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Mirra 2® Chair

BY Herman Miller

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The Herman Miller Mirra 2® adapts to the curves, lines, and shape of your body providing ultimate comfort and maximized support. When you move, it adapts, supporting you for as long as your hardest work days. Customize this Herman Miller office chair with your choice of material and shape.

The Mirra 2® Triflex Polymer Back Chair allows you to limit your recline range to suit your needs throughout the day. Adjust your seat's angle and arms, as well as your arms, lumbar, and seamlessly move with multi-floor casters.

The Mirra 2® Butterfly Suspension Back Chair features a flexible polymer shell with fabric layer. Limit your recline range to suit your needs throughout the day. Adjust your seat's angle and arms, as well as your arms, lumbar, and seamlessly move with multi-floor casters.

  • Authorized Herman Miller® Retailer
  • No assembly required
  • Made in U.S.A.

Please note: There is an 8 to 12-week lead time delivery for all custom made Herman Miller orders.

All Herman Miller products are delivered directly from Herman Miller’s manufacturing facility. All Herman Miller products are made-to-order.


Height Range: 38.8" - 42.8"

Seat Height Range: 16" - 20.5"

Mirra 2® Chair
30″w × 18.5″d × 38.8″h

These large custom made Herman Miller items currently have an extended lead time and will be delivered by freight using Herman Miller’s logistical partner. Delivery timelines will vary depending on your location, however, please allow approximately 8-12 weeks for delivery.

Herman Millers’ delivery partner will contact you to set up an appointment to deliver your order within 24 to 48 hours of the product arriving at the local warehouse. All deliveries require an appointment and take place Monday to Friday between 8AM-5PM local time.

This is a threshold delivery – product will be placed just inside homeowner’s preferred entrance.

Herman Miller offers a 12-year warranty that covers everything--including electrical components, casters, pneumatic cylinders, tilts, and all moving mechanisms. It also offers a 3-shift warranty that recognizes the changing nature of work and the need for products that can stand up to continuous use. Herman Miller labour-included warranty offers warranty work performed in Canada free of charge. View Herman Miller complete warranty .

Herman Miller Model #'s:

3350-508-30 MRF123AWAFAJ65C7DTR8M25631A707

3350-509-40 MRF123AWAFAJ65C7BRN8M24631A706

3350-509-70 MRF123AWAFAJ65C7988M10631A701

3350-810-00 MRF123AWAPAJ65C798631A701

3350-810-03 MRF123AWAPAJ65C797631A708

3350-810-033 MRF123AWAFAJ65C7978M26631A708

3350-810-04 MRF123AWAPAJ65C7BRN631A706

3350-810-05 MRF123AWAPAJ65C7DTR631A707

3350-810-06 MRF123AWAPAJ65C7SG631A702

3350-810-066 MRF123AWAFAJ65C7SG8M21631A702

3350-810-09 MRF123AWAPAJ65C7G1631A703

3350-810-091 MRF123AWAFAJ65C7G18M17631A703

3350-810-9 MRF123AWAPAJG1C7G1BK1A703

3350-810-90 MRF123AWAPAJG1C798BK1A701

3350-810-93 MRF123AWAPAJG1C797BK1A708

3350-810-94 MRF123AWAPAJG1C7BRNBK1A706

3350-810-95 MRF123AWAPAJG1C7DTRBK1A707

3350-810-96 MRF123AWAPAJG1C7SGBK1A702

3350-811-11 MRF123AWAFAJG1C7G18M17BK1A703

3350-811-31 MRF123AWAFAJG1C7DTR8M25BK1A707

3350-811-71 MRF123AWAFAJG1C7988M10BK1A701

3350-811-933 MRF123AWAFAJG1C7978M26BK1A708

3350-811-944 MRF123AWAFAJG1C7BRN8M24BK1A706

3350-811-966 MRF123AWAFAJG1C7SG8M21BK1A702