EQ3's Origins

Founded in 2001, EQ3 is a Canadian retailer and manufacturer committed to quality craftsmanship and design. EQ3 promotes original design, domestic manufacturing, and a unique Canadian perspective on modern home furnishings and products.

EQ3 was established in Winnipeg under the direction of Peter Tielmann. After moving to Canada from Germany, Peter began working for Palliser Furniture and recognized the need for a modern Canadian furniture retail alternative in North America — one that caters to a design-oriented client looking for quality furniture that will stand the test of time.

While at first designed to be sold through other retailers, after rapid success the concept of a franchise developed and free-standing EQ3 stores began opening across the country. Realizing that in order to develop a strong brand that speaks to the passion for modern design and innovative furniture, Tielmann and EQ3 decided to buy back those Canadian franchises and work toward creating a concept store from which to base the experience, vision, and language EQ3 represents. EQ3 has since grown to become a vertically integrated chain of retail stores that champions innovation and quality furniture design for everyday life and for every home, no matter the size.

Alongside our exclusive EQ3 product line, we have also expanded our retail offering with EQ3+, a line that partners with modern design institutions and brands like Herman Miller, Vitra, and Marimekko to provide access to design classics from Charles and Ray Eames to contemporary innovations by the Bouroullec brothers. This curated line of brands proves the value and timelessness of authentic design and showcases how our line of new classics can fit beside these storied pieces.

Thoughtfully Designed for Everyday Living

Celebrated British designer, William Morris, once said “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” At EQ3 we focus on design and home furnishings that combine function, beauty, and long-lasting quality. We work passionately toward producing thoughtful design that stands the test of time. Each product is designed by either EQ3’s internal design team or in collaboration with designers from around the world. We are committed to achieving a balance in both high-quality crafted product and affordability, and our Winnipeg-based facilities allow for exceptional flexibility and closeness when engineering and producing upholstered goods. You can see this commitment in the choice of materials and the ways in which our products are designed and manufactured. Providing custom-made furniture and owning our manufacturing facilities allows us to control the level of quality and customization in our products that we are so proud of.

Carefully Crafted with You in Mind

At EQ3 we are proud of our roots and produce the majority of our furniture in Canada. Our custom plant in Winnipeg manufactures all of our customized upholstery pieces, which means that when you order a custom-made EQ3 piece upholstered in your choice of over 130 fabrics or leathers you can count on it arriving home in as little as eight weeks. You can even see the process behind the construction of one of our popular sofas, the Cello, here. In order to provide you with a curated offering of our best selling EQ3 favourites without the wait, we work closely with our partner manufacturing plant in Mexico that specializes in producing our streamlined Ready to Ship program.

Roughly thirty percent of our products are manufactured overseas. Many of our bedroom and storage furniture pieces are manufactured at our ethically run factory in Indonesia, and our rugs come from India where they are handwoven by talented artisans, feature natural materials (like wool, cotton, and jute), and are made using techniques that have been passed down through generations.

Easily Customized to Suit Your Space

We strive to not simply produce innovative and unique design for your home, but to provide furniture and home décor that suits your personal style and taste – and your space. With this in mind, we have amassed over 130 different fabric and leather upholstery options to choose from in order to ensure you are bringing home a sofa, ottoman, cushion, or sectional that perfectly suits you. We are often able to provide multiple options for finishes, sofa or chair leg styles, tabletop and base options, and sectional configurations. We are committed to ensuring that good quality, modern design is not only affordable but accessible and easily integrated into your space, no matter the size or aesthetic. Additionally, our trained sales associates and design experts are on hand for in-store or in-home consultations to be sure you’re making the most of your home’s potential.

EQ3's Future

With eleven stores across Canada, three U.S. retail locations, and a robust wholesale and e-commerce presence, EQ3 is continuing to develop and grow as a leader in the modern furniture landscape. We continue to work hard to be known for our wide variety of ready-to-ship and customizable products at an exceptional value. We are committed to working toward being a more socially and environmentally responsible company while providing the purchase experience, online or in-store, that helps customers feel confident in and empowered by their design decisions. An employer of choice, we are committed to setting progressive standards for workplace satisfaction, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship.

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