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Eames® Molded Plastic Side Chair Dowel Base

BY Herman Miller

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Design that forms to you for maximized comfort, this simplistic Herman Miller piece, designed by Charles and Ray Eames, is a classic seating option you can incorporate into any room.

Wood dowel legs come in your choice of ebony stained white ash, solid walnut, or solid maple. Choose from a variety of colour options for the waterfall edged molded plastic seat and metal base options.

  • 100% recyclable polypropylene shell material
  • No assembly required
  • EQ3 is an Authorized Herman Miller® Retailer

Please note: There is an 8 to 12-week lead time delivery for all custom made Herman Miller orders.

All Herman Miller products are delivered directly from Herman Miller’s manufacturing facility. All Herman Miller products are made-to-order.


Eames® Molded Plastic Side Chair Dowel Base
31.7″w × 21″d × 18″h

Wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth. Do not use harsh abrasives or household cleaners as they may damage the finish.

These large custom made Herman Miller items currently have an extended lead time and will be delivered by freight using Herman Miller’s logistical partner. Delivery timelines will vary depending on your location, however, please allow approximately 8-12 weeks for delivery.

Herman Millers’ delivery partner will contact you to set up an appointment to deliver your order within 24 to 48 hours of the product arriving at the local warehouse. All deliveries require an appointment and take place Monday to Friday between 8AM-5PM local time.

This is a threshold delivery – product will be placed just inside homeowner’s preferred entrance.

Herman Miller offers a 5-year warranty that covers everything--including electrical components, casters, pneumatic cylinders, tilts, and all moving mechanisms. It also offers a 3-shift warranty that recognizes the changing nature of work and the need for products that can stand up to continuous use. Herman Miller labour-included warranty offers warranty work performed in Canada free of charge. View Herman Miller complete warranty.

Herman Miller Model #'s:

3350-336-4 DSW.BKENZAE8

3350-336-35 DSW.BKENBLGE8

3350-336-82 DSW.BKENBRKE8

3350-336-8 DSW.BKENCC1E8

3350-336-44 DSW.BKENDYLE8

3350-336-5 DSW.BKENEVGE8

3350-336-75 DSW.BKENRYGE8

3350-336-17 DSW.BKENLTYE8

3350-336-77 DSW.BKENMGRE8

3350-336-3 DSW.BKENPBUE8

3350-336-24 DSW.BKENZEE8

3350-336-0 DSW.BKENZFE8

3350-343-1 DSW.47ENZAE8

3350-343-35 DSW.47ENBLGE8

3350-343-82 DSW.47ENBRKE8

3350-343-8 DSW.47ENCC1E8

3350-343-4 DSW.47ENDYLE8

3350-343-5 DSW.47ENEVGE8

3350-343-75 DSW.47ENRYGE8

3350-343-7 DSW.47ENLTYE8

3350-343-77 DSW.47ENMGRE8

3350-343-3 DSW.47ENPBUE8

3350-343-24 DSW.47ENZEE8

3350-343-0 DSW.47ENZFE8

3350-316-4 DSW.BKULZAE8

3350-316-6 DSW.BKULZEE8

3350-316-1 DSW.BKULZFE8

3350-338-1 DSW.47ULZAE8

3350-342-0 DSW.47ULZFE8

3350-342-24 DSW.47ULZEE8

3350-346-0 DSW.91ULZFE8

3350-346-75 DSW.91ULRYGE8

3350-346-82 DSW.91ULBRKE8

3350-338-4 DSW.BKOUZAE8

3350-338-35 DSW.BKOUBLGE8

3350-338-82 DSW.BKOUBRKE8

3350-338-8 DSW.BKOUCC1E8

3350-338-44 DSW.BKOUDYLE8

3350-338-5 DSW.BKOUEVGE8

3350-338-75 DSW.BKOURYGE8

3350-338-7 DSW.BKOULTYE8

3350-338-77 DSW.BKOUMGRE8

3350-338-83 DSW.BKOUPBUE8

3350-338-24 DSW.BKOUZEE8

3350-338-0 DSW.BKOUZFE8

3350-345-1 DSW.47OUZAE8

3350-345-35 DSW.47OUBLGE8

3350-345-82 DSW.47OUBRKE8

3350-345-8 DSW.47OUCC1E8

3350-345-4 DSW.47OUDYLE8

3350-345-5 DSW.47OUEVGE8

3350-345-75 DSW.47OURYGE8

3350-345-7 DSW.47OULTYE8

3350-345-77 DSW.47OUMGRE8

3350-345-3 DSW.47OUPBUE8

3350-345-24 DSW.47OUZEE8

3350-345-0 DSW.47OUZFE8