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Small Bedroom Ideas & Modern Living Room Furniture Range at EQ3 by Matthew Kroeker

Living rooms are the heart and soul of any home where the entire family get together and spend quality time with each other. A modern living room is attractive to the eye and is the focal point of the entire house.

There is certainly no shortage of trendy living room ideas if you plan on giving a makeover to your living space or apartment. You don't have to spend huge money and purchase lots of furniture pieces or décor items for your home.

The right statement piece will be more than enough to create a vibrant aesthetic in your living room or small bedroom. EQ3 has the Marcel, Reverie, and Monarch range, designed by Matthew Kroeker, to meet your furniture needs.

Remodel your Small Bedroom & Living Room with EQ3

Plenty of people are looking for inspiration and creativity to improve their interior design elements and ensure a lovely, modern look. Even if you have small space in a small bedroom or living room, there is no need to worry. At EQ3, Canada's favorite furniture retail store, you will find everything you want and more for your modern living room and small bedroom.

Our team will help you remodel your space through exquisite furniture offering high-quality, durability, comfort, storage space, attractive color scheme, and a huge range.

High-Level Functionality Coupled with Beautiful Appearance

Moreover, the Matthew Kroeker collection has everything ranging from sofa and accent chairs for living area seating, light and airy small space sectional sofas, quirky side table and coffee table, built in storage beds, storage nightstand and dressers, etc.

When you decorate your living room or tiny bedroom with these products, they provide great looks and elite-level functionality. Made with high-quality materials using the latest technology, most items are available in black and white neutral shades or in a wide color palette. Personalize the furniture based on available floor space and the look you desire.

Matthew Kroeker - Award Winning Winnipeg Interior Designer

Co-founder and Director of Top & Derby, Winnipeg-based Matthew Kroeker is one of Canada's top industrial design artist. His brand aims at making stylish and sophisticated home furniture products especially for aging and disabled people.

Most of his products feature smart functionality that makes most of our daily routine tasks easier along with offering unmatched comfort for modern living. He has come up with ideas for and designed stuff for home furnishing, electronics, houseware, transport, and other industries.

Unconventional and Experimental Product Concepts

Majority of Matthew's small bedroom ideas and living room ideas are based on experimental concepts made with a blend of old, new, and unconventional materials. His design and style-statement embrace the past, even though they are futuristic, and will transform the look and feel of your space.

His projects are designed to have built in features and functionality that transform bedrooms and make the daily routine simpler. Your living room or your bedroom space is elevated to the next level with his stuff.

When you make your way to the bed for sleeping, you will feel excited and proud every time. Any time your small bedroom or modern living room comes to your mind, you will certainly give a thought to Matthew Kroeker.

International Recognition

Ever since Matthew graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design, he has done fabulous work in the furniture and houseware industry. His impressive work has not gone unnoticed and he has gained respect and recognition all over the globe.

Matthew's work has been featured in prominent exhibitions in Milan, New York, and other fashion hubs. Prominent publications like the New York Times, Fast Company, etc. have published his work.

Multiple Prestigious Awards

Apart from the exhibitions, Matthew has won several prestigious awards by the Metropolis Magazine, Canadian Interiors, Interior Design Magazine, etc. His Chatfield walking cane won the 2014 IDEA Award.

Matthew's mid century yet contemporary design style is an inspiration for many designers all over the world.

EQ3 Features Matthew Kroeker's Furniture Collection

For those who want to do a makeover of their living room or small bedroom, EQ3 is the perfect place. At our store, you will find all the top products of the Reverie, Marcel, and Monarch range designed by Matthew Kroeker.

The space in your living rooms can get a new life with these items and there are plenty of customizations on offer to create personalized pieces that merge well with your interior walls paint color scheme.

There's Something for Every Room or Space

There is no shortage of style and functionality when you opt for these furniture pieces to place in your small bedroom or modern living room. Though they cover a small space, the look given to your space by Matthew Kroeker's collection is unmatched.

Whether you want something for bedrooms, living rooms, guest room, sitting room, or any other space, you don't have to look further than this collection at EQ3.

Here are some ideas on how to make the pieces in this collection the focal point of your home or small space apartment, and attract plenty of eyeballs and attention.

Comfortable and Beautiful Reverie Sofa

Available in over 130 fabric and leather options, the nicely-tailored Reverie sofa with button-tufted back and seating is made for endless lounging and relaxing in your modern living room. Its tapered wooden legs are strong and you can go for a 24.5" or 22" arm height.

The look of this sofa will pair well with other décor items of your living room and enhance the space's overall vibe. The sofa legs come in a recessed or the classic position. Fill the space with unlimited comfort and beauty with this Reverie sofa.

Reverie Sectionals Perfect for Small Space Rooms

Not everyone has a huge living room and if you are one these people, the Reverie 2-Piece sectional is a great choice for your small space room. Button-tufted back and seating makes sure anyone can spend quality relaxing time on this sofa.

You can go for a left or right hand facing chaise based on the space available and orientation of the living room. It offers great space without covering too much floor space and the tapered wooden legs come in different finishes. This sectional ensures that the limited space is being used properly.

There are over 130 leather or fabric options available and you can consider even more configurations if you visit our physical store.

Spend Quality Time with Your Partner on the Reverie Loveseat

With a choice between 24.5" and 22" arm height size, the Reverie Loveseat will add a spark to your living room and offer a cozy place for you and your partner to spend time with each other. It has all the comfort and features of the bigger sofas in a small version.

The look it offers matches well with white walls and any other accent wall. Again, there are over 130 fabric and leather upholstery options to choose from. The button-tufted back and seat make the Reverie Loveseat one of the top items in this collection.

You get the illusion of a huge sofa with this small cute loveseat and it is meant to spend quality time with your spouse. This is certainly meant for the contemporary modern living room.

The Reverie Ottoman to Let Go of Stress and Rest Your Legs

Another nice addition to your living room can be the Reverie Ottoman. Either you can use it individually or rest your feet on this Ottoman while you lounge in your sofa.

Just like other items in this collection, the ottoman offers you a choice among more than 100 fabric and leather upholstery options. Similar to sofas, it has tapered legs that come in steel, walnut, oak, or black ash finish.

For the Ottoman, you can go for an upholstery that matches your living room walls. This item is meant to fill your room with something unique and pleasing to the eye.

Elegant Accent Chairs for Comfortable Seating

Do you feel like your modern living room is still incomplete after placing beautiful and cozy sofas and you want something more? Well, the Reverie Chair will offer exactly what you want and cover the space with an additional relaxing place to sit.

Go for a leather finish or upholstery that matches the accent wall of your modern living room or create a contrast with the walls. Any room with plenty of comfortable places to sit and relax is loved by everyone.

Whenever you are on the way to home, you will think of relaxing on this elegant chair.

Modern Wooden Finish Marcel Beds for Your Bedroom

The vintage solid wooden finish Marcel bed frame can fill your small bedroom with warmth and appeal. The bed has a water-based finish that is environment-friendly and made with CARB P2 wood along with oak or walnut lamination.

This bed comes in multiple sizes and offers a choice between metal or wood slats. Bedrooms are the soul of every home where one dreams of being in after a long, hard day. This bed not only offers great style but you will love the comfort level of this bed.

Even if you have a small bedroom, this Marcel bed frame can easily fit. The wooden finish looks nice with white walls as the bed does not take the shine off the walls.

Use their Easily Accessible Built-In Storage

The Marcel bed offers great functionality through its storage options. The drawer storage options include either a set of 3 or a set of 6 drawers for storage space. Go for the Marcel Lift bed that offers easy lifting to access the bed storage.

To assist with modern living, you can keep off-season clothing, extra bedding, kids clothes and toys, etc. in the storage area of bed. You get both style and high functionality along with a cozy sleeping space.

Switch Bedside Table For Authentic Storage Solutions

Is your living room low on space or you do not want a bedside table in your small bedroom and are looking for something else? The authentic range by Matthew Kroeker has various storage items that will solve this issue for you. Again, you get both great design and cool functioning.

With these nightstands and dressers, you won't need a coffee table in your living room or huge closet space in the bedroom.

Go With Single or Double Dressers Based on Your Needs

The timeless storage dressers from this collection have natural wood detailing and solid walnut or oak handles. Its sophisticated structure and design is enhanced by the walnut veneer finish.

It has a fully-extended drawer slides which provide more space. Also, you can opt for either the single or double dresser based on your requirement.

Solid Wooden Mid Century Chests

Available in walnut, oak, and black oak finish, these chests have a water-based finish. The black and white color scheme looks great. You can either place the chest in your bedroom or the living room.

One thing is sure, the level of elegance will go up no matter where you place the Marcel or Monarch chest.

The Nightstands are Really Unique

The range of storage nightstands in this collection is great. You can purchase the single drawer or double drawer nightstand. For those who want something different, they can choose the Open Shelf Nightstand.

Further, there is the wall mounted Floating Nightstand, available in either the single drawer or open shelf variant.

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Everyone deserves to create the ambiance they want at their home and with Matthew Kroeker's collection, it gets easy. Head over to the EQ3 store and sign up now to stay updated with all product launches, restocks, exclusive deals and discounts, and much more.

Featuring the perfect blend between gorgeous looks and elite-level functionality, the Matthew Kroeker collection has it all. Looking to remodel and rejuvenate your living space, there is no better furniture collection, and EQ3 has it all.