You Want It

To level up the decor of your room, purchase the 88" Cello sofa. The couch is similar to other items of the collection and has unmatched comfort and coziness. With so many options for customization, you can change the entire look of your interior just by placing this sofa.

The size is not too big nor small and the colors available will fit well with your space. It is among the most-purchased options from the Cello collection.

Combine Comfort with Coziness with the Cello Plush

When Cello and Plush come together, it is guaranteed to provide lots of relaxation to anyone who sits on it. The Cello Plush sofa comes in 85" and 93" options and a host of upholstery options and colors. The leather sofa goes well with solid wood items and kitchen linens. Fabric matches well with cushions, rugs, and other pieces of decoration.

It comes with an angled or straight arm and relaxed memory foam cushions. The sofa also performs as a loveseat where you can spend quality time with your significant other.

Relax with your Other Half on this Loveseat

The Cello Narrow Loveseat gives you the Plush or Classic cushion options and has the perfect size for a loveseat. It is custom made based on your order and features all the work and functionality of any other sofa within the Cello collection. If you have spare space in your dining room, you can also place the loveseat there.

Pair Your Sofa with a Beautiful Ottoman

The Cello sofa collection does not include a recliner but if you purchase the Cello Ottoman you can pair it with any sofa from the collection. The Ottoman comes in square or rectangular shapes and you can match it with rugs and curtains of your room.

When you sit on the sofa, you can place your legs on the Ottoman or can use it individually as a seat. It comes in both fabric and leather covers and are perfect for your interior lounge. It has beautiful curved lines which can be felt through touch and a soft layer of cushioning in it.

Elite-Level Bed Collection with Storage Options

The Cello Bed has strong lines and features a sophisticated structure to balance it. With full body sculptural curves, it has a tufted padded headboard where you can rest your head for a bit while watching TV or reading your favorite book. The item is created based on your custom demands.

The Cello Frame bed features a slick design with minimalist appeal whether you choose fabrics or leather upholstery. It comes with imported slats and you can choose among Double, King, or the Queen size. A worn out bedroom is a sign you need something new and this item from the Cello collection will surely work.

The Beds Also Provide Storage Functionality

If there are unnecessary items, clothing, and other things lying around in your bedroom, it is a sign that you require more storage. The Cello Frame bed comes with an option for storage.

It is really easy to lift up the frame of the bed and access the storage unit. Store off-season clothing, extra rugs, cushions, pillows, books, and more in your storage beds. It is the perfect item to shop if you want a creative storage solution.

Cello Accent Tables and Comfortable Chairs for Something Different

Most customers shop for the options we talked about above when it comes to our Cello collection. However, many of them do not pay attention to the accentuated chairs and tables which can prove to be a great addition for your home.

The Cello Armless Swivel Chair provides relaxation and comfort similar to all other options in the Cello collection but it is very unique. It has the option to choose from a Plush or Classic cushion, arm type, and over 100 upholstery options. You can decide the aura and aesthetic of your chair yourself.

Another great choice is the Cello Storage Bench which comes in a small, medium, or large size. It has all the colors and upholstery options just like any other item from this collection. You can either choose to sit on the bench or make use of its in-built storage. It has enough space to store extra clothing, linens, kids toys, etc.

One item that matches with any Cello sofa is the Cello Shelf. You can utilize its open storage or keep any decor item on top of it as a display. It comes in two widths and is meant to pair with Cello products but works equally well with other furniture pieces.

Place Your Custom Order Online

When you finalize the products you want to buy, choose the customizations and specifications you want while placing the order. Your order will be made however you want it to be and every little details are taken care of.

Most of our collection is covered under warranty and our team ensures that your furniture stays good for longer time periods. Every finished item is checked before we ship it so that you receive the perfect item and can easily assemble and use it.

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