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Functional & Modern Dinette Tables

Dining tables have been an integral part of household furniture for a long time. However, with the changes in people's dining habits, many families have fallen out of love with traditional tables and opt for smaller, attractive dinette tables. They offer the same functionality and are available at a lower price.

Go for Smaller Dinette Sets instead of Bigger Tables

Although people’s habits have changed a lot over the years, dining tables still hold their importance as they are the focal point where family members meet for meals. If you are low on space and can't place a big table at your home or kitchen, then you should change your plan and order a smaller dinette table.

Dinette tables are more than pieces of furniture that help you get together and have your meals. The modern dinette tables are perfect for your living room or dining space where you can enjoy the meals and have conversations with your family members. The designs, styles, colors, and deals on dinette tables at EQ3 is great. Anyone shopping for these tables for their kitchen or dining room should check our collection.

EQ3 Dinette Table Range

Whatever your requirements may be, EQ3 offers the best contemporary styles of dinette tables ranging from square, rectangular, and round shapes to wooden and glass tops. You can choose from our range of dinette tables and personalize your dining room or kitchen with these amazing pieces of furniture.

Square Top Dinette Tables

Kacia Square Dinette Table

Square tables are most common among dining table furniture in households as they are easy to use and create a sense of symmetry for the users. Square tables offer adequate space to put your plates and dining essentials on the top.

It is easy to access the dining essentials and foods served on square tables. You can use the Kacia square dinette table for placing photo frames or other things also. It is not limited for using just for dining or eating purposes.

Place Square Dinette Tables

Place is another square dining table that homeowners prefer for their dining rooms. The base and legs are wooden, but it has a glass tabletop that can make it the focal point in any dining room. Glass top catches attention due to the reflection of light and adds to the aesthetic and elegance of your kitchen or dining space.

In addition, the glass top is durable enough to tolerate the weight of food items and dining essentials. However, you should avoid putting sharp items on the table to prevent scratches on the glass.

Round Top Dinette Tables

Kacia Round Dinette Tables

Round Dinette tables are popular among families as they offer more space to walk around. Unlike square and rectangular tables with corners, round tables are convenient to walk around and take less space than square dinette tables. You can easily put the table and the seats away when not in use.

As there are no corners, homeowners can put more seats around a round table. Family members are closer to each other while dining at the Kacia round dinette table. Also, it is easier to ship round tables as compared to other shapes and sizes.

Ease Round Expandable Dinette Table

The Ease Round Expandable Dinette table is similar to the Kacia table except for the legs' difference in size and alignment. Available in various sizes, this table is bigger than the Kacia round dinette table.

It can save a lot of space as homeowners can tuck the chair underneath and pull them out only while dining. This is especially useful for people living in flats and apartments short on space. You can also place the table in the open garden area or at the rooftop.

Place Round Dinette Tables

The Place Round Dinette Tables are great for households who want a round table with a glass top. It is ideal for placing in small spaces due to its round shape, and in living rooms, for the elegance, it offers to the space. Even if you tuck them under the table, the chairs are visible through the glass. The glass top and round shape add aesthetic appeal to your space.

Choose from our Exciting Dinette Table Collection

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