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A beautiful space goes to waste when it’s hidden in the dark. Illuminate your home with everything from task to mood lighting with our EQ3 lightbulbs. Looking to outfit your home with an on-trend industrial look? Our Edison light bulbs, exposed to open air, give off a muted ambiance sure to be a favorite. Or, go for our energy-efficient, LED light bulbs. Ultimately, lighting has a lot to do with how you want to feel in a space, so consider the purpose of the room and the feelings you hope to evoke. Different settings might call for a different type of lighting: understated and elegant might be the mood you want to set, in which case you’ll want diffuse lighting to create a soothing atmosphere. In this scenario, you’d want bulbs with a lower wattage. On the other hand, an office space will need a more direct kind of illumination to ensure adequate focus. This will require higher wattage.