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Eames® Lounge Chair and Ottoman

BY Herman Miller

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The iconic Eames® Lounge Chair and Ottoman is a Herman Miller staple of mid-century design pairing soft leather or fine fabrics and moulded wood. Authenticated with its signature medallion on the chair's underside.

Choose from Italian Prone Leather, Mohair Fabric, or soft and cozy textured boucle Flamiber Fabric.

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Please note: There is an 12 to 16-week lead time delivery for all custom made Herman Miller orders.

All Herman Miller products are delivered directly from Herman Miller’s manufacturing facility. All Herman Miller products are made-to-order


Eames® Lounge Chair and Ottoman
32.7″w × 32.7″d × 32″h

These large custom made Herman Miller items currently have an extended lead time and will be delivered by freight using Herman Miller’s logistical partner. Delivery timelines will vary depending on your location, however, please allow approximately 12-16 weeks for delivery.

Herman Millers’ delivery partner will contact you to set up an appointment to deliver your order within 24 to 48 hours of the product arriving at the local warehouse. All deliveries require an appointment and take place Monday to Friday between 8AM-5PM local time.

This is a threshold delivery – product will be placed just inside homeowner’s preferred entrance.

Herman Miller offers a 5-year warranty that covers everything--including electrical components, casters, pneumatic cylinders, tilts, and all moving mechanisms. It also offers a 3-shift warranty that recognizes the changing nature of work and the need for products that can stand up to continuous use. Herman Miller labour-included warranty offers warranty work performed in Canada free of charge. View Herman Miller complete warranty.

Herman Miller Model #'s:

3350-600-80 ES67071OU1NX13

3350-600-83 ES67071OU1NX07

3350-600-87 ES67071OU1NX02

3350-600-88 ES67071OU1NX20

3350-601-80 ES67071OU8Q101

3350-601-83 ES67071OU8Q104

3350-601-84 ES67071OU8Q106

3350-602-85 ES67071OUZMS29

3350-602-87 ES67071OUZMS18

3350-602-88 ES67071OUZMS07

3350-606-13 ES67071OU1NX06

The Comfortable, Luxurious Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman For Your Home

The American brand, Herman Miller, started in 1905 as Star Furniture Co. and has been manufacturing world-class, high-quality home and office furniture for over a century now. The brand collaborated with famous mid century and modern designers to create its unique and attractive furniture products. The company has trademark Eames®, Cosm®, Aeron®, Setu®, and other designs that are loved by people across the globe.

EQ3 is proud to partner with Herman Miller as an authorized retailer in Canada. Our catalogue of products includes everything from seating, tables, living room, dining room, kitchen, and all types of furniture one may need for their home or office. Whether you are looking for a cozy place to relax at home, watch movies, read a book, or just spend time sitting, EQ3 has multiple Herman Miller chairs for you, with the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman being a top option.

A Historic and Iconic Chair by Herman Miller

The one of a kind chair by Herman Miller was designed by Ray and Charles Eames in 1956, and even after many years after that, its unique modern design is instantly recognizable and can add life to any domestic or commercial interior space. One of the top 20th-century furniture items, the Eames chair is a proper modern furniture icon, and its wood and leather design keeps getting better as it ages.

You must have surely seen this furniture masterpiece someday in your life, and not even realized its aura and authenticity. After debuting in 1956, the chair has scaled new heights and is placed in many museums globally, which proves its impact and luxury.

Also known as 670 and 671, the chair has all hallmark Eames features, including humble plywood use and standard parts. Considered as the 20th-century interpretation of an English club chair, the timeless Eames lounge chair offers luxury and long-lasting comfort through the reclining seat and easily repairable and replaceable parts.

You can get the Classic version of the chair, but in today’s time, an average person is taller and heavier than before, so the Tall option is ideal too. For the upholstery, you can choose between ivory leather, black leather, graphite leather, etc. All generations love the warm, receptive look and exuberant comfort provided by this mid century modern chair.

History and Design Story Behind the Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Throughout their career, Ray and Charles Eames made a lot of contributions to furniture designs and industrial designs. Their focus was on simplicity, practicality, and a sleek design instead of going for elaborate over-the-top designs using expensive luxury materials. The couple are pioneers when it comes to using plastic, molded plywood, and fibreglass, with the original Eames Lounge Chair being their most famous piece of furniture.

Charles and Ray took inspiration from English club chairs and their heavy leather armchairs, round arms, wood or nailhead accents, and tufted seat backs. The result was a unique shape combining the benefits of a leather recliner and a high-quality office chair. It is lighter and slimmer than a traditional English chair and far more comfortable.

Basically, the chair has three molded plywood shells with many plywood layers and an attractive wood grain veneer layer at the top. Originally, only Brazilian rosewood was used for adding finishes, but after 1990 many more options were made available to the customers. Charles and Ray made the design for Herman Miller, but the brand Vitra has the copyrights to the design for Europe.

The aim behind the chair was to offer maximum comfort to anyone who sits on it, and its deliberate tilt design distributes weight evenly throughout the chair. The form and design of the chair emphasize on a thick leather cushion and innovative hardwood molding, which matures considerably over time.

The featuring of the Eames Lounge chair and Ottoman in multiple museums, documentaries, and designers’ books is a testament to the quality, style, and impact of the iconic chair.

The Perfect Combination of Comfort, Luxury, and Appearance

The sole purpose behind the chair and Ottoman was to offer welcoming comfort to any human body that sits on it. It was made to offer refuge and comfort to people from the strains and stresses of daily life. Even after being globally recognized for over 50 years now, the original, handcrafted nature of the chair puts emphasis on the tiniest of details which offers authenticity and distinguishes it from other chairs and furniture products.

Just like other classic chairs, this chair gets better with each passing day. Elite craftsmanship and consistency in manufacturing go a long way in making this chair authentic and unforgettable. Every single piece is handmade, and the use of innovative hardware is made to fasten seat cushions to the chair’s shell without hindering its look and appearance. The fine wood face veneer adds to the premium, ultra-luxurious aura of this chair.

The chair is made of 3 molded plywood shells comprising of multiple plywood layers and a pivoting cast aluminum base for mounting the tailormade leather soft cushions. An ergonomic, flexible design is attained by using a special technology of bonding and molding plywood with rubber shock mounts.

Molded plywood is constructed with hardwood plies made in a press under adequate pressure and heat to form the desired shape and size. One of many premium and luxurious face veneers are used to construct the exterior ply.

Well-Planned Design Using Standardised Parts

Just like the lounge chair, the Ottoman has its structural plywood molded shell. So there are two basic plywood parts: the 2 back panels and the chair and its Ottoman seat. Therefore, even though the piece of furniture is expensive, it offers great value for money thanks to the use of standardized parts and dimensions. The chair almost costs the same as it first came out, and it does not depreciate even after decades, making it perfect for building a family legacy.

When the chair was launched, a graphic was released showing its standard component parts that have a long life. The lounge chair comprises of the seat cushion, spider, arms, back cushion, glides, star base, seat shell, shock mounts, connector plate, back spacers, back connectors, back shells, and the upholstery material. The Ottoman seat comprises of the seat cushion, shell, spider, base, and glides.

You can remove the cushions or even reverse them if they get compacted. It is possible to reverse the back cushions from top to bottom individually. Also, you can reverse or even use the chair seat or Ottoman seat cushion interchangeably. Therefore, the luxury chair is made with minimal standardized parts, and even after decades of use, you can replace or repair any part if the need arises.

A Universal, Recognizable Form

Lounge chairs are a big part of living rooms, and the iconic universal American design of the Eames chair offers comfort and an aesthetic appearance to any living room where it is placed. You can select from a range of veneers, many options for upholstery, including Mohair or leathers, the Classic or Tall size option, and other things. One thing is for sure, whatever customizations you select, you are sure to get unmatched authenticity and a high-quality design.

The Ottoman and the lounge chair both are handcrafted and made, paying extra attention to little details. The plywood shells have 7-ply veneers, with each seat cushion individually upholstered and easy to replace. Die-cast aluminum is used to build the base and back braces of both the Ottoman and the chair.

Also, the base of the chair features an integrated swivel mechanism. Natural, high-quality and durable rubber is used for the shock mounts, while the adjustable and high-quality chair glides are made with strong stainless steel.

The set of chair and Ottoman are globally recognized, and even its configuration has trademark registration to minimize duplicate, counterfeit products.

Make the Chair Personalized and Expansive

The materials, form, and parts used to build the chair have an important part in the chair’s overall experience. As discussed above, you can choose from different veneers, and upholstery options and the craftsmen will put immense effort and dedication to build a high-quality, custom chair for you. You can make any selections based on your home or office’s interior so that the chair set matches with the aesthetic and gives a beautiful look wherever it is placed.

Also, instead of the Classic version, you can order the Tall version for more space and relaxed seating. The expansive chair and Ottoman are expansive and can be used in multiple ways. Recline the chair as much as you want and use the Ottoman as a footrest. If additional seating is needed for a party or function, the versatile Ottoman can be used to sit too.

No two interior spaces are the same, and to help you attain the perfect match, the Eames set offers you a black ebony-stained and white ash shell to choose between. The ebony version features either black MCL leather or one of many Mohair colours. The white ash option offers multiple Supreme Mohair colours or MCL leather options for the cushion upholstery. The chair’s metal components have white or black finishing that make the base polished aluminum accents stand out.

Perfect Use of Mass-Production Techniques and Handcrafting for Ideal Support & Comfort

The main reason behind the popularity of the Eames lounge chair and Ottoman is its superior support and comfort. The seat cushions do not clump or flatten over time, and the hides used in them have many natural variations that reveal unique personalities as they age.

The seat has a permanent tilt design to reduce stress on the lower spine and distribute it evenly across the chair. There is a low cushion piece to support the lower back while the angle offers extra support to the chest area. Even the Ottoman has health benefits and restores normal blood circulation across the body.

Order Your Custom Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Now

Visit the EQ3 website to check out our collection of the latest office and home furniture products while staying updated about all new offers and exclusive discounts. We are Canada’s most reliable furniture brand, and our products are perfect for your interior design needs. The range of chairs at our store is great, but the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman do stand out.

Also, note that the Eames lounge chair is custom-made based on your order and shipped directly from Herman Miller’s facility. Therefore, you need to wait for 18 to 22 weeks for your order and cannot refund, return, or cancel your order. The great thing is that the Eames chair comes with a 5-year warranty covering all electronic parts, tilts, upholstery, casters, and other mechanisms. The warranty covers all labour work free of cost.

Personalize the lounge chair as you want for modern living and place your order at our website. The product is expensive, but it will stay in good condition for a long time period, and you won’t have to replace it. Quality comes first, and at EQ3, we are dedicated to providing the best furniture products from the most famous global brands.