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Transform Your Home with EQ3's Plush Sofa Collection

You spend a lot of time with your friends and family members in your living space so why not make its organization unique and suited to your personal taste. With the perfect living room furniture, you can add a breathe of new life to your home.

For someone who wants both comfort and style, plush sofas always do the trick. Pairing plush furniture with matching table floor lamps, bedding essentials, and other home accessories will be great. Whether you live in a small space apartment or a bigger house, there is no need to compromise when it comes to couches and sectional sofas.

Check Out the Plush Furniture Collection at EQ3

When it comes to furniture shopping in Canada, EQ3 is among the most trusted names in the country. Most of our customers love our high quality furniture products sourced from the world's best brands.

Visit our website to take a look at our collection and search for the ideal plush furniture for your home. Whether you need bedroom furniture, dining tables, nursery furniture, kids bedding items, etc. you should shop at our store. For plush furniture, check out the details of our couches, sectional sofas, etc. and make your final choice.

Let's take a look at how you can use our plush collection to transform your home's interior.

High Quality, Comfortable Plush Sofas

The Cello Plush comes in both 85" and 93" sizes with a choice between straight and angled arms. Available in a variety of leather and fabric upholstery, this sofa offers both comfort and style wherever it is placed. The memory foam core comfy cushions are a bonus for anyone sitting on this sofa.

If you want a colored sofa that can match with your wall lights and create a nice effect, you can go for the Oskar Plush. Again, it comes in both fabric and leather with lots of upholstery options. It has a simple design yet offers maximum comfort because of its feather filled seat and cushions. It has many components and you can configure the sofa according to your wish.

For those who are little low on space, the Oskar Plush Apartment sofa is the ideal choice. You will not find better options and its soft frame makes it great for baby kids. The back pillows are very relaxing and make the sofa perfect.

Place Plush Sectional Sofas if you have Ample Space

If you have free floor space in your living room, you can consider placing one of our plush sectional sofas for more seating in limited space. The Cello Plush 2-Piece Sectional comes in many customizations in both leather and fabric upholstery. It has memory foam core pillows and your baby kids will love laying on it.

The Cello Plush 3-Piece Sectional also comes in a corner seat variant and you can select between straight or angled arms. The sectional is quite unique when compared to a regular sofa and you can customize it to suit your comfort level. Also, the Cello Plush Sectional has a choice between right or left hand facing full arm chaise.

Soft and Trendy Plush Ottomans

The Oskar Plush Ottoman gives you a place to rest your feet if you want to or you can use it for extra seating as well. The Ottoman comes in both leather and fabric upholstery and is custom made based on your requirements.

The Oskar Plush Ottoman is available in the Modular type as well. You can go for a colored Ottoman too and select one from the square or rectangular shape choices. Select black ash, oak, or walnut leg type for the Ottoman. Another great feature is that the Ottoman comes with storage in which you can keep tools, extra clothing, kitchen appliances, etc.

Spread Love with these Beautiful Plush Loveseats

If you live with just your partner or spouse, instead of a bigger sofa, you can purchase a beautiful loveseat for both of you. The Oskar Plush Loveseat comes in either fabric or leather covers with lots of upholstery options on offer for you.

Again, this loveseat has a simple yet relaxing design amplified by feather filled back cushions and seat. You can even select the loveseat's leg type and configure it through its various components.

Increase Seating Space with Plush Accent Chairs

Guests can visit anytime and we all love treating our impromptu guests in the best manner possible. To offer a lovely seating space for your guests or yourself, you can buy the Cello Armless Swivel Chair with either leather or fabric cover. It also has a choice between classic or plush cushion options.

Another cool option is the Oskar Plush Chair which has a classic, simple design offering elite level comfort. Whether you choose fabric or leather cover, you are guaranteed to get a relaxing chair with customizable leg type.

Order Plush Furniture at EQ3 Now

Now that you have checked out our attractive and highly comfortable plush furniture collection, you can buy them from our EQ3 website. Head over to the site and sign up for a new account. You will be updated about all new product launches, restocks, exclusive deals and discounts, etc.

Our design team will help you make the purchase and recommend the best furniture products for your home and style requirements. Choose your furniture customizations and place your order online which will be delivered to you soon.

There's no need to visit any other furniture store anymore because EQ3 has it all.