A look behind the scenes - Autumn catalogue 2012

EQ3 Autumn Catalogue

Printing Autumn 2012

This year EQ3 was fortunate enough to work with Winnipeg based-printer The Prolific Group. From paper recommendations, to colour profiles, to press checks, The Prolific Group worked with us on every aspect of the printing process to ensure the best quality possible.

Prolific has printed a large amount of our favourite publications including: Bad Day Magazine, Corduroy and Lapham's Quarterly among others. We are excited to be added to their list of fantastic Canadian and international publications.

To coincide with the launch of French EQ3.com, we are very excited to introduce the very first French print edition of the EQ3 catalogue. We hope the Autumn 2012 French edition will be well received with our French customer base in the province of Quebec and beyond.  

Catalogues will be in store by August 10th. Visit an EQ3 location near you or request a copy here.

Graphic Design

In 2011 EQ3 began significant graphic updates. From in-store signage, to external print material, to our major marketing initiative for the year, the catalogue, all aspects of EQ3’s marketing were rethought.

The 2011 catalogue set a new precedent for EQ3’s graphic design. Major changes were made in every area of our most important marketing tool. Content was presented in a new and minimal way. Lifestyle photography was shot locally in Winnipeg. An uncoated, FSC certified paper was selected.

In planning for the 2012 catalogue, we had a solid foundation to build upon. Much of the graphic work put into this year's catalogue was focused on refining and simplifying the content and overall presentation of the product line.

Improving clarity, readability, content structure, and supplying additional layers of graphic interest were the main goals of our in house design team. To improve the overall graphic interest of the publication, we worked to achieve a greater variety within the page structures and layout of the content. We allowed the nature of the content to sculpt the page as opposed to conforming it to a set layout.    

A new graphic element was added into this year's catalogue. Introduction and article pages feature a collage element exhibiting sketches, photographs, design details, and graphics describing the story behind our design and manufacturing processes at EQ3.

Below are some process shots, sketches, and other elements that went into making our Autumn 2012 catalogue our best catalogue yet.


At EQ3 we design the kind of furniture we would want for ourselves, which is why for our Autumn catalogue we visited the homes of our friends, families and coworkers to photograph our furniture.  In addition to displaying the new and existing product line, we hope that what we’ve captured will help you to envision our product in your space and get you excited for what’s to come.

Throughout the week, we will give you a look behind the scenes on the creation of our Autumn 2012 catalogue. Let’s begin with a look inside the photography process.
The 2012 catalogue photo shoot was an exceptionally fun and involved process. In staying with the spirit of last year's catalogue, we photographed all our furniture and room settings within EQ3 employees' and friend's houses. Soon after shooting locations were scouted, individual shots were planned for each space. Selecting furniture, accessories, colours, and styling while allotting them to their most desirable locations takes a lot of forethought. Below are a couple sketches depicting shots that were planned for a variety of the chosen sites.

For this year's shoot we brought in Veronique Hoegger, a Zurich based photographer. Veronique has shot for a number of our favourite publications including Wallpaper, It's Nice That, Casa de Abitare and Monocle. We felt that Veronique’s style was suitable in continuing the atmospheric and obtainable aesthetic direction we were after. You can see a selection of work on her website at www.ver.ch

Veronique was exceptionally fun to work with, and we are all quite happy with the end result.