Modern Entryway Benches

Make getting out the door every morning a breeze with a cleverly designed entryway. Benches with or without storage serve as a place to put on your shoes each morning, store your essential items like purses and keys, and give structure to the space that acts as the transition between your home and the outside world.

Entryway Bench Ideas

For an entryway that is both organized and functional to help you start your day on the right foot, consider an entryway bench. Choose one with storage to keep your scarves, mittens, bags, and umbrellas within easy reach. Choose an upholstered bench for an extra comfy seat that can be used for additional guest seating in a pinch. Versatile and functional: entryway benches help your space work for you.

Entryway Bench Design

From the mid-century modern style of the upholstered Bank bench to the rustic Harvest bench to the refined solid-wood Ban bench, we have choices to suit a variety of aesthetics and functions. Choose a taller bench and use it as additional dining table seating when you need it. Opt for a bench with a coatrack to serve double duty. Or choose a bench with a smaller footprint for small-space living. You decide.

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