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Plants provide a welcome dose of personality to any space they inhabit, but to keep those leafy greens, succulents, and florals in tip-top shape, you need to offer a little TLC.

Oftentimes, taking care of plants is cherished as a meditative practice. A simple way to feel productive and connected with nature. In fact, plant caretaking is about as simple as it gets: just add water. But for the modern greenspace, which considers aesthetics as integral, you’ll need a watering can that’s capable of blending in (or standing out!) alongside your vignette of plant life.

Shop the simple, Scandinavian-inspired polished brass indoor watering can, Dansk, gilded in a gorgeous gold hue and equipped to double as a statement piece when off duty. Look for an anti-drip spout, with no-mess maintenance. Our selection of watering cans is not only highly functional, but they also operate as a work of art within your space.