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Modern Nightstands

The modern nightstand does more than simply store a cold glass of water to quench your morning thirst: it acts as a loyal bedside companion and a place to store all the essentials you want to keep within reach while relaxing beneath the covers.

Stack current reading materials on a floating, wall-mounted nightstand like Marcel Open Shelf, which offers a combination of drawer storage as well as a shelf: perfect for showcasing a few delicate bedside details like picture frames, diffusers, or florals. Or, opt for the structured sensibility of Monarch, a natural wood nightstand also available in oak, designed by Winnipeg designer Matt Kroeker and equipped to keep all your odds and ends in check with its embedded drawer and lower shelf.

Invite intention into your sleep quarters and explore these and more options to elevate your bedroom design scheme and add functionality to your bedtime routine.

How to Choose a Bedside Table

When choosing a nightstand, it’s important to keep three considerations in mind: how you’ll use it, how much space you have available for bedroom storage, and your personal style.

To get the most of a modern nightstand, consider how often you’ll use it. In a small space, does your bedroom double as a home office? You may need to maximize storage. In a mid-sized bedroom, are you the type who wakes up and takes on the day? Perhaps minimal storage would suit your needs. In a larger bedroom, do you often sit in a corner lounge chair to read and unwind? Or maybe you prefer watching TV from the comfort of under a comforter? A combination of open shelving and closed drawers may be what you need.

Next, think about your square footage. Beds, whether they are twin, double, queen, or king-sized will take up a large chunk of any bedroom. What’s left can be maximized to accommodate a nightstand or two. If you have space for a single nightstand but are short on storage, a tall, double drawer nightstand may be your best choice. A tall nightstand can also feature a single drawer and one shelf and is best if your storage is split between items to tuck away and items to display. For mid-size bedrooms that have more floor space and fewer storage needs, opt for a shorter, wider nightstand look. The low profile of bedside tables like Marcel matches perfectly with upholstered frame beds like our Bento. Even more floor space? Pair nightstands or mix and match for an eclectic set.

Finally, think about your style. Opt for the popular floating nightstand style when wall space is not a problem and the look is paramount. EQ3 offers a range of floating styles, from mid century to contemporary, as well as modern rustic. Now you’ve got the perfect piece to complete the look of your bedroom or suite.

Still not positive which design is right for your bedroom? Explore the options below. Or, book a free appointment with EQ3 Design Services. Let our design consultants guide you with professional advice and tools and rest easy knowing that their years of experience will result in a sanctuary of rest and relaxation that you’ll love for years to come.

Floating Nightstands

It’s no wonder this style has become so popular: the clean lines resulting from hanging a bedside table on the bedroom wall are undeniable. But whether you’re looking for a single floating nightstand to go with a floating bed or are opting for a set of two, the look can be as flexible as you like. Depending on which of our designs you love best, the design of your bedroom can be modern rustic, minimalist, contemporary, or mid century inspired.

Designed by Winnipeg-based Matthew Kroeker, the Marcel Floating Nightstand comes in two variations: One with a single drawer, and another with a single drawer and a single display shelf below. Both versions are reminiscent of mid century styles, with a modern sensibility that plays well with modern boho, minimalist, or contemporary bedrooms. Both variations are available in three different unique wood finishes that varied in colors and patterns from piece to piece: oak, walnut, and black oak. Pair them with the entire Marcel bedroom collection for a unified look between bed frame, chest of drawers, nightstands, and dresser, or; mix with other EQ3 collections or your own treasures to create a personalized look.

Classically mid century modern more your speed? We have a set of floating nightstands just for you. Our Replay collection represents an experiment with the balance of substantial presence and small scale. This nightstand that hangs off a wall blends function and flexibility. Replay’s floating bedside tables allow for storage in any room without taking up much-needed space. Composed of walnut veneer with a powder-coated steel handle and side-mounted drawer glides, Replay will remind you of days gone by. Pair with any of our upholstered beds to modernize your bedroom. And just like Marcel, they are available with a single drawer, or a single drawer with an open shelf below. Now add a cherished book, a glass of water, a bedside lamp, and snuggle up.

Finally, for a floating nightstand that is modern and yet rustic, opt for the natural appeal of our Reclaimed Teak version. As part of the Reclaimed Teak Collection that includes a bed frame, chest, dresser, and mirror, the hanging nightstand features a unique solid wood front panel and a single drawer. Choose from either almond or charcoal case to best set off the solid peak plank, and then marvel at the elegant yet rustic salvaged wood design.

Nightstands with Drawers

A traditional, rather than floating, nightstand may be more in line with what you’re looking for. While hanging bedside tables provide a distinctive look to your bedroom, non-hanging nightstands provide flexibility. They can be switched out easily and moved from room to room to provide storage for suites, guest rooms, kids’ rooms, and more.

For extra storage that’s tucked out of sight, explore our nightstand options with two drawers. From the Monarch Collection, the double drawer version of the nightstand is contemporary chic. Like the Marcel, Monarch was designed by Manitoba-based Matthew Kroeker, and evokes a sense of refinement. The walnut or oak dowels and matching finish, paired with its substantial structure and design, make a strong statement. This nightstand includes under-mounted full-extension drawer slides to allow for more inner drawer space.

For a design that’s low profile but still has plenty of storage, look no further than the Boom Nightstand. As part of the Boom Bedroom Collection, this single drawer nightstand boasts a square design and red oak veneer. With plenty of room in the drawer and side handle pulls, the Boom nightstand makes it easy to organize a bedroom.

Extra storage can also be found within the single drawer of the Marcel Nightstand. With a trestle base, solid wood handles, and side-mounted full extension drawer slides, this bedside table has a mid century appeal with clean lines and simple styling. Available in oak, walnut, or black oak finish, Marcel is a piece that complements a range of styles from contemporary to modern, minimalist, and mid century modern bedrooms. And because of the color and pattern variations, no two of these nightstands are alike.

Another single drawer bedside table, the Reclaimed Teak Nightstand is as beautiful and naturally inspired as the name suggests. Featuring a salvaged solid teak wood board material across its front, this rustic modern or naturally inspired nightstand showcases the natural beauty and intricacies of reclaimed teak wood. Because of the reclaimed nature of the wood, salvaged from the central Java region of Indonesia, each piece is completely one of a kind. The wood is finished with an environmentally sensitive water-based finishing product to protect against cracking and surface damage and the case is available in either an almond or charcoal color.

For a solid wood case that closer to home, discover our Ora Nightstand. Designed in-house, this solid wood nightstand with minimalist lines is fabricated in Canada of Douglas Fir. The small footprint of this gorgeous piece highlights the beauty of the wood. The shallow construction is perfect for small-space living and a smaller bedroom, and the finger-jointed details on each corner and subtle whitewash and topcoat finish reveal the nature of solid Douglas fir.

Nightstands with Shelves

If you’re more inclined to show off treasured pieces and current reads than tucking them all away, you may gravitate to our range of bedside tables that have open shelves as a feature. Styles range from modern, contemporary, and mid century modern inspired, with tall and shorter styles to accommodate your space.

Available in both oak and walnut finishes, the Monarch Collection Single Drawer Nightstand features unique round dowel legs, with a single narrow drawer above and display shelving below. Designed by Winnipeg-based Matthew Kroeker, Monarch evokes a sense of refinement, yet makes a strong statement in its substantial structure and design. The Monarch single drawer nightstands include under-mounted full-extension drawer slides to allow for more inner drawer space. It is finished with an environmentally sensitive water-based solution, and the solid wood finish has variations in coloration and pattern, making no two pieces identical.

For a design with some mid century interest, the Marcel open shelf nightstand, like other pieces in the Marcel collection, offers subtly geometric detailing and style. Choose from oak, walnut, or black oak finish to suit your color palette, and then display books and more on the upper open shelf. This timeless piece has color and pattern variations that make it completely unique and features a trestle base, solid oak or walnut handles, and side-mounted full extension drawer slides. It’s finished with an environmentally sensitive water-based solution.

Our Ora Tall Nightstand also features an open shelf below and a single drawer above. Composed of solid Douglas Fir wood of Canadian origin, this bedside table like every piece in the Ora Collection was manufactured in Quebec. The shallow construction pair with shelf and drawer means that you can add extra storage options to a small bedroom. Its finger-jointed details on each corner reveal the nature of solid Douglas fir, and the piece finished with a subtle whitewash and topcoat to reveal the subtle, minimalistic, beautiful details of the wood itself.

No matter what style you’re going for, EQ3 has a nightstand that will suit your purpose. Line hanging nightstands on a wall beside or stacked on each other for a truly unique storage solution. Add our smaller pieces in kids’ rooms for an updated look. Choose a single nightstand for a smaller space, and add another to pair them up for a suite or larger room. Explore our options and get inspired by our imagery from other customers. Design your perfect sanctuary away from the world, or reach out to our Design Consultants for answers to questions around size, color, and aesthetics. Then pair your chosen nightstand with other pieces in the same collection to create a bedroom set, including a bed frame with storage or without. Or mix and match across collections and with upholstered beds to curate a look that’s all yours. Then add a mattress, bed linens, pillows, accent pillows, and complete with water glass, tea mug, books, art, and tuck in for a nap or a good night’s sleep.