Generation Art 2013

Canadian modern furniture company, EQ3, and the Michaëlle Jean Foundation (FMJF) are thrilled to announce the winners of the Generation Art Challenge. The fruit of a national partnership between the furniture company and the charitable Foundation, the project allows youth from across the country to raise awareness about social issues through art. 

The drawings, paintings, and sketches of nine young winners will be reimagined onto interior décor accessories for design-lovers across Canada, available in EQ3 stores and online at www.EQ3.com starting October 30th, 2012. The limited edition EQ3 product line will include graphic notebooks, postcards, posters, printed bean bag chairs, ottomans and pillows, of which the full proceeds will be reinvested in FMJF youth initiatives. Co-founded by the 27th Governor General of Canada, the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, and her husband, the filmmaker, philosopher and writer, Jean-Daniel Lafond, the Michaëlle Jean Foundation supports youth arts initiatives that transform young lives and revitalize underserved communities across Canada.

“EQ3 is proud to invest in young Canadian artists striving to stimulate social change through their work,” said Peter Tielmann, President of EQ3. “We are honoured to support young artists to not only express their hopes for a better society, but to change the destinies of deserving youth across the country, through the proceeds of EQ3’s Generation Art product line.” 

Launched on October 27, 2011, across Canada, the initiative invited youth between the ages of 15 and 30 to submit original artwork depicting their dreams and aspirations for our country, reflecting on the theme: Imagine…A better community. Reinforcing EQ3’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, Generation Art winners will benefit from mentorship, networking and workshop opportunities with seasoned industrial design professionals from EQ3. Additionally, winners will be awarded the Generation Art product featuring their winning design and a $200 EQ3 gift card. 

“Artistic expression as a vehicle of communication transcends borders and cultivates constructive dialogue between generations. The Generation Art project is an example of how a socially responsible Canadian company can empower youth to promote a message of hope and develop, through an act of creation, their civic and social responsibilities,” explain FMJF Co-Founders and Co-Presidents, Mme Jean and Mr. Jean–Daniel Lafond.

The Winners

Each of the following nine winning pieces of art are unique, with themes ranging from urban environment to changing seasons, international beauty to nature and wildlife. Get to know the artists and their inspirations below:

One more time, One more chance 
*Special EQ3 Selection 
Artist: Simon Yiu, 30 
Location: Toronto, Ontario 

A better community involves every living creature and not just human beings… we need to cherish Earth as a precious resource and co-exist with animals and treat them as equal. 

For Nurture
Artists: Henry Raul Yu, 28; Ian Keteku, 27
Location: Calgary, Alberta; Ottawa, Ontario

Furniture is used to comfort, support, hold up and protect: a responsibility we feel humans have towards each other. Only when we act as furniture; society will remain without proper support, unable to sit up and pay attention to injustice or stand up against evils and wrongs in the world.


Artists: Madeline Campbell, 16; Melissa Attenborough,
16; Alia Shahab, 24; Lani Wilson, 26
Location: Cochrane, Alberta

The four panels represent the individuals that make up a community. Each panel characterizes one of the four seasons and, in turn, the seasons represent the cycles of life.


I and Eye Diaspora
Artist: Kalkidan Assefa, 29
Location: Ottawa, Ontario

A better community requires a shared vision of what could be, and my piece is an attempt to present how seemingly unrelated individuals can share that same vision.


Artist: Sophie Levesque, 22
Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick

My painting represents a better community since it’s portraying individuals buying at a farmers market…a fine example of community coming together to support each other.


Infinity to One
Artist: Stephanie Hoogveld, 27
Location: Calgary, Alberta

This painting represents the voices of our youth who strive for a better community. Using numbers we have no barrier of language or culture, we have a raw truth that speaks for change.


Morphology of the City
Artist: Brad Emsley, 29
Location: Brantford, Ontario

Does the place where we live make us, or do we make the place where we live? Morphology of the City is a snap shot of the changes and forces the urban environment must contend with.


World Beauty
Artist: Sam Jarmasz, 20
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

It is such a shame to me that most people fail to see the beauty in each nationality. I wanted to create these series of pieces that show the type of beauty that these cultures can bring to (a) city.


Artist: Chinmoyee Debnath, 20
Location: Scarborough, Ontario

I have seen orphans on the streets begging for change and leftovers from strangers, picking through garbage to look for treasure and goods to sell to provide for themselves. Coming back to Canada, I realize how lucky we are to live here.